Technology that will change the world in the next decade

by Jones David

We are living in an era of constant change. Technological advancements are transforming the way we live, work and play. From new methods of managing financial commitments, to the evolution of battery technology, the re’s a number of important innovations in motion. Here, we look at the key technological advancements that are likely to change the world over the next decade.

Solid state batteries

Electronic vehicles have been the talking point of the automotive industry lately, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel and petrol engines. Many of these use liquid electrolyte batteries such as lithium-ion. But now, the likes of Toyota and Dyson are exploring solid-state technologies, aiming to have these battery types in EVs by 2020. They are likely to last longer, allowing us to drive further without stopping to charge. The batteries themselves will also have a longer life-span, so we won’t have to replace them as regularly, making them a more sustainable option.

Wearable electronics

Wave goodbye to your plastic payment card. A new way to pay has come to the forefront. Thanks to technological advancements, the next decade may see the evolution of wearable items that will be able to process your in-store transactions seamlessly without you having to hand over cash or card – think rings, bracelets or keychains. According to a recent article, “plastic credit cards will [become] alien to the young, or at least a distant memory associated with their parents’ wallets.”

5G networks

You may have heard that 5G is set to hit the UK of 2020. EE has announced that the first six cities to receive the network will be London, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Manchester, and Edinburgh. The technology will transform our lives, offering a network that is quicker, more responsive and reaches further than ever before. It is set to be 10 times faster than home broadband and 100 times faster than our cellular network. This will not just improve our smartphone experience, it will also advance other technologies, such as VR and IoT.

As technology continues to advance, the way society functions is sure to change. Are we heading to a world dictated by the digital? Will we create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future? I guess only time will tell…

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