Skincashier Review: Everything You Need to Know 

by Jones David

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is known for its many skins, and after playing the game for a while, you tend to accumulate a lot of them. Getting rid of them is easy, all you need to do is trade them or sell them – but what if you’re looking to gain some real-life money out of your hard-earned skins?

Well, if that’s the case, you’re looking for a website such as Skincashier.

Skincashier is one of the many websites that has changed the CS:GO community forever. It’s a community project that allows you to sell CS:GO skins for actual money transferred via PayPal instantly. The website is both a safe and legitimate way to trade your in-game skins for some real-life bucks – and is a community favorite among CS:GO players.

In this article, we’ll explore everything there is to know about Skincashier, outline how you can start using it, explain why you should be using it in the first place, and give you some of the most notable perks of the service.

General Information About Skincashier

Skincashier is a website for CS:GO players who are looking to sell their in-game skins for real-life money or purchase any skins they like from the selection. In its infancy in 2019, the website has attracted a huge user base since it promised to fix some of the many issues plaguing the skin community.

Low payouts, high-interest fees, and a generally slow process were the standard in the CS:GO skin selling world, but through websites such as Skincashier, the whole process was sped up, streamlined, and simplified.

The things that define Skincashier are its relatively low prices, the speed at which you can sell or purchase CS:GO skins, and the relatively low-interest rates. It’s a competitive market, and those who offer the biggest selection and lowest interest rates are bound to come out on top – and Skincashier is one of them.

Number of Users, Transactions, and Payout Time

As of now, there are over 68,345 active users on Skincashier. Aside from its active user base and community, over 71,908 skins are bought by these users, and the numbers keep growing. Why? Well, because the average payout time for every skin is less than a minute, at a whopping 55 seconds – which gives all the other skin sale websites a run for their money.

How to Start Using

Using the service is far simpler than you might think. You don’t need to link any accounts, make any complex sign-ups, or use your e-mail for yet another registration – all you need to do is sign up to the service with your Steam account.

Don’t worry, Skincashier is a tried-and-true service, and its security rivals that of Fort Knox. Of course, if you’re still a bit worried about linking your Steam account with something, we urge you to do your research. You’ll find that this service is as bulletproof as the glass of your local casino.

Once you sign up to Skincashier with your Steam account, all you need to do is set everything up with your Trade URL & e-mail address, browse your skin inventory and select the skins you want to sell. You’ll be given a price estimate, and once you accept the trade, you’ll find that the funds are already in your account. If this is not the case, give it a moment or two, as the money can take up to a minute to arrive.

How Trading Works

Trading is almost instant. Just like selling a skin, all it takes is for you to browse the vast catalogue, find something you like, and click on purchase. Once you do so, you’ll find that the money has been subtracted from your account and that the skin is neatly positioned in your inventory.

More than a couple of skins in CS:GO and trading them for a real-life currency can help you rid your inventory of unused skins, and fill it up with something you’ll like.

Different Payment Methods

Skincashier is one of the best trading platforms in the CS:GO world, and some of that praise is due to ti’s many, many payment methods. While some might offer a couple of cards and online accounts, Skincashier offers the following selection:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Skrill
  • Paypal
  • Payoneer
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum

And this selection keeps growing. As of writing this article, these are the ways to pay, but if you see a new one pop up on the website while you’re trading and you prefer it to these options, have at it!

Skincashier Security

Skincashier is one of the most secure CS:GO skin trading platforms on the market. Every payment method is protected by both Skin Cashiers’ powerful encryption and the security of the platform measures.

When it comes to your account, you’ll be happy to find out that even if Skincashier is not affiliated with Valve or Steam in any way, it offers the same, bulletproof security. The website is protected by advanced SSL encryption, making sure that all transactions, information, and visitors that come and go through the website are as safe as possible.

Instant Trading

Lastly, what makes Skincashier stand out among the crowd is the sheer speed. The team marketplace was a great idea – the only downfall it had is that it was painfully slow at times. Skincashier, on the other hand, operates almost instantly and allows you to trade your skins as fast as possible.

The average transaction takes less than one minute on Skincashier, meaning you’ll have more time to invest in more important matters, like collecting more skins or enjoying the money you got from selling them in the first place.

In Conclusion

CS:GO is one of the most buzzing games, even if it was released almost a decade ago. The community that makes up CS:GO is its driving force, and without the continual investments of websites such as Skincashier and the global CS:GO community, the game would be long dead.

Even if that might be the case, CS:GO isn’t going anywhere. It still ranks on top of Steam’s list as one of the most popular games on the platform, it’s always scraping the top of Twitch, and it’s one of the pinnacles of modern gaming as a whole.

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