Realtors are Relying on Tech to Sell in a Pandemic

by Jones David

The recent coronavirus pandemic has changed the way most industries do business and serve their customers. This has been an incredibly challenging process for the real estate business, which requires in-person meetings and multiple house showings. However, the following tech advances have helped realtors improve the efficiency and safety of their tasks.

Virtual Reality Creates a Cleaner Home Tour

One of the biggest concerns for real estate agents has been showing the same homes to multiple home buyers without raising the risks of spreading infection. While restricting contact with surfaces has been one method, many realtors are taking advantage of online services. For example, the typical Santa Monica realtor probably sells property through virtual tours, allowing prospective buyers to tour a home from their desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone. If they like a home, they can schedule an in-person tour to look more closely at points of concern, such as the quality of the roof or the condition of the HVAC system.

Data Analytics Help Realtors Assist Sellers

Hosting an open house may be a thing of the past as we move forward with a resilient virus that can be quickly spread. However, that doesn’t mean real estate agents can’t help their clients sell their homes faster. Using data analytics, they can help identify buyers looking for the homes their clients are selling. While data analytics can already make the home search more efficient, the tech industry is looking for more ways to make this technology more useful to everyone. As this particular tech innovation is refined, real estate agents will embrace this research to more precisely meet client needs.

Cloud Technology Reduces Exposure

Once a buyer finds the home of their dreams, they will have to get together with the realtor and seller to complete the transaction. This means compelling everyone involved in the transaction to come into contact with the same documents, increasing the risks of exposure. However, cloud technology allows a buyer to access those documents digitally. They can download and print the essential paperwork so that it can be signed and returned. Alternatively, some realtors provide the option of using electronic signatures to prevent the documents’ physical handling. This improves the efficiency of closing while keeping everyone involved in the transaction that much safer.

An AI Bot Services Customers Online

Whether a buyer needs to find out about the services that an agent offers or a seller wants to learn more about the local housing market, finding answers online is more manageable through artificial intelligence. In the past, bots were rudimentary, providing straightforward answers to the most basic questions. However, AI technology has advanced considerably in recent years. An AI bot on a realtor’s website can save a potential client from visiting the agency’s office by providing thorough answers online.

Instant Messaging Keeps Realtors in Touch

Real estate agents can maintain closer connections with their clients without breaching safety concerns using an instant messaging service. Even the most basic instant messaging apps connect with the phone’s camera to help send videos and images. This is useful for realtors who need to send pictures or video captures of a particular property. The use of communication technology in this way helps reduce the need for in-person meetings.

As new technological advances are adapted for commercial use, real estate news agents will update how they serve buyers and sellers. These innovations will help realtors provide a safer means for selling homes in their communities. While technology will help them work more efficiently, it’s the concern for health and safety driving the advancements in technology that are helping real estate agents thrive.

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