Tips for Doing The Right Background Checks

by Jones David

Ever thought someone you know looks a little bit suspicious? Many of us do, we experience this kind of situation with friends and even with relatives. Many Americans also ask themselves the same question just as you do.

There are signs that could make you suspect something is going on somewhere, or someone is doing some sort of criminal activity, to be more specific.

In our day to day activities, we meet new people frequently and we become friends without knowing too many things about them. If you have any suspicions, doing a criminal background check online that will correctly answer all your questions.

How Do You Tell If Someone Has a Shady Background?

In fiction, it is always easy pointing out the bad guy. However, in real life, people are not one-dimensional. The quiet neighbor who is always religious might be covering up for the bad activities with that.

Assumptions cannot be used to determine the character of a person. It is easy to get the information needed to form a more complete understanding of a person’s character.

If you are suspecting someone has moved or is trying to keep low-key in order to cover up for their past criminal record, it will be easy and quick to identify them with the help of online background checking sites.

Information Given by Criminal Background Check

Criminal records are mostly recorded publicly to help in enforcing laws and to monitor former criminals. It also gives Americans the chance to know the people who live in their neighborhoods better. Some details given by criminal background checks include:

  • Place and time of the arrest.
  • Crime arrested for.
  • Place of trial.
  • Any sentence received.
  • Whether conviction, acquaintance or dismissal of the case was done.
  • Mugshots are taken.
  • A place they went to jail.

Background checks also give information about a person who was arrested even if they were not charged.

Access of the service is anywhere in the country so even if someone relocates the information will still be found.

Knowledge of the personal details of the person should not be a worry when using the service, information as less as the name of the person can help get the record.

Best Criminal Background Checking Sites

There are many background checking sites and obviously some are better than others. Which one should, therefore, be chosen? Making such choices can be hard but this article will help you in that.


This is among The Best background checking sites for finding criminal records. They offer services in two pricing tiers. The first is the basic level.

Here, it searches as many sources as possible to get accurate information. They search from sources like criminal records, social media data, sex offender registers, financial records, property reports and address histories.

Their premium service, which costs some extra dollars, searches even more sources. Their final reports are informative yet easy to read. Their customer support service is always available and can be accessed by phone.

Instant CheckMate

This is another site that does not disappoint in terms of background checking services. Just like BeenVerified, their services are available in two tiers. They source their data just like BeenVerified.

In their premium level, detailed court records, financial history, driving licenses, and weapons licenses are sourced. It offers dedicated software to Android but anyone else can access their dashboard to manage and view their search data.


Just like the name suggests, this site will provide true information. It searches through millions of records just to provide a complete profile of your suspect.

Their premium service sources information from education history, voter registration records, weapons licenses and other licenses held.

TruthFinder’s services search through more online sources and social media profiles than any other site. Their final reports are organized and easy to read.

Throughout the process of the investigation, you can easily access your data through their dashboard or their dedicated Android app.

It can be easy to determine who is a criminal by looking at them. This is why sites which deal with background criminal check came up.

Sites that deal with background checks include BeenVerified, Instant CheckMate, TruthFinder, and Intelius.

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on the background check, these sites will offer accurate information in a short period of time.

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