How To Monetise A Blog In 2021

by Jones David

Blogs often start as fun. Blogging is a hobby that opens up a space to be creative, honest, and document life. Unlike other hobbies, blogging is super easy to start. All a blog needs is a domain name, hosting, and categories to fill. With careful planning and execution, it’s relatively easy to monetise a blog. Monetising a blog takes patience, consistency, and a genuine interest in blogging. 

The great thing about monetising a blog is that once you start making money, it’s really easy to carry on that way. With regular posts, reader engagement, and social media sharing, a blog will stay popular. Much like vlog watchers are loyal to their vloggers, blog readers are loyal to their bloggers. If you want to monetise your blog, here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Great Content

Great content is the key to any blog, and the first few blogs that you create are not going to be your best. Finding your feet as a blogger takes time, including learning how to structure a post to increase reader engagement. Great content needs to be relevant, exciting, a witty. 

Great content will depend on the content you’re creating.

Most blogs are personal blogs. Personal bloggers share their daily activities and way of living. Although there are trends to follow, most personal bloggers will post content about what they’ve been up to in their life. 

Trends are less of a thing in the blogging world. 

Blog readers fall in love with the life story of the person they’re following, so it’s important to tell your life story interestingly and engagingly. Great quality content should include the following:

  • Short sentences and paragraphs to increase readability
  • High-quality images 
  • A fun and gripping personal voice
  • Engaging personal topics such as travel experiences, restaurant reviews, or a fitness journey

Step 2: Social Media Sharing

Social media and blogging are like two peas in a pod. It’s impossible to gain the number of readers needed to monetize a blog unless posts are shared on all social media. Although Twitter is not nearly as popular as other social media platforms, there is a huge blogger community. Twitter is where many bloggers to blogger interactions happen. 

Connections to other bloggers are just as important as connections to random readers. Connecting with other bloggers and building online relationships opens the door to collaborations with other bloggers and brands. It’s important to interact with other bloggers by reading their posts and commenting on their social media shares. 

Twitter and Instagram are the two platforms where bloggers find the most success. It’s not as common for bloggers to post on Facebook anymore, although it’s still recommended to have a Facebook account for your blog.

Step 3: Consider SEO

To take monetising your blog seriously, you have to consider marketing and how beneficial it can be. There are currently over 600 million blogs on the internet. Granted, some of them are business blogs and dead blogs, dead being blogs that are taking up space on the internet without being active. 

However, there are still a ton of bloggers to compete against. Bloggers are now using marketing methods to propel their blog as far up the search engine rankings as possible. SEO is a great way of helping a blog to be easier to find in search engines. iNET VENTURES is just one of the marketing companies you can utilise. Blogger outreach campaigns can help to build a strong backlink profile. 

Your backlink profile should already have some natural links from other bloggers. If you want to get serious about your blog and turn it into a business, SEO and marketing, in general, is essential.

Step 4: Competitions and Giveaways

Competitions and giveaways are a great way of helping to monetise your blog. However, they alone will not monetise your blog. Competitions and giveaways help to increase reader engagement, can bring new readers to your blog, and is a great way of putting your blog on the map for brands. 

Competitions and giveaways should be relevant to a topic you publish regular articles for. Giveaways and competitions are likely to cost money before they make money. The more appealing the giveaway, the more likely it is to generate money for you in the future. A monthly giveaway, or a quarterly giveaway, is enough to keep your blog on-trend.

Step 5: Outreach To Brands 

Outreach is the easiest way to make money from your blog. There are three main ways that you can outreach to brands in an attempt to connect. The first is outreaching to brands directly. For example, if you absolutely love a specific beauty brand, you should email them and see if you can do a product review. 

The second option is to do a product review and tag brands in your social media shares. It’s important to remember that if your blog isn’t the most popular yet, brands might not want to collab. 

The last outreach, and the most beneficial, is waiting until your blog has a high domain authority (use online DA checkers to discover yours) and outreach to blogger outreach services. You’ll find that as your blog becomes more successful, services like this will reach out to you. They will write content with links already in and ask you to post for a fee. It’s an easy way of making money.

Blogging is a great hobby, side hustle, and even business. Blogging could open avenues for travel, work, and much more. All you need is time, great content, and the ability to network online.

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