Three Reasons Your Training Content Requires The Touch Of An Instructional Design Expert

by Jones David

If you are a startup owner, you must be used to the DIY way of life. After all, when you are growing a business, you need to control your costs. If you want to save some money and want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

As the pressure of providing employees opportunities to upskill with an employee training program grows on businesses all across the globe, many startups initiate their own training programs with either off the shelf training content or by creating their own training content with their existing resources.

However, if in the bid to save money, you end up with average-at-best training content, it will do your organization no right. It won’t help you attract or retain better talent or create a team of skilled resources.

Hence, training content development is one of those things that are best left to the pros.

Here are five positive differences you can make to your training content with the help of an instructional designer or an instructional design company:

Make Training Content Meaningful And Relatable

With the help of instructional design expertise, you will be able to introduce direction to your training content.

In other words, they will be able to design training content that not only helps your employees with growth but also aligns with your organization’s short and long term goals. 

For instance, if you want to improve the quality of your customer support experience. Now, there are hundreds of off the shelf courses that can help you do that. However, none of them talk about the processes followed at your organization, or even your product. 

On the other hand, if you try to design this training content with the help of your existing resources, do you think you will be able to address the various challenges that adults face with learning new things?

With professional instructional design help, you can achieve both these things, without having to sacrifice your daily productivity by pulling your team members away from their day-to-day responsibilities.

Eliminate The Fluff

If you have been using off the shelf courses that don’t directly address the goals and problems of your organization, you already know how full of fluff they can be.

While it might seem harmless, the “few minutes” of fluff contained in every off the shelf training video adds up to a more excellent training completion time. Moreover, consuming all the irrelevant information also makes the employees taking the training feel like it is irrelevant.

An instructional designer can help you cut down the fluff and get to the point with your training content. This way, you can have shorter and value-driven training sessions that benefit your organization and your employees alike.

Take Advantage Of Scientific Instructional Design Approaches

Instructional design is a scientific approach that includes models and concepts that are proven to aid in knowledge retention and learner engagement.

Instructional designers apply these models (like the ADDIE model, Gagne’s Nine Events Of Instruction) and concepts (like adult learning theory) to your training material to make it useful for your training audience, which, in this case, are your employees.


As you can see, the advantages of professional instructional design to employee training are too significant to ignore. Taking help from an instructional design company will not only help you improve the effectiveness of your training program, but it will also help your organization stand out of the crowd for top talent looking. 

What is stopping you from working with professional instructional designers? Share your apprehensions in the comment section, and let’s discuss them.

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