WinPassKey Review

by Jones David

Every Windows 10 user has to be aware of the administrator account password issue, which typically, after attempting the “normal” passwords or variations, nothing could seem to work, leaving the one option to re-install Windows 10.

The sad reality of re-installing Windows 10 is that you’re sure to lose all of your saved information, and that’s one thing many users won’t be comfy with; however wait, what if the re’s a nifty tool that’s fully able to recover your passwords without you losing your files?

What happens for those who forgot the Windows password and didn’t have a reset disk? Or possibly you changed the password recently and forgot it, or you gave your computer to somebody, they usually changed the password accidentally? In all these situations, Windows Password Key may help you out.

Windows Password Key tool is considered as one for the Best tools for Windows Password Reset and user passwords on any Windows system. It creates a password recovery CD/DVD, USB Flash Drive for home, business, and enterprise with an exceptionally competitive price. And most of all, it is the preferred and safe solution for removing your Windows password till now. No must call a technician, and no must re-install anything, and also you don’t need to reformat. It works on all and any Windows variations and computers any age

Features Of Windows Password Recovery Tool

  • Remove/Reset Windows local administrator and different user passwords
  • Remove/Reset domain administrator and other domain user passwords
  • Create the new local administrator account
  • Create a new domain administrator account
    Reset Windows Password using by CD/DVD or the USB flash drive
  • Create a bootable CD/DVD first. Burn a Windows Password Recovery to a CD/DVD to boot up a locked Windows computer;
  • Create the bootable USB flash drive. Then Burn a Windows password to reset it with USB disk as well to get reaccess into your computer.

Windows Password Recovery Edition

  • Standard – $19.95. The standard version is the most basic variant that allows you to recover lost passwords just for local admin and for user accounts. A standard variant can only create CD/DVD recovery drives and doesn’t support USB drives. Buy this variant if you wish to recover passwords for a local account, and you might be comfortable with CD/DVD drives too.
  • Professional – $29.95, Professional variant is next in series and comes with all the necessary features plus the USB drive support. So if you wish to recover lost passwords for a local account and need to use a USB drive, you should buy this variant.
  • Enterprise – $39.95. All of the professional features plus the ability to reset the passwords for the domain administrators and Microsoft Accounts. The Enterprise variant of this software can reset passwords for Microsoft Account using both CD/DVD Drive and USB drive. Buy this model when you have a requirement to recover passwords for a Microsoft Account.
  • Ultimate – $79.95. All of the enterprise features plus some options that allow you to tweak your computer. The final word variant comes with features similar to PC check-up. This variant might help you remove junk and temporary files to speed up your computer. Or in case you are not capable of resetting the password, you’ll be able to delete all files and data from the pc permanently.
  • Moreover, you’ll be able to defragment the registry, disk, and tune up the system. The Ultimate variant also helps to monitor computer systems and {hardware}. Buy this variant if you need some extra options aside from the ability to recover lost passwords.

Tips on how to reset Windows computer password

The method may be straightforward, and that is how you use Windows Password Key:

  1. Download Windows Password Key on another computer
  2. Create the password recovery CD/DVD or USB drive.
  3. As soon as the image has been written to an external media, plug a USB, or insert the CD/DVD into your locked computer.
  4. Boot it from that USB or CD/DVD drive.
  5. The software will start the process of resetting your computer’s password, and on-screen instructions guide you.
  6. It’ll display all out there users, and you’ll choose the one to reset the password for. You’ll be able to view these users even in case you are using the tool through the demo period.

For more info and user guides with great tutorials, please visit:

Final Verdict!

Windows Password Recovery Tool offers the only path to password recovery, with all the info on the locked pc safe. In case you have trouble to recover Windows password then you must strive a different approach. There are relatively just a few of them out there Windows Password Recovery on the web; however, we advise using the one known as, Windows Password Key. Most significantly, you won’t experience any data loss, as it works only to reset your password and keeps your data safe the place it must be.

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