Simple Is Better: 9 Reasons Your Business Should Have a Simple Logo

by Jones David

Logos, like the ones used by Twitter and Nike, are not only well-known but also simple. In the beginning, many never believed they would work. After all, Twitter only paid $15 for the logo, and Nike paid just $35 for the iconic swish.

However, it’s more than obvious they are not only effective but also easy to recognize. While it may not be possible to achieve the status of these brand logos, you can create something extremely effective for your business.

The key is to design a simple logo. If you aren’t convinced this is necessary, keep reading. Here you can learn the many benefits of a simple logo.

  1. It’s Easy to Recognize

One of the biggest reasons to have a simple logo designed is because it’s easy to recognize at a glance. It’s important for an individual’s subconscious mind to easily recognize the logo long before the conscious mind has time to examine it.

Accomplishing the above is a science, and an art form. Your logo needs to bring a brand to mind in just a fraction of a second – the faster, the better.

  1. Provides a Clear Message

Creating a busy logo is convoluted. Consumers may start to relate your brand with the logo; however, if the support the logo provides is uncertain, you may be hurting your bigger brand design efforts. Make sure to keep your logo simple yet targeted.

By doing this, the message is going to be concise and taken at face value. Learn more about creating a clear message at this Adobe Spark post.

  1. Reduces the Chance of Errors

Put simply, the more data you add to your logo design, the more likelihood there will be an error. If someone requests you to speak about a specific tag without a time limit, you will make it more complex or even make contradictory statements.

However, if you are only given three lines for your opinions, it’s going to be unified, crisp, and to the point. If you discover something in your design that you can eliminate, eliminate it.

  1. It Helps to Prompt an Emotional Reaction

A quality logo isn’t only recognizable, it will encourage an immediate emotional reaction. If the logo has a simple design, a viewer’s mind can process it more efficiently and quickly so that the emotional side takes over. However, if a logo has a more complex design, it demands excessive cognitive processing for it to provide an emotional impact.

Creating a Simple Logo: Now You Know

When it comes to creating a simple logo for your business, the simpler, the better. As you can see from the information here, it offers many benefits.

To learn more about how to improve your business efforts, new gadgets, and more, be sure to check out some of our other blogs. We are constantly posting new information to help keep you informed.

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