3 Video Games with the Most Beautiful Graphics

by Jones David

Today, the process of video game creation is a true art. Developers pay a lot of attention to graphics and details drawing. The maximum similarity of the game world with reality is one of the main priorities set by developers.

Most people are visual, so it is evident that the more beautiful and precise the graphics in the game, the more attractive it seems to players. Following https://www.gamekarma.com/, it is possible to find online video games of different genres with high-quality graphics.   

Top list of video games with the most beautiful graphics:

Red Dead Redemption 2

The game has become a standard of work on the graphic component. The developer Rockstar Games is insanely picky about the details of the created world. Everything you see on the screen, from the horse mane to every flower, has its animation. Moreover, the game provides incredible landscapes like snowy mountain areas.

One of the unique features of the game is the effect of presence. Thus, every action leaves traces – steps in the snow, blood on the shirt, mud on shoes, etc.

Of course, amazing graphics is not the only benefit of RDR 2. The game presents an exciting plot with multiple new opportunities. The universe can be explored for weeks.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

All series’ games always allure with a great atmosphere, enhanced by high-quality graphics. In the prolog, you will get acquainted with the snowy homeland of the Vikings, and a high-quality picture can completely immerse you in this cold and sometimes cruel world.

Then, you move to England, the game’s central location. The designers in Valhalla did their best not to bore you with this world: cute villages and rare sunny locations are replaced by unpleasant and dangerous swamps, which still look very cool.

There is also an additional location in the form of Asgard — the city of the gods. Although the storyline there is concise, it is exciting.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

It is one of the best games with an open world perfect for traveling. The secret to the high-class graphics in the game is that the developer, Like www.cdprojekt.com, keeps improving graphics details even after the game’s release.

The game fans note excellent work with lighting, high-quality details, the game universe atmosphere, and, of course, the impressive scale of the Witcher world.

The game pleases with the vast diversity of locations. Here, players can find medieval villages straight from Eastern Europe, as well as large cities of that time like Novigrad.

Consider that the quality of the game plot is not inferior to the quality of the picture and animation. What is interesting is that game landscapes help to make the Witcher world extremely unpredictable. Thus, a bright field can be replaced at any moment by a gloomy forest or, worse, a dangerous dark cave.

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