UI and UX services: What makes UI user-friendly and UX worth popularity?

by Jones David

Women often get into the traps. Captivated by the attractive look of the things, they buy them and try to get used to how it feels. Scheming are the shoes that you can’t take your eyes off, but when it comes to wearing, you find out it’s impossible to stand it for more than an hour. Excellent UI while UX is ugly. Yes, it’s a common thing, when the «UI» of the things is perfect, the UX says the user vice versa. Bet you can remember your own examples.

Beautiful ribbons, intricate laces, fashion prints, handmade buttons, unusual cuts of clothes…The temptation to look stunning pushes customers to make purchases. There’s something common with the UI/UX of the app. When the user gets into your app, all the charms like lovely buttons, sticky illustrations and animations, and dazing sliders catch attention and make visitors feel engaged in the process of using. And if the fascination of first impressions is supported by feelings of comfort and delight, the possibility of getting a loyal audience is high. So, when you plan your digital product, invest enough effort into ui and ux services. UI/UX services carried out by experienced specialists can be a guarantee of building an app that deserves high marks and users’ goodwill. 

UI and UX: what matters?

As you have seen from the previous description, UX is no less important than an eye-catching UI. Only in tandem do they work on attracting and retention of visitors. UI is often referred to as an integrated part of UX. The part with which the user interacts should be responsive to the user’s intentions and expectations. Through the visual language of the app not only do you communicate with your customers but build your brand. 

When someone perceives the design of the app as the newest, original and very convenient, you can count on their interest and engagement. Professional UI/UX services are surety for successful app development. 

In short, UX is how your app feels. If the user doesn’t need to organize brainstorming in order to find required features, there’s hope the product is satisfying. But if the user is equipped with hints where required and can achieve his aims fast and very conveniently, the possibility the app is good is high. 

What determines the quality of UI/UX

Work requires UI/UX specialists’ broad skills: to be researchers, marketers, psychologists, specialists, artists and business analysts. They are able to integrate your business idea into a well-organized structure with unmatchable visualization. 

Better UX presupposes that the user-guided by an intuitive approach can navigate through the app effortlessly. There are several rules to be applied in order to reach perfect UI and UX. 

The first can be described as speed and simplicity. When any action takes one, two or a maximum of three taps, it provides smart productivity of the app. Another rule is connected with the logical organization of information in the app. It should be well-structured and subdivided into groups that can be easily memorized. The user shouldn’t be distracted from the core features in the app, so, the task of the UI/UX team is to get rid of all unnecessary things in the interface. The essential for reliable UI/UX services is to be practice-tested. That’s why when the prototype is ready, the UI/UX experts get feedback from a group of test users and modify the interface, deleting the found shortcomings. So, the real users facilitate the development process by discovering weaknesses in the product like, for example, lack of distance between buttons or inconvenient location of the settings.

What is the best way to get UI/UX services of high fidelity?

Since your brand storytelling starts with fonts and colours, custom style, well-organized content and sticky animations, it’s a rational idea to entrust this to people with relevant backgrounds. You might be staggering in your choice between freelancers, an in-house teams and UI/UX design agency. 

Let’s delve into the issue and examine all the pros and cons of these variants. 

As a rule, freelancers offer UI/UX services at the most competitive cost. But there can be an underwater stone-like insufficient quality. Another one is unreliability or impossibility to organize efficient work with other specialists on the project. Soft skills, as well as accessibility for discussion at certain times, play a significant role in performing good UI/UX services. As for budgeting, the price for UI/UX services depends on versatile factors like qualification, experience and location. But be aware: a high price doesn’t serve a pledge of high-quality services. 

If you think of an in-house team for UI/UX services, you can face the necessity to select specialists and build a team that is able to manage all the tasks responsibly and with a deep immersion in the project. Team building usually takes time. As you have to pay not only for the tangible results but for the working time, this approach can be unexpectedly costly. There are a bunch of additional expenditures that impact the price of UI/UX services going upward. 

The balance between cost and quality can be discovered in cooperation with a software agency that specializes in UI/UX services. This can be explained by several factors. 

Solid experience in the domain multiplied by a user-centric approach and support of teammates results in fast and effective work. 

For example, at Purrweb all the procedures are well established and testified by long-term practice. Excellently staffing teams due to synergistic effect are perfect performers. As they consist of experienced T-shaped specialists, all the workflows run fast and smoothly. This lets cut the corners and reduce costs. 

Better contractors let you invigorate the development process and achieve expected results on time and within the adopted budget. Put enough effort into selecting the team which offers UI/UX services. Focused on delighting users, they know how to strengthen users’ engagement and retain them for a long time. But the thing that makes this choice best in class is the possibility to continue working on the product with the same team. As far software development agencies offer the full cycle of development, it makes it easy to transform a prototype into a working solution that resonates with your business goals best of all. It’s up to you, but the cooperation with an agency that can help you with apps from A to Z looks promising, practical and time/effort saving. 

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