How to Write Faster

by Jones David

Employees spend around 28% of their time for reading and answering emails, discovered by a study conducted by McKinsey Global Institute. Just imagine if you are spending 28% of your time only for managing your inbox, how much time you are spending to deal with writing task. 28% means you are spending 72 days in a year.

Many of us spend lots of time on social media without even realizing that they can use this time for something constructive. Make some changes in your habit to save time and utilize that amount of time to spend with your family. Once you develop this habit, you will have enough time to fulfill other dreams that you are ignoring due to the lack of time. You can take extra caution to minimize your writing task. Choose some specific and great post and only decide a dedicated time to write. Here are a few tips to help you to utilize your time in the right way while dealing with your inbox or social media.

Know What Makes You Read & Respond

People are very fast to respond to a message. They keep checking to know the status and take no time to respond as they find it easier to write and respond within a couple of seconds. Just remember that you have started writing without even realizing that what you are writing. You try to change your writing to make it more appropriate. Many people try to write as fast as possible without having a proper idea in mind. This attitude consumes a lot of time. If you want to save your time, then first you should know what you need to write and then you can start your writing. Have a clear idea before starting the writing process. Make it simple and focus on the right content to convey your message.

Understand Your Readers

We are too fast to send a message. Once we write a post, we will send it immediately without even considering going through it again to find out the possible errors. You need to change this habit. It might be a blog post or a simple message; you will have to understand from readers’ perspective before hitting the send icon. Ask a few questions to make sure that your post is able to satisfy all your readers. Does it have quality contents to grab and hold the attention of visitors? Are there writing problems in your post? Does it need some improvement to achieve a better response? When the answers are no, you can go ahead with your decision and send the message. If you try to understand from your readers’ perspective, you can certainly deliver quality work. You might need to spend time to think from all the angles. But that is worth spending when it comes to satisfying your visitors. They will respond immediately and you do not need to spend time on speculations.

Consider Using A Template

If you follow a regular writing style or document, then it is better to develop a template. While writing proposals, we normally focus on the templates. However, you can use templates for other kinds of writing tasks including cover letters, messages, emails, and much more. You can make the template simple and impressive by introducing yourself and the objective of your writing and then add a call to action. Now many people are using templates to get fresh eyes for their writings. Templates create a good impression and make writing much easier for you. If you want, you can also add bullet points. Follow a structure that is easy to adapt to different types of contents. Always post relevant and quality contents to save you as well as your readers’ time.

Focus on the Plain English

People use complex English to create a positive impression. However, it works adversely. If you are having difficulties to deliver a quality piece of paper, then first use plain and simple English. Speak out loudly to know how it sounds and reads. Find simple but the most appropriate words to get appreciation from your readers. The benefit of plain English is that it can convey your message to all without any effort. Complex English can confuse your reader.

Find Out Your Writing Problems

If you feel that you have problems in your writing, and then take initiatives to improve your condition. Practice makes man perfect and you can get perfection in your writing with constant practice. Spend time to find out common errors like grammar, punctuation, and spelling and then try to improve them. Instead of worrying over your problems, you should try to resolve it to boost your confidence.

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