Shared and VPS Hosting Face-off – Flywheel vs. BlueHost

by Jones David

When looking for a web host, you want to find The Best that is easy to use, and at the same time, cost-effective, and perfectly in-tune with what you need it to be. Therefore, we’re going to look at two internet hosting providers that have extremely high reps in the hosting world. The funny thing about them is the type of hosting they actually provide. One provides shared hosting, and the other VPS (virtual private server) hosting.  Without further ado, here is our Flywheel and BlueHost comparison.

Let’s Look at the Same Things

Both BlueHost and FlyWheel have Linux-based server plans, 24-hour support, the same 30-day refund guarantee, WordPress hosting, and a wonderful amount of uptime. The downside is that they do have some extreme differences when it comes to the prices, and what kind of hosting they provide.

BlueHost: Plans Galore

When it comes to BlueHost, they have numerous types of hosting. Sure, you can get a VPS with them too, but you can also get a dedicated, shared, or simply a WordPress hosting plan. They also have cheaper options when it comes to hosting. That being said, there are some downsides when it comes to it. Some users say that their sites load slower and that it’s more for corporations and corporate websites, as compared to FlyWheel, which is more for a privately owned, and smaller business-type customers.

Bluehost can literally be dirt cheap, as long as you’re not getting the VPS hosting, which usually can cost ten times more than the regular dedicated or shared plans (about $25 per month). This is the kicker where FlyWheel has a better and cheaper VPS option.

FlyWheel Hosting Plans and Prices

With FlyWheel, the loading times are actually a lot faster than BlueHost, and you can get the same WordPress hosting, but all of their servers are VPS-only. That being said, you can actually get the hosting for about 10 bucks less per month (they cost about $15 a month for their VPS hosts). Not only that, but if you’re a solo-gig or business, a creative designer, or someone who’s going to do a lot of creative work on your site, then this host is probably for you, just from its higher speeds alone. On top of that, FlyWheel offers to give you 2 months free (and then your contract starts and lasts twelve months) on their plan. That is basically like getting your website for 14 months when BlueHost only has annual plans available.


When it comes to having perfect uptime, both parties are actually pretty close to par, but FlyWheel holds the torch. At the same time, while they have the fastest loading pages out the re, by having a VPS, you generally have a dedicated virtual server to yourself which you need to often do a lot of configuring yourself, similar to having your own Linux server. If you’re looking for dedicated hosting or shared hosting, or even a cheaper hosting option (that isn’t VPS-based), you can always go for BlueHost, as they’re probably one of the most widely used hosts out the re.

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