How to Track Location with a Cell Phone Tracker Anonymously

by Jones David

Many of today’s adults preoccupied with chores and jobs must have thought of this great idea to rely upon some assistance in the supervision of their children from time to time. A cell phone tracker is your best bet in real-time tracking, always within your reach and easy to use. Your positive experience is all about choosing the best software; we have conducted a thorough monitoring app analysis and are ready to lend a helping hand in this challenging matter.

Reasons to Use a Cell Phone Tracker App

Phone tracking apps were developed specifically for users who don’t have much time on their hands and prefer digital eavesdropping tools with the ability to remain anonymous in target device monitoring.

This approach is especially interesting for doting parents who want to know the exact location of their child, as well as protect them from nasty comments on the internet and ensure that they do not fall for the bait of scammers. In addition, spouses or partners looking for effective ways to gather evidence on extramarital and infidelity cases can benefit from the features of such tracking apps. This is a great way to care for your older relatives and come to their aid in time.

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the best professional phone monitoring trackers with the most valuable features proven in practice.

Top Rated Free & Paid Phone Tracker Apps

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To cater to users’ wishes, we have selected top products, some of which have a free tier for testing the waters. However, keep your eyes peeled and resist the temptation to join a random free monitoring service offering mountains of gold – this can be fraught with data leakage and other nuances.

uMobix – Best for Parental Control

Kicking off our list with a cell phone tracker that combines versatile and exclusive features to support parents in their uneasy task of raising children. While it can be difficult for them to get to terms with the fact that an independent-seeking adolescent is growing up in their house, they need to strike the right balance between allowing leeway and ensuring the children are safe when they are out of sight or out of the mood.

To accomplish this task, the uMobix tracking app is stuffed with a great set of control and tracking levers while working in anonymous stealth mode:

  • connect fast with the target device and monitoring of the child’s movement at any distance
  • start screen time tracking and apply restrictions
  • monitor SIM card insertions and find out immediately if prohibited applications are installed on the device
  • use a keylogger and read everything that was printed on the target device
  • employ uMobix as an undercover phone tracker to see their Instagram and Facebook “from the inside;” chats and media from social networks are also an open book for you

This is one of the leading tracker apps on offer, as it covers everything a parent could wish for and includes a one-day free trial. The service will cost users much less if they purchase an annual subscription coming at $12.49 per month, whereas the price of a one-time subscription is set at $49.99/per month.

SpyBubblePro – Track iOS and Android Devices in Real-Time

Trust is part and parcel of any relationship – otherwise, everyone would have separated because of a headache long before there were any reasons to suspect infidelity. But as much as we would not like to believe it, there is also a place for lies and betrayal, even in the most vital relationships. Seeing your partner’s GPS location with your own eyes using a cell phone tracker is a much more reliable source than your partner’s fables. SpyBubblePro has all sorts of tricks to catch them unsuspecting in the unholy act. These include:

  • synching their calls, messages, and apps with the SpyBubblePro user panel
  • phone location tracking in real time
  • browser history
  • photo and video content tracking
  • monitoring of social networks and messengers

Users don’t have to worry about compatibility with their spouse’s or partner’s device – you can get detailed information from their mobile phone in a few minutes. Even if they try to cover their tracks and give you a clean gadget, you will have proof of their deception in the form of all deleted text messages and files saved in your online cabinet. 

The price is as follows: $10.62/mo for a one-year subscription or $42.49 for a single month; there is also a three-month package for $25.49/mo.

GEOfinder – Cell Phone Tracker by Phone Number

You can never know what tricky situation you or your loved ones might be in, so having a GPS tracker on hand and start monitoring them, knowing only their phone number, is worth a lot. GEOfinder is perhaps one of the fastest ways to connect with a target device and determine the precise phone location while remaining anonymous.

This cell phone tracker has other features to boot, and more specifically, it allows you to:

  • see data on the current Wi-Fi and VPN connection of the target gadget
  • identify its IP and mobile provider
  • trace a cell phone regardless of its carrier, model, or operating system

If you need to instantly see the gadget on Google Maps, you can compose a message or use the template from GEOfinder. Then you forward it to your child or the person on the other end, and as soon as they open the link, they are on your hook. The service is on the pricier side, available at a unified cost of $39.99 per month, though it offers a free trial for two days for $1.

Hoverwatch – Affordable Cell Phone Tracking App

Hoverwatch’s cross-platform solution allows you to cover even more environments for worker or parental control. As an Android and iOS tracker app, it focuses on saving keystroke inputs from the target gadget, browsing history, and recording Skype and Facebook conversations. Nothing can slip by this software taking screenshots.

Benefits of Hoverwatch as a cell phone tracker include:

  • remote installation for Apple devices
  • call and SMS records
  • Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Telegram surveillance

Prices for this iOS and Android phone tracker start at just over $12.49 per month if you obtain a subscription for a year or $49.99 per month as a standalone package. In total, three plans are offered for personal and business needs.

LocationTracker – Find Someone’s Location on Google Maps for $1

If you want to keep it simple and not bother with target config settings, you can use the spy app for cell phone location only. LocationTracker is a lightweight option that essentially only requires you to share a message with a camouflaged link to the target device’s owner to determine their route and where they are currently.

For this method to work and track cell phones, the user can choose any photo from their device or the Internet to interest the interlocutor – but of course, personal sentiment will play a role in the person’s desire to click on the link. This GPS phone tracker is convenient because the image can be sent by any channel, SMS with no Internet connection, or their favorite messengers like Instagram or Facebook.

This GPS phone tool is currently $1 for the first two days, with the option to continue for $39.99 per month or $139.99 per year.

Cocospy – Best for Hidden Tracking Capabilities

If in-built private monitoring mode is a must-have for you in phone trackers, then Cocospy won’t let you down. It is helpful as an Android and iOS tablet and cell phone tracking application that allows you to do without jailbreaking your Apple target device.

Getting a Cocospy subscription grants users the ability to:

  • track loved ones from any browser
  • use it as a family locator at any time of the day
  • know about calls and messages, incoming and outgoing, from the gadget, including lost phone
  • remotely manage and set a boundary on applications
  • track Whatsapp
  • use keylogger and geofencing to target Android devices

However, the price is the same for Android and iOS phone tracking and is set at $49.99 per month, $89.97 for three months, and $149.88 for a year.

Final Words

The modern user is spoiled for choice as far as the cell phone tracker offer is concerned, but it’s still just as easy to fall for the wrong or fraudulent product. Now you can compare prices, opt for the option that best suits you with its features, and be sure that the phone mentioned above tracker apps perform just fine. Among other things, remember that they allow you to hold your tracking activity out of sight, which should be done with the consent of the target phone’s owner and by local laws.


Why should I buy a phone tracker app?

This opportunity is being considered by people who want to fulfill their parental obligations to the best of their ability and be in touch with their offspring throughout the day or during certain events. Also, tracking software is often used to track employees’ productivity and by suspicious lovers.

What is the geo-fencing feature in phone tracker apps?

In addition to traditional GPS tracking, users can set certain location boundaries using the cell phone tracker and receive a notification as soon as their loved one leaves the defined area.

How can I track a cell phone location for free?

You can check out an accessible location tracker like Google Maps (when Location Share is enabled), Google Family Link, or Find My Device for iOS. Also, some paid programs have demo and/or trial modes that allow you to see how the app works.

Do I need to root/jailbreak the device to track its location?

As a rule, the geolocation option is available for devices that have not been tampered with. However, the user should double-check this for every phone tracker app whose website they visit.

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