What is .NET? Everything you need to know

by Jones David

Microsoft created .NET as a free, open-source developer platform. It consists of various technologies for creating custom solutions, such as ASP.NET (for web applications and services that can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux) and .NET MAUI (Xamarin) (for cross-platform mobile development), which concerns developing custom models for machine learning, games, the Internet of Things and much more.

.NET, developers, have access to extensive libraries, shared APIs, and other resources from Microsoft and the .NET open-source community, not to mention they can reuse code across platforms. This helps developers build systems faster and more cost-effectively.

Our .NET services

The Digiteum team develops custom .net software development for your business.

Digiteum teams apply the .NET framework to projects and assignments ranging from ASP.NET web development tasks to complex systems with large database infrastructures. 

We have engineers of all specialties, quality control specialists, business analysts, copywriters, and project managers.

Digiteum engineering teams will do everything on the highest level in your .NET project, from creation to maintenance, support, and upgrades.

You already have a specialized system for your processes. This web application needs more development and technical support, or you need to create something similar and integrate it with new or existing company systems.

We use the following technology stack:

  • C#
  • ASP.NET / ASP.NET Core
  • MVC
  • SQL – MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Azure
  • jQuery
  • ReactJS
  • GatsbyJS
  • Blazor
  • Visual Studio
  • Azure App Services
  • .NET MAUI (Xamarin)
  • Umbraco

5 reasons to choose custom .NET software development

Now that we know what .NET is, we know about the stack of unneeded technology. We should explore the benefits of this framework. After twenty years of existence, this platform gives us the following:

  1.  Data security. Security and preservation of information and personal data have become an issue, especially for companies in sensitive areas such as finance and security. The security of data preservation is ensured at the beginning of development activities.

It is easier to implement this capability if the development environment has the necessary tools to make it secure. Role-based security, threat monitoring, and all the other tools to keep your data safe from cybercriminals can be implemented with. NET.

  1. NET Is Developer Friendly. .NET has a significant market share because it has many resources to support. Training and certification of new professionals, developer support. In a word, you will not be left alone. It is convenient for corporations, companies, and developers of any level, making it easy to find support for your product.
  2. .NET is cross-platform. Despite the framework’s association with Microsoft, it is not. With his help, you can create applications and products that run on iOS, Linux, Android, and other less popular platforms. The platform includes 60 programming languages, 11 created with Microsoft’s support. You can use anything you need for the project. Most often used JavaScript, JQuery, Angular, HTML5, and CSS3.

For example, in an environment such as Visual Studio, we can use .NET, which makes it possible to create cross-platform applications. And that makes it possible to use already ready-made databases, scripts, and other pieces of code. Working on iOS, Android, and web applications, we can simultaneously optimize one code for all platforms.

  1. Scalability. Business grows and needs to spread the software’s capabilities. .NET can increase the user base, the functions, and the databases.

There is also an opportunity to save on scaling. In .NET you can create templates that developers can use in other programs. You can modify code for one platform without affecting the other. Update modules, and create new ones. Take advantage of existing work tested by people and time to develop more extensive versions of applications.

  1. Make maintenance a breeze. Whether you need to update your system components or migrate to a newer version of .NET, the framework makes it easy. Updates, testing, and new version releases, all to get a product that users will admire.

Bug detection and tracking, security threats, performance issues, and more can be made automatically with Application Insights. This will allow you to work quickly to update your versions, extending your applications’ life cycle. 

Successful products on the .NET platform

.NET and C# are everywhere. MS technology enables new products, and the biggest tech giants include the framework in their technology stack – Blizzard, Agoda, Jobot, Zillow, Tesla, and Twitch.

Microsoft .NET Framework is not only used by the big players in their product development. Many of our customers hire .NET software engineers.

Reasons to hire dilithium specialists

  • Versatile experience. The diverse expertise of specialists. Significant work with startups, cereal companies, individuals, and social projects. All this knowledge is compiled and used to work with new projects and create a unique application or product for you.
  • Extensive network. With our large pool of talent, we will quickly begin the search for the right person or group of people to implement your idea in the best possible way and in the shortest possible time.
  • Creating infrastructure. Digiteum’s priority is to create a comfortable working environment so that clients feel comfortable interacting with the manager, understand what happens when the project is ready, and that the person is accountable for their time and money. Investing in communication always pays off.
  • Talent retention. We retain talented professionals on our team. With that in mind, you’ll be happy with how the project and communication with you are handled.

What we can develop for you:

Custom applications that work on any platform

  • Windows, Mac, or Linux.
  • Web applications using ASP.NET / ASP.NET Core
  • Mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • Integration with various platforms

We can still test software, application, or product as we have our team of testers. This allows us to optimize the development cycle and get the highest quality results. Since the work of testers and developers is already established, the team of designers will create a picture that will delight the users of your product.

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