Ways social media has made you lazy.

by Jones David

Social media with the support of Technology has made us lazy in many ways. Life seems to be moving much faster nowadays. People have become more dependent on social media mean, why go visit your mum while you can video chat her on Facebook? Why go to the movies while you can Netflix and chill at the comfort of your sofa? Why should you cook while you can order food from your favorite restaurant online and have it delivered to your doorstep? Why should you go out to the library or even buy a book when you can download it one ebook and read it on your laptop or phone? Why should you also go to the University while you can do online classes?

Social media, therefore, has provided the right platforms to make us lazier than we can ever imagine. In fact with the right social media platforms and technology you can live, work and get entertained at the comfort of your home and bed.

In what ways exactly has social media made us lazy?

You get restaurant food delivery

Restaurants too are embracing technology and social media since they can come up with apps and websites that allow you to get food delivery at the comfort of your home. Social media platforms like eat24hours, Foodler, Seamless web, and Grubhub, offer restaurant services to your doorstep., for example, allows you to locate your nearest restaurant order the food that you need and have it delivered to you. You also get to choose the type of food you want depending on its originality, view price and get to analyze previous customers reviews.

With this kind of platform, there is no need to leave your home. You will not need to shop for groceries or wash utensils let alone cook any food.

Online shopping

Social media has also revolutionized shopping as well. Nowadays you do not have to go to the shopping mall to buy your supplies clothing. It has created a generation that sits at the sofa and orders all their staff online without breaking a sweat.

On the internet, you find apps like Amazon which is the leading online store in Amazon or Nordstrom. You can easily buy makeup, groceries, clothing, furniture, jewelry. When you are done shopping, you only have to ask for the delivery right to where you are. You can also book trips and vacations on the internet. Social platforms like Jetsetter gives you holidays that you can even pay for them online at the comfort of your computer or phone without having to make constant phone calls or visit the virtual office.

Social life.

Spending quality time with your friends is essential. A few years ago it meant being active and meeting them in person. Nowadays this notion has changed, and you can get to talk to your friend through video chatting using platforms like Skype, Facebook messenger, google hangouts or Whatapp. It has brought about quick shortcut ways of communicating. You can also send pokes or wall post on Facebook to let the, know you still care.

You also get to learn about your friend’s likes. Apps like Spotify allows you to synchronize and get to view their playlist and discover the kind of music they like. The forecast will enable you to get to see the activities your friends are involved in without having to ask.

You get massive entertainment at the comfort of your home

In the past getting entertainment entailed going to a store to get the latest music albums buying or renting a movie in the form of a disc. You also had to go to Theatres to watch the most recent shows.

Today you can get all manner of entertainment without even having to leave your bed or sofa. We have platforms like Netflix that allows you to get all your favorite shows at the click of a button. You can also use iTunes or Spotify to compose your favorite music playlist on your phone. Having all these on the various devices at your disposal makes you lazy and confined to your couch.

You can have someone else running your errands

For those days you feel you are in no mood or are too busy or too lazy to run your errands you can hire someone else to do them for you. Apps like TaskRabbit, AskSunday, Get Friday gives you a platform where you can get an individual who is best suited to handle your tasks for you. Task Rabbit, for example, helps you to check backgrounds for pre-approved individuals who can accommodate those need for an amount of money. When you hire these services, you can relax and have someone over to clean dishes, cooking, laundry or lawn mowing. A habit like this makes you excessively lazy since all you do is sit back and relax and have work done.

Journalists look for information on social media.

Traditionally, journalists would get the information from the source and had to get involved in a lot of hard research. It doesn’t mean that they don’t get it from the source, but they use social media platform s to do their research which is a more natural way. You can get people to ask or answer questions on platforms like Twitter or Quora and get responses within an hour where they gather that information from followers and come up with analytics. Journalists have also come by a news breaking story on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or even Instagram. Twitter has also helped the weather channel through following the Twitter updates which keep running round the clock.

Businesses have turned to social media marketing

Brands are also taking advantage of social media platforms to build a reputation for their brands on these platforms. They have acknowledged that they can use social media to their advantage without doing much work. All they have to do is create some entertaining content for their audience, and their reputations will multiply on its own. Some social media platforms like Instagram has also made life easier for its users by allowing a third party platform like igautolike to offer users more followers for IG at the click of a button making their work easier hence encouraging laziness.

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