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by Jones David

In a situation where offices and employees of the same corporation are scattered in different corners of the world, it is difficult to imagine quality communication. Rallies, training sessions to share experience and improve skills, board meetings, and even solving daily problems can be a time-consuming affair or even a luxury when it comes to buying tickets and booking hotels and conference rooms. Needless to say, how difficult it is to please all employees by creating a meeting at a time that is convenient for everyone. Work chats and emails don’t yield the same results as live communication. With top-notch video conferencing solutions for enterprises, companies can save their budgets and achieve more effective performance by making their schedules more flexible and free. Let’s break down which video conferencing solutions are ideal for enterprises.

Tasks of videoconferencing systems for enterprises 

First, let’s explore what issues video conferencing solutions for large corporations cover and determine how it differs from other tools for video communications.

Accelerating business communications 

On average, a large enterprise has more than 250 team members. Video conferencing applications bring everyone together in one place, regardless of location. Consequently, discussion and decision-making on critical business issues can fit into a few hours. In contrast, traditional communication can take days or weeks.

Real-life communication 

Unlike phone calls, videoconferencing provides the closest approximation to traditional communication. Participants can see and hear each other just as if they were standing right next to each other — specialized telepresence solutions even out the difference.

Visual communication allows all conference members to transmit not only oral but also visual information: graphs, charts, documents, layout demonstrations, tutorials, and videos.

Cost reduction

Communicating across remote company locations eliminates the logistics associated with training, coordinating geographically dispersed locations, meetings, and presentations.

Increased productivity

Less time is spent on organizational activities and more on actual activities. Also, increased productivity is due to reduced response time of the company to changes in external conditions.

Remote consultations and partnerships

Videoconferencing allows the company to engage outside experts, including foreign experts, to discuss a problem, avoiding the travel expenses associated with their arrival and stay. Besides, it’s a great chance to make a deal and receive new customers without leaving the office.

How does it differ from FaceTime or any other video calling apps?

Video conferencing solutions for enterprises offer a broader range of features than traditional video conferencing applications. They also offer enhanced security and the ability to connect more people to the conversation. What’s more, business solutions can often be customized to meet your company’s needs. 

The best video conferencing solutions for enterprises 

Google Meet

This service is part of the Google Workspace office platform. Google Meet is designed specifically for business needs and can serve many users at once. It uses smart features and quick access buttons, so meeting participants don’t have to wait to connect.

Meet has a mobile and web app. The service can work with any conferencing equipment.


This is a standalone web conferencing service where you can do audio and video conferencing and share screens. Up to 150 people can join a video conference in the free version, with a business rate of up to 250. It is suitable for online lectures and consultations. There is also an Enterprise plan that expands the number of participants to 3,000, convenient for online conferences. A professional subscription to the service costs $12 a month per user, while a business plan will cost $16.


Whoosh is an innovative video conferencing solution for enterprises is based on AI. This multiplatform software can help you turn any dull office into a conference room with 3D backgrounds and weatherman function. Your data will be secure, and an event organizer assistant will find the best time for a call in any time zone. The speech recognition and AI will create a brief of meetings making sure no one missed anything. Audio splitting, noise reduction functions, and HQ video will ensure that the communication brings pleasure to all call participants. Whoosh offers a 14-day trial and flexible plans for enterprises and teams of more than 80 people. 


The service works on PCs and smartphones. In Zoom, you can share your screens and edit notes together. The team chat allows you to share files, search your history, and archive your notes. Each participant can choose their own background and use the built-in noise cancellation option. Video conference recordings can be saved locally or in the cloud, along with transcripts with a word search function.

It’s possible to organize sessions with up to 100 participants and a duration of up to 40 minutes for free. The Business plan costs $199.90 per year. It can host meetings with up to 300 people. The Enterprise plan will cost $240 per year and expands the number of participants in video meetings to 500, and gives you access to additional administrative features.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is one of the top video conferencing apps in 2021. When creating the program, the developers focused on the business sphere, but today the range of possibilities is much wider. The organization of a video conference can unite up to 10 000 people! Together with voice communication, you can chat, share documents, and important news. The duration of the event is up to four hours.

Microsoft Teams can be installed on any device and is free of charge. 

Your corporation’s communication strategy can become more successful and effective with the implementation of video conferencing solutions. Choose the perfect tool for your business today and reduce your costs by increasing team efficiency. 

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