Zigma Aerio-300 Smart Air Purifier Review

by Jones David

Indoor air pollution is caused by several sources such as heating, cooking, candles, wood burners, dry cleaning products, hairspray, etc. Most people associate air pollution with large factories or engines that emit smoke. But what they may not know is that air pollution can also occur in your own home. Due to the constant closures, people stay indoors more than ever, which means opening windows and taking walks (if you can) are essential.

Even without closures, being stuck at home is a reality for many people, such as office workers and seniors who cannot regularly open their windows due to mobility issues or live on a heavily polluted street. If you cannot get fresh air regularly, an air purifier like the Zigma Aerio 300 is a great alternative. The Zigma Aerio 300 meets all the requirements you could ask for in an air purifier, including eliminating odors, and you can even use it to dry clothes. The outer shell (including the base) is hard plastic with a smooth, matte finish. The edges and corners are rounded, and the unit has an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the motor and UVC unit when the front panel is removed, making it child-friendly.



Wireless and Powerful

The Zigma Aerio 300 is a powerful, smart home WiFi air purifier that provides multi-stage air purification. With True HEPA filters, The H13 HEPA filter inside the Zigma Aerio-300 Air Purifier can remove 99.97% of dust, pollen, absorb odors, smoke, and more. H14 can remove 99.999% of DUST, Virus POLLEN, PETS DANDER, as small as 0.3 microns via the HEPA filter.

Silent operation

The operation of the air purifier is relatively quiet. For example, Noise at Sleep mode less than 25 dB, keep quiet to ensure Whole-Night Sleeping. which is even quieter than a library and as close as whispering. The quiet operation combined with its excellent Clean Air Delivery Rate makes it quite suitable for your bedrooms and offices.

Ideal for any room

It is an exclusive air purifier for bedrooms and living rooms with a remarkable ability to purify air quickly. The Zigma Smart WiFi Air Purifier can filter an effective 1580 sq ft within an hour while delivering a peak Clean Air Delivery Rate CADR up to 330m3/h. This means it can purify the air in an average-sized bedroom in less than 10 minutes.


The best thing we noticed during our tests is that the device is kid-friendly. The Zigma Smart WiFi air purifier has a child lock that prevents your children from operating the machine. We’ll also talk more about its features, performance, purification modes, and more as we go along.


The shape and size can be a deciding factor, especially if you live in a small flat or want to put an air purifier in a home office. The Zigma Aerio 300 Wi-Fi air purifier is nearly 420mm tall, with a large honeycomb grille on the front covering the filtration system that sits inside. The filtered air is then ventilated out through the top of the unit.

On top are three buttons – a small one on the left to turn on/off the night mode, the primary button in the middle that controls the power and different ways, and then another tiny button that turns on a UV-C light and an ionization mode. Surrounding the main switch is an LED light that indicates the air quality in the room. Blue and green mean suitable, but you know the air quality is unhealthy if you see orange or red.


The initial installation of the Smart Aerio 300 is effortless. The filter, which consists of several filters, must be inserted into the device. This requires removing the front grille and inserting the filter into the unit. Once that is done, you can start using the air purifier.

To fully use all the features, you need to download the free Zigma app for iOS or Android. There is a QR code on the back of the device that you need to scan, and it will walk you through the additional steps required to connect the Smart Aerio 300 to your WiFi (2.4Ghz only) and Google Nest or Alexa. You can automatically have the air cleaned manually or use the AI feature to automatically change the different modes.

There are three different manual fan speeds, the lowest of which is whisper quiet. However, the fan is very audible at level three, but it is rarely necessary to set it to the maximum in a standard room. However, if you use the fan in a kitchen where there are a lot of cooking odors, it may run at full speed when you are baking something, for example.


The Zigma Smart Wi-Fi air purifier comes with built-in WiFi. You can connect this smart air purifier to your iPhones or Android phones through the Zigma app. Though there is a control panel, you get more access when connecting the device to the Zigma App. You can set timers, create schedules, activate different modes, clean, and more with the Zigma app.

The Zigma Aerio 300 supports voice control as an intelligent WiFi air purifier. You can activate the Zigma smart WiFi air purifier via voice commands with Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa. If you own a Google Home or Alexa-based smart home setup, it is easy to pair the WiFI smart air purifier with it.

You control it differently after pairing the Zigma air purifier with your Google Home or Alexa smart home system. You can instruct Alexa or Google to control the air purifier through the speaker. Otherwise, it can be controlled directly from the Google Home app.

Filtration system

The Aerio 300 Air Purifier has a 5-in-1 filter system with quite efficient H14 True HEPA medical-grade element to filter around 99.97% of fine dust, animal hair, pollen, air pollution, mites, PM2.5, and ultrafine particles under 0.3-micrometers (quite impressive). The activated carbon filter can remove the smell of pets, cat litter smell, kitchen smoke, smoke smell and neutralize formaldehyde and other toxic substances. The UV-C LED helps kill harmful viruses and bacteria, and in addition, the Aerio 300 creates negative ions to maintain the air clean.

Depending on the usage, the H14 filter may last between six and nine months, and it costs some amount to replace. You will get a notification in the app to notify you that it’s time to replace your old filter. You will get a percentage of the filter’s usage and how many days you have left before you change the filter from the app. When the filter expires, the air quality light ring will show red as a reminder.

With a CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of up to 330m3 per hour, the Smart Aerio 300 can clean up to 1580 sq ft within 1 hour and 840 sq ft within 30 minutes, and produce fresh indoor air four times an hour, making it perfect for the living room, bedroom and office. 

The air purifier offers three purification modes, which include a sleep mode. Here, the noise produced is less than 25 dB so as not to disturb at night.

AI mode can provide users with the best-personalized purification scheme to achieve energy saving and high efficiency. The more the system learns, the better the cleaning performance: compared to the automatic mode, the purification efficiency is increased by 30% and the energy consumption is reduced by 40%.


  • Higher rate of air coverage
  • Includes high-end filter systems
  • Child lock feature
  • Reliable Air quality report
  • Supports Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa
  • Remote control access via Zigma App
  • Scheduled air purification
  • Auto Mode and Sleep Mode
  • Quiet operation


  • Loud operation sound during highest setting
  • WiFi works only on a 2.4-GHz channel

Pricing and Availability

The Zigma Smart WiFi Air Purifier is just about indispensable for any home. It’s an excellent Smart Air purifier that can cover a relatively large house and offers a faster air purification process. The powerful filter system combined with intelligent home connectivity makes it robust and easy to use. If you are satisfied with what the Areio 300 intelligent air purifier can do and are in the mood to get it for your home, you can get one online at Amazon.

Final words

The Zigma Aerio-300 is one of the best air purifiers we’ve reviewed. It covers a large area, and it both kills germs and filters your air. Not only that, but the operation is straightforward. Our complaints, by comparison, were relatively minor. It’s reassuring to know that the air you breathe is cleaner when using an air purifier like the Zigma Aerio 300 Wi-Fi Air Purifier. The “smart” assistant features are pretty limited; however, the app makes up for this. It’s one of the most affordable air purifiers out there. If you need to filter the air for a larger space, the Aerio-300 is an excellent choice.

Where To Buy

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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