How to safeguard identity online for posting blogs?

by Jones David

The advanced time has given wider opportunities to hackers for stealing the internet users’ data such as credit card details, passwords, and so on. It can be a problematic situation when a harasser interrupts your post and comments about your real life in it. Would you be able to control your anger in such a situation? And even if you’re successful in controlling your anger, it can be more readers posting shameful comments upon your life in the blog itself. This can lead to end up your blogging career, and you might go into stress. But there’s a solution to keep your identity safe in the advanced time. You can rely upon anonymous blogging to safeguard your identity from any hackers or other readers.

If you want to be true about your stories and content, then don’t fear about your privacy. For this purpose, you can rely on the platforms available for posting anonymous blogs. In this way, your identity won’t be revealed in front of anyone, and you can still post more contents about facts and truths. Many times, writers don’t feel the courage to post about some darker reality of laws and society. It is because people may defend it or threaten the writer’s identity. To avoid facing such conflicts, one needs to be open up about their thoughts and views upon lawful acts or society only upon the anonymous blogs. 

Share limited things online.

When posting blogs online, you worry about the misuse of your identity or any security threat. Even if you take all the precautions, the readers can include the ones who are planning to steal your confidential data using your real identity. Though, why to get into such a mess when you can take a wise step before publishing any blog? For safety purposes, many bloggers are relying upon anonymous blogging, which can safeguard all your data, including identity and other information.

When you start blogging anonymously, you need to share only limited things over the web, which relates to your life or identity. For instance, avoid sharing any pictures at your home or your kid’s picture in the content. Why sharing few things online is beneficial for securing identity?

  • It can save people from facing any security threats.
  • Secure from harassers or any fraudulent activity.

Choose a safe platform for anonymous blogging.

In the present time, things have turned digital, and people depend upon the usage of technology. With the advancement of platforms available with 100% safety and accountability, bloggers are getting a wide opportunity to talk about controversial content easily. Still, securing identity is not enough until you use anonymous blog platforms. Writers think that it is safe to use a platform that is reliable for posting the contents over controversial subjects. If a controversial topic comes out on the web, people do give huge attention to the writer too. So, you can’t be out of any problem when using your real identity. For posting such content, it is a wise decision to rely only upon the anonymous blog sites

If you’re not planning to post any such content but want to keep your identity safe, it can be done by using anonymity. When you use your real name to post any blog online, one can easily make negative comments. Or it can invite a hacker to steal your sensitive information about passwords or banking transactions. Online anonymity does give a lot of benefits, including the following:

  • Protection from any kind of fraud and security threats.
  • You are securing a safe image over the web without receiving any threatening comments upon your life.
  • Avoiding anyone to intrude in your real life.
  • Ensure 100% privacy of your identity. 
  • Others

Don’t showcase your content on social media

One should be well-aware of one thing that sharing content over social media may send an invitation to people to attack your privacy and intrude in your life. As a blogger, one needs to be careful about sharing anything over social media. If you want to keep things private and post blogs without letting anyone about your identity, it is good not to use your real social media accounts for promotion purposes. If you want to promote your anonymous blog over social media, do it by creating an anonymous profile linked with a fake email account.

For securing your identity from the web users, you need to be careful about creating an anonymous social media account. Often, it asks certain details or contact number, which can let the hackers catch your identity. The best option is to avoid using a social media account, which demands a contact number requirement. You can do the promotion of your anonymous blogs in different ways, including the following:

  • Use affiliate marketing techniques.
  • Publish the anonymous blog using a fake name.
  • Use ads over your anonymous blogs.

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