Virtual office: what it is and how it can serve you

by Jones David

As work moves online and becomes more mobile, we are increasingly hearing about a virtual office provider in the business world. Choosing to use a virtual office allows many companies, especially start-ups or small business startups, to immediately reduce their fixed costs in order to focus on their core business.

What are virtual offices?

Let’s look at this question more clearly. A virtual office is an office without a real physical location that allows you to conduct business and manage your business directly from a computer or from a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. No desks, no permanent employees, no rent.

This is possible thanks to skilled and experienced programmers who have developed management software that allows you to work from home effectively, collaborate remotely, and remotely complete tasks that previously required vast amounts of paperwork and spilled ink. Among them is the possibility of telephone calls managed by a secretary who works remotely, management of the online reception agenda, digitization of faxes and received mail, etc.

Often, some virtual office providers focus mainly on the provision of communication services, the use of business addresses, and the provision of temporary workspaces (this applies to coworking or business centers).

Why do you need a virtual office and what services does it offer?

Each business, of course, has its own needs. In some cases, entrepreneurs and freelancers may choose to work from home and still have a physical office address that can perform some relevant services (such as receiving mail).

Or it may be useful to have certain services in one city while the client lives in another.

In other words, there are some situations in which it is beneficial to have a physical address for your business. The place where you present yourself is a kind of business card, it conveys its authority and seriousness. Receiving a client, for example, in an office, in the business district of London, certainly has a completely different effect.

But what to do when a professional or company needs all the advantages that an office can provide, for example, the qualities listed above, but is in a business phase where he does not need the office itself? And this is where virtual offices come into play.

Such services are an example of flexibility, a workplace that best embodies the technological evolution that represents what the digital age in its maximum expression can give you. 

Virtual offices are the most suitable choice for those who do not need (perhaps even temporarily) a fixed place to work, but cannot give up certain services, such as a physical address or a virtual secretary. It is a choice that can provide a prestigious representation and design solution where you can have a personal meeting with clients and employees and impress them at the same time!

What services do virtual offices offer?

Obviously, there are different packages of this service. In a workplace network like Copernicus, for example, you have the opportunity to take advantage of many advantages by using a virtual office:

  • Physical address in the right place;
  • Usual conduct of correspondence;
  • Dedicated phone number;
  • A telephone operator for call management with a personalized response, filtering, and forwarding;
  • Using the address of the desired center on company documents (location);
  • Collection and forwarding, on a periodic basis, of ordinary and special correspondence (registered letters, court documents, messages from state authorities, necessarily as a location).

There are many services that can be used with a virtual office, and everyone can decide which one is best for their business.

Every company, even a new one, needs a physical address, a place of representation where you can experience, even just for a meeting or a day, a lively atmosphere and the typical human component of a co-working space.

And then, what can we say, the presence of a registered office, for example, in New York, in a prestigious and innovative design office, has a completely different effect.

Who might be interested in a virtual office?

Start-up or small company

If you are just starting your business or simply have a small company that does not have enough resources to rent office space, then you will most likely benefit from using the services of a virtual office provider, such as the Hoxton Mix. Most likely, you know the risks of running a business, and you know that a business, in the beginning, is more expense than profit, but he still needs a physical address for his company.

Therefore, a budding businessman chooses a virtual office, which involves much less expenses than a real office. One of the advantages that is most appreciated by those who use it.

Freelancer or digital nomad

Freelancers or digital nomads are always on the move: between a morning meeting with clients in one part of the city, a meeting with suppliers from another city and a business lunch, he sees more of the steering wheel of his car than his office chair. In this format of doing business, there is very little need for a stationary seat. Instead, it needs mobility, flexibility, and convenience.

Companies that intend to enter the international market

Large or small companies that want to have representation in many countries can also use the services of virtual offices. With this, they can multiply their location and have more addresses, with the possibility of access to more meeting rooms and in order to establish their presence in the market and in the chosen territory.


A virtual office is a new way of experiencing work. This is an office without an office, the many advantages of which appeal to many categories of people: those who want to save, those who want a representative position, those who are interested in a registered office and those who need to get an additional address for the development of their business. It is an answer to one (or more) specific needs, which, however, does not change and does not change the desire to live in the office even in reality.

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