Shopping mall building and renovation: How does this process work?

by Jones David

Acquiring a commercial space in a shopping mall can be a good deal for the location and infrastructure offered. However, it is necessary to be aware of the criteria for the construction and renovation of the mall store, such as the differentiated execution of services and the fulfillment of delivery deadlines.

After all, if the mall is still under construction, it is critical that on opening day all stores are open and shining at the event. Now, if the work is to be refurbished, the services must be performed almost imperceptibly to the locals.

To stay on top of the rules and legislation that establish criteria for mall customers, follow this post:

The current tenant protection legislation

First, we need to know the legislation that provides for relations between tenants (customers) and entrepreneurs of the shopping center. A detail of this law is the end of the lease term, in which the lessee will always be entitled to renewal of the contract, unlike projects outside malls. Aspects like these should be evaluated before making an investment. In addition, the execution of works in the mall provides for compliance with technical standards, presentation of architectural and complementary projects. Contracts are also made for a specific pact with the mall management.

Differentiated mall store renovation works

Since shopping malls are open from Sunday to Sunday, usually from 10 am to 10 pm, the rules for construction do not differ much from one development to another. If changes cause major impacts – such as changing linings and changing electrical and plumbing installations – the time must be nightly. The most important thing is to work with synchronized teams, even on different services, so that management is accurate. After all, the deadlines are strict. A mere lack of material in the evening work results in problems fulfilling them.

Deadlines and budget for completion

The employment contract must be aligned with the mall management to complete the work on time. In case of an extrapolated deadline, the customer has to bear a fine to be applied by the mall according to the signed contract. This is because deadlines and budgets are part of the owner’s management plan. When the goals set are out of the way, there is no way to run the damage.

Companies specializing in mall store renovation

As we can see, there are many peculiarities to performing a mall store renovation. Therefore, the most recommended is the hiring of a company that has knowledge of the sector and employees trained to follow such rules. These companies must follow the standards and the rules imposed by the mall, both for the development of the projects – architectural, structural, electrical, water and sanitary, prevention and fire fighting, glass revolving doors and air conditioning – as well as for the execution of the project.

In addition, all must be compatible in a single project, so that there is no interference from one another, making the work unfeasible or generating huge rework of project revisions. That would be chaos!

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