Incorporating Technology into Team Building – Break the Walls Down

by Jones David

Stereotypically, the view is that those that work extensively with technology are not the most social of people. In many cases, that is certainly true – but isn’t that the case in whatever industry you work in? Almost every team will have a member that, while being far from the most vocal is still a vital cog in the wheel.

Even for those that surround themselves with technology, never having a gadget more than a few inches away from their fingertips, it is still important that they feel part of the team. That doesn’t just mean remembering to fire them over an email to check in on them every now and then.

If you are responsible for a team in the workplace and you want to bring everyone together, you won’t go far wrong by incorporating technology into any team building activities you might have planned.

Tech-Based Games

Most people like to play games on some level, whether that is video games, board games or party games with family and friends. Team building shouldn’t be seen as something that employees can’t wait to be over – any event or activity should be fun and inclusive. Yes, there should be key objectives that you hope to be met, but fundamentally the day/event/activity should be about having fun.

As technology has evolved, so too has the capability of incorporating it into everyday life. After all, most of us walk around with a computer in our back pocket that is more powerful than a laptop we were using just 10 years ago. Tech-based games such as interactive quizzes and GPS treasure hunts have the ability to appeal to both those that consider themselves to be tech freaks, as well as those that do not.

Bringing together The Best of both worlds can help to break down any walls that might exist between members of the team, therefore – hopefully – having a positive effect on the working relationship between colleagues.

Business Communications Platform

Emails are great, but inboxes do quickly become filled up with spam and other such nonsense. On top of that, those that do not routinely delete emails in case they might need something for later suffers from an overfilling inbox that, ironically, makes it difficult to find anything – not to mention make organization a mess.

A communication platform where all members of the team, including those based remotely, can message each other and share ideas quickly and easily can do wonders for the team. Some examples of popular platforms used by businesses include Slack and Microsoft Teams, which incorporate the use of channels with the idea that all discussion on a particular tag stays in one easy to manage the channel.

As well as being installed on the work computers, employees also have the option to download the platform on their personal devices such as laptops, mobile and tablet devices. This then allows them to stay connected even when away from the office should they so please, whether to work on a project or simply to remain in contact with all of their colleagues.

The Best teams are those that sing from the same hymn sheet, so why not bring together colleagues through the medium of technology?

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