SuperEQ Q2 Pro Hybrid ANC TWS Earbuds Review

by Jones David

The SuperEQ Q2 Pro is the latest pair of TWS earphones developed by the Shenzhen-based manufacturer, and yes, it is a sub-brand of OneOdio. However, there seems to be enough creative freedom, as the SuperEQ headphones or earbuds can have a very different sound signature than the OneOdio devices. The Q2 Pro’s design also doesn’t follow in the footsteps of the OneOdio F1 or F2, considering we’re dealing with a pair of pea-shaped earbuds, while the general trend is to follow Apple’s design directions. The SuperEQ Q2 Pro also features ANC technology, which is incredibly difficult to implement in TWS headphones and even more difficult in a pair of inexpensive headphones.

The manufacturer is assured that the earbuds can deliver a good sound experience, as ANC can suppress up to 35 dB of ambient noise. The transparency mode offers the ability to amplify ambient noise so that you can hear conversations without having to interrupt the song. As expected, battery life is touted as very long (eight hours with ANC enabled on a single charge), and I saw that the Q2 Pro earphones take advantage of Bluetooth v5.2. Whether this results in a better connection remains to be seen. So let’s test the SuperEQ Q2 Pro to see if they can offer better value than their competitors.



I’ve noticed that most manufacturers have slowly but surely moved to the traditional design of earbuds (without wires, of course). This is because it’s easier to add more internal components (or larger batteries) while still maintaining a high level of comfort. So I was surprised to see the SuperEQ Q2 Pro favor the pea-shaped design, and I was curious if they managed to make the earbuds comfortable. Each Q2 Pro earbud is slightly larger than some of the competition, mainly due to the addition of ANC. Still, it was interesting to see that at 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.8 inches, they are essentially the same size as the TaoTronics SoundLiberty 94 (another pair of ANC TWS earbuds).


The SuperEQ Q2 Pro is equipped with 12mm dynamic drivers, which are significant for a pair of TWS headphones. However, I have seen similarly sized dynamic drivers on the Coumi Freedom Dots and the ANC-860, the former being some of the best value headphones I have tested. So these drivers could contribute to the richness of the sound and the volume. Bluetooth v5.2 support is a welcome addition, although it doesn’t make much difference to previous generations in terms of range.

Yes, the maximum range remains at 30 feet, and considering that the SuperEQ S1 supported the multipoint feature that allows the earphones to connect to two sources at once, I was hoping that the Q2 Pro would have this feature. Unfortunately, this feature is still missing from earphones that don’t cost much money. As for codecs, the more common SBC and AAC are supported.

Noise cancellation

One of the standout features of the SuperEQ Q2 Pro Hybrid ANC TWS Earbuds is the listening modes. When I first tried them, they were in transparency mode by default. I could still hear my TV, a person talking to me, and the sound of footsteps as I walked through the house. I liked the balance of ambient noise and audio quality. It didn’t feel like I had to sacrifice the sound of my music to hear what was going on around me. A long two-second press on the left earpiece is all it takes to switch between modes. A voice tells you that ANC mode is on or off.

On my first test, I stood in my living room with the TV on. I could still hear most of the show I was watching in transparency mode. I could only hear quieter conversations when I turned down the volume on the earphones. When I switched to ANC mode, I couldn’t hear the TV. I also have a clock that plays music loudly every hour on the hour. I couldn’t hear that either. The next test was to walk outside where my neighbors were building a patio, and loud trucks drove by regularly. Again, I could hear the sounds around me in transparency mode, but they were silenced. This is ideal if you hear traffic, people walking near you, or other similar sounds.

When I switched to ANC mode, I could no longer hear my neighbor’s hammering and sawing. I was also able to block out loud passing trucks completely. ANC has worked well on other earphones, but this is the complete noise cancellation I have ever experienced. The sounds have to be extremely loud or moderately loud and next to you to hear them. For example, a person next to me had to be screaming before I heard them.

Audio Performance

I prefer the more natural sound of music without ANC altering some frequencies. The good news is that ANC ON mode is not that different from when it is disabled, so there is little impact on sound quality. This also means that a boisterous room won’t be silenced by the SuperEQ Q2 Pro, only the lower booming sounds. This is still useful for long train rides or air travel, but to cancel out all the noise around you, you’ll need to invest in a more expensive unit like the Sony WH-1000XM4.

To test the sound quality, I first ran more “technical” tests to see how the Q2 Pro handles different frequencies and how well the engineers managed to create a proper 3D soundstage. The first test checks the quality of drivers by playing a (low-frequency) sweep sound, which ideally should not hum. Surprisingly, the sound was clean, with only a slight hum at the very low frequencies. So in that respect, the Q2 Pro’s were great. Next, I did a driver matching test, and the sound stayed centered (it felt like it was in the middle of my head), but be aware that this isn’t the best test for earphones, as the amount of insertion into your ear can and will affect how well you hear your music.

Finally, I played a binaural song to test how well the earphones could produce an excellent 3D soundstage. I found that the ANC had no effect on 3D sound reproduction, which is good news, and it seems that the SuperEQ Q2 Pro is a capable pair of TWS earphones. I could tell where each singer was positioned, the intensity of their voice, instrument differentiation was good, and everything felt very balanced.

Call Performance

It’s hard to ask for better call quality than the SuperEQ Q2 Pro Hybrid ANC TWS Earbuds. I made a phone call when I was outside. Usually, my friend can easily hear the neighbors and traffic. With these earbuds, that was all gone. All they could listen to was me. There was no noise, echoes, or other interference. I could hear and be heard as clearly as if we were standing next to each other.

Battery and charging

I rarely take seriously what manufacturers claim in battery life, as it is most likely an exaggerated statement. Still, I have to say that I was surprised by the SuperEQ Q2 Pro. They say we should get up to 11 hours with ANC off, and in my testing, I got a little over 10 hours at 70% volume. I don’t know how they managed that, but it’s imposing. With ANC enabled, we should get around 8 hours, and again, the figure is very close to real-world performance, as the battery died after a little over 7 hours. The earphones come with a compact charging case that easily fits a pocket. The case has a black matte finish and uses a USB-C port to charge the internal battery. It is a 370 mAh battery, which should be enough for a whole day with the earphones (with a few short recharges). 

Final words

I know that the market for affordable TWS headphones is so oversaturated that you can probably only go by well-known brand names. This is not an advantage for the relatively young company SuperEQ, so why should you give the Q2 Pro a chance? Because the manufacturer has managed to create a balanced device with only a few flaws. The battery life is fantastic; the sound quality is very good for the price, the ANC works to some extent, the call quality is excellent, and they are pretty comfortable to wear. So the SuperEQ Q2 Pro TWS earphones stand out from the crowd and are worth a look.

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