The Good Security Precautions for Online Gamers in 2021

by Jones David
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Whether you play or buy games online, you need to implement suitable security protocols to keep your sensitive information safe and protect your privacy. Nowadays, hackers can steal your gaming account credentials or financial data. Meanwhile, trolls can try to dox you or even threaten your life by swatting you. Here are some of the best security precautions you can take. 

#1 Don’t Use Your Debit Card

Whenever you buy games on the Internet, use a credit card or an eCommerce system like PayPal. Please avoid using your debit card online because it generally offers less protection than a credit card. While unauthorized credit card charges can be fought and reversed, debit card fraud is more challenging to remediate. 

#2 Recognize Malicious Websites

Threat actors create malicious websites to attract gamers and defraud them or infect their computers with malware. Such websites may have deals that appear too good to be true or have poor security protocols. The websites may even look professional to gain your confidence. Check an unknown website’s reputation before you purchase from it. 

#3 Update Your Software

Like many gamers, you probably access your accounts, visiting gaming platforms, or shop for the latest titles through your browser. Well, your browser could be a threat vector that allows a bad actor to breach your network defenses. For example, Google recently uncovered 11 security vulnerabilities for Chrome. Like your browser, you should also be updating your operating system and other essential software to plug vulnerabilities. 

#4 Protect Your Browser

Shielding your browser with the right security tool can enhance security, privacy, and performance. For example, with Browser Guard, you get a Malwarebytes free ad blocker browser upgrade as well as some of the following benefits:

  • Fewer annoying popups
  • Third-party ad tracker blocking
  • In-browser cryptojacker defense 
  • Virus protection
  • Gamer ransomware protection
  • Malicious web page blocking

#5Don’t Engage with Trolls 

At best, engaging with online trolls can disrupt your game. At worst, it can lead to doxing or even swatting. As you probably know, swatting is a dangerous practice where an angry gamer may manipulate the police with a false emergency call to send armed security to your home. It’s critical to take this seriously because swatting has led to death in the gaming community. 

Here are a few ways to shield your online privacy from trolls:

  • Use a top privacy VPN to mask your IP address and hide your general geographical location. A VPN will also encrypt your data. It’s also a good idea to subscribe to a cutting-edge VPN instead of a free one because free VPNs are usually slow and may spy on you. A VPN that employs WireGuard and offers dozens of servers will be fast enough for gaming. 
  • Activate your firewall to keep unwanted traffic out of your network. 
  • Secure your accounts with a strong password and two-factor authentication. Such measures will make it more challenging for hackers to attack your data.
  • Download anti-malware software to complement your security system and shield you from Trojans, viruses, and spyware. 

It’s vital to neutralize online threat vectors to game safely. Arm yourself with the best cybersecurity software and keep your guard up. 

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