Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Chat and Surf Without Risk

by Jones David

People have been searching for a secure way of online chatting and surfing for ages. There were hopes and disappointments, ups, and downs. A completely new and breakthrough solution for those who are still in search is out now – Utopia P2P ecosystem

A short introduction into Utopia P2P Ecosystem

Utopia P2P ecosystem is an enclosed ecosystem based on the blockchain technologies in conjunction with the advanced means of encryption. The ecosystem includes mailing services, browser, wallet, API and UNS, transfer and file managers, and games. 

You can install it on any OS for free. The mobile versions will be introduced in the nearest future.

The functional characteristics

That’s the vast functions set that distinguishes Utopia from other software and apps. 

You can chat with friends with uMessenger just like you do that on any other messenger. Besides, the re, you can set up public channels and pinpoint them on uMaps

uMail serves yours for business correspondence. You can attach any files of any formats, not worrying about confidentiality.

uNS. That is the most secure version of the domain name system, thanks to which you can create your own web-resources within the ecosystem: sites, e-shops, and so on. 

Browser Idyll is developed to surf the Utopia network completely anonymously.

uWallet is the service for managing finances. You can conduct transactions in Crypton – Utopia minable digital currency.

File and transfer managers are added for the sake of users’ convenience. They allow to keep all the attachments and received files in order.

On top of all, with Multiplayer games, Utopia users can have a good time with their mates.

Thesecurity characteristics

The reliability is the prime reason why Utopia is regarded as the most secure solution. It’s achieved thanks to:

  • Decentralized P2P architecture. This is the most advanced and secure type of networking. There is no single point of failure and no central data storage. Each Utopia use (peer) is both a client and a server. Consequently, the data is stored on each peer’s device encrypted storage. Only the peer has the key to the storage. Thus, the data leakage risk is 0%.
  • Advanced encryption standard 256-bit and 21559 Elliptic curve encrypting. The encryption is a must for any secure online product. Utopia encrypts all messages and other personal data. For that, the combined methods are used. That provides high-level security. 
  • Anonymous registration. To register your account on Utopia, you don’t have to provide your personal or contact data – no names, no email addresses, and phone numbers. 

Stay protected online with the Utopia P2P ecosystem now and forever!

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