Repairing an iPhone Stuck in a Boot Loop at Home

by Jones David

Have you, as an iPhone user, ever run into issues such as an drfone iPhone Boot Loop error or an iOS update fault that necessitated a visit to an Apple repair center and, perhaps, a hefty bill? No one else feels the way you do, either. Millions of iPhone customers think their expensive devices are too sensitive to play around with on their own. It’s ironic because the opposite is true. iOS system recovery, even a seemingly complex technique like this may be done at home without spending a fortune.

Having the proper software on hand is the key to fixing iPhone troubles such as being stuck on the Apple logo, being trapped in a boot loop, having your iPhone repeatedly rebooting, and so on. About 4 million people all over the globe utilize Dr.Fone-System Repair (iOS).

What precisely is the iOS application Dr.Fone – System Repair?

Even if you haven’t guessed it from the name, this unique application for Windows and Mac computers is a doctor for all your iPhone issues, including iPhones stuck in a boot loop and more serious iOS system repair worries. The program’s design is straightforward, making for a positive user experience. The front end is as simple as the back end, notwithstanding the sophistication of the latter’s operations. That’s excellent news for the millions of people who own iPhones and iPads, since using the products doesn’t require unique expertise or familiarity with iOS.

Dr.Fone System Repair Features Some of the Best Options Available (iOS)

  • It corrects all the frequent iPhone faults.
  • Standard Mode: No data loss during iOS system repair
  • Wipe the phone to address more severe iOS problems in Expert Mode
  • You may downgrade iOS without iTunes.
  • It supports the most recent iPhone 13 and iOS 15 models.
  • Compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.
  • Few taps to resolve the vast majority of iOS system issues.

Fixing an iPhone Stuck in a Boot Loop with Dr.Fone and Preserving All Your Data (iOS)

While the process may be complex, Dr.Fone streamlines it for the end-user. Using this approach, fixing an iPhone’s boot loop and other system repair problems is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

  1. You may obtain Dr.Fone for either Mac or Windows by visiting the official website.
  1. Select the option to repair the system from the software’s main menu.
  1. To conduct a data-safe iOS system recovery, just connect your iPhone to your computer through the Lightning cable and choose Standard Mode.
  1. Before the software can download the correct firmware to update your iPhone, the subsequent page will display your iPhone model, and you’ll need to choose the correct iOS version.
  1. Following the firmware download, a user must choose Fix Now to begin the system recovery process.
  1. You may then eject the iPhone and detach it from the computer when a success message has been shown.

Every step is taken care of automatically by the application so that you don’t have to do anything. Dr.Fone-System Repair requires a USB connection between your computer and iPhone to function.

Possible Alternatives to Resolving the iPhone Boot Loop

There are other additional solutions to this issue, some of which are addressed below:

If your iPhone misbehaves, try a hard restart: Restarting the device is one of the most accessible treatments for an iPhone stuck in a boot loop. If you want to address the problem on your own, you may begin here, but bear in mind that it may not always work.

Recover from iTunes: If you have the most recent version for your Mac or PC, you may also use the iTunes Restore method. This method enables you to connect your iPhone to a computer if you have already placed it into DFU or Recovery mode. If you use iTunes’s Update option, your data will be secure, but if it fails, you may need to use the Restore tool, which may delete your phone unless you have a recent local or iCloud backup.

Resetting your iPhone: To its factory settings is like taking it out of the box for the first time. This process should only be used if you have a recent backup from which you can restore your data since doing so would destroy everything.

Erasing App History: The iPhone is experiencing a boot loop, and other issues may be related to programs that were sideloaded rather than downloaded from the Apple App Store. This is especially true for jailbroken iPhones since the safety of applications obtained from unlicensed app shops cannot be assured. Due to these concerns and others, we do not recommend jailbreaking. In this situation, wiping the app’s data may cure the issue.

Send It In: If all else fails, take your iPhone to an Apple-authorized service centre. Consider that even minor repairs at Apple’s Genius Bar may be expensive.

While there are several ways to handle this problem or any other circumstance that necessitates iOS system repair, we think Dr.Fone-System Repair for iOS is the best. There are several reasons for this:

Zero Data Loss: The Standard Mode guarantees that your data is maintained in its original format, providing you with a piece of mind that your crucial files and media won’t be lost for good.

One hundred percent Data Security: Without your express permission, no data is ever shared with third-party businesses.

Cost-effective: Dr.Fone is a very affordable and practical alternative to the Genius Bar, which may run you hundreds of dollars.

Simple to use: As we’ve seen, doing complicated activities just requires a few clicks.

Mode options for small and significant iOS issues Before starting a complete data wipe and device recovery process, you may try to fix any iOS system issue in Standard and Advanced Modes without losing any data.

Encompassing but flexible. For a pitiful price, you may purchase the whole Dr.Fone toolkit or only the modules you require:

So, call Dr.Fone if you ever need a tool for your iOS or Android smartphone!

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