What functions do I need in my company?

by Jones David

What do you need to set-up for your new business for it to become a success? There are a number of functions that you think you’ll require, but you might have not realized that there are some you need for everything for your organization to work as efficiently as possible.

This will greatly depend on what you do and how large your brand is. You might not need certain items – such as a distribution network if you provide online services, for instance. However, there are some that pretty much every brand should think about having; these are just some of those important business functions.


This department plays the biggest role in the success of any organization. A sales department generates revenue and will ensure that you get a profit from the sale of your services and products. They can also work with the marketing team on, among other tasks, brand awareness and to launch products. They will also develop ways in how to sell your product to your target customers or users.


To communicate with your target customers so they can learn about your products and services, you’ll need to have promotional activities and advertising. Effective marketing and your promotional activities will have an impact on your organization’s long-term success, including your profit and your market growth.

So, your marketing team will be responsible for promoting your business, which will then help to generate sales and to grow your company. They will create marketing strategies and promotional campaigns and will look at what your competitors do as well.

IT support

Computers are essential to your business, and your IT team will support the smooth operation of implementing the latest technology that you need. They can provide help in using software and to manage data, which will aid you in the operation of your brand. By using IT support services, you can improve employee productivity – and you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Human resources

HR is the most important asset for your brand: its daily operation wouldn’t function without people. So, the success of your business will rely on those working within it.

Your HR department is responsible for recruiting people with the correct skills, experience, and qualifications to achieve your goals. HR will also determine the salary for different roles, and for training employees.

Accounting and finance

An accounting department will deal with your business’s bookkeeping for a fiscal year. They will track your revenue, equity and expenses, and report to the relevant authorities at the end of your fiscal year. The accounting team will track accounts payable, prepare income statements, ledgers and balance sheets.


This team will order an inventory for production when required, as well as fulfill orders and work with your marketing team to put in place any changes that are necessary for your products. So, if your brand produces electric guitars, for instance, then your production team will focus only on making those guitars.

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