Your 2022 Guide to Platinum Jewelry

by Jones David

Platinum jewelry is always associated with luxury and wealth. Everybody knows that items made of platinum are exquisite fine jewelry. Such jewelry is high-end and unique. But why is platinum jewelry so valued and respected?

Real platinum has a lot of advantages that deserve to be appreciated. First, the precious metal does not tarnish, corrode or oxidize. In other words, platinum is a noble metal that does not react to oxygen, water, and most acids. Thus, platinum becomes a good option for the jewelry you’re planning to wear for a lifetime. Second, the metal is malleable, meaning it’s soft enough to bend and shape into jewelry. It makes platinum easy to work with. But not as easy as with gold or silver, though, as platinum needs a considerably higher temperature to melt. It’s one of the factors that makes platinum more expensive.

Another feature influencing the price is its mining, as platinum lies deeper than gold and is harder to extract. The third advantage of platinum is that it belongs to the hypoallergenic group of metals. Platinum jewelry is not 100% made of platinum. Gold and platinum jewelry is made of alloys with different compositions. In contrast to gold jewelry, where the percentage of gold sometimes may reach less than 50%, the presence of platinum in platinum jewelry is always very high, from 90% to 99%. The frequent metals that may be used in the alloys together with platinum are iridium, ruthenium, and cobalt, and all of them are also hypoallergenic.

The following marks will let you know what platinum alloy is used in the jewelry: 999 Plat, 999 Pt – 99.9% of platinum in the jewelry, the rest 0.01% may include other trace metals (rare); Platinum, Plat./Plat 950, Pt./Pt 950 – 95% platinum, 5% other metals; Plat 950 Irid 50/ Pt 950 Ir 50 – 95% platinum, 5% iridium; 950 Plat 50 Ru/ 950 Pt 50 Ru – 95% platinum, 5% ruthenium; 950 Plat 50 Co/ 950 Pt 50 Co – 95% platinum, 5% cobalt; Plat 900 Irid 100/ Pt 900 Ir 100 – 90% platinum, 10% iridium.

And the last significant advantage of platinum jewelry is its lustrous appearance. The original platinum has a silvery gray color and recognizable shine, but the platinum jewelry is often plated with rhodium. It gives the item a more noble light color and luster and adds durability.
Now that we know why platinum is so good, we may move to the 2022 jewelry trends.


Delicate jewelry is not in favor this year. Items that make loud statements are far more popular. Massive structural earrings of platinum are what will make an indelible impression. Polished lustrous earrings of elegant shape, preferably mismatched for better effect, guarantee attention and admiring gazes.

But if you prefer something more humble, opt for platinum studs with diamonds. Simple elegance is practical enough to complete any outfit and is always appropriate in the office and at any special event. Besides, we bet you can’t think of a better jewelry combination than platinum and diamonds!

Chandelier earrings are also a common sight during fashion shows this season. The aristocratic vibes are better highlighted with vintage-looking platinum earrings with a patina. A stunning view, indeed!


Chains are the unbeatable top of 2022 jewelry trends. They are everywhere, from necklaces to bracelets and accessories on shoes and bags. Massive chain chokers rule the podiums, and fashion designers compete over whose necklaces will be chunkier and shinier. What a joy, there are so many chain styles to choose from! The iced-out platinum chain from a jewelry store New York, especially completed with a trendy fashion house logo covered with gems, will envy even the famous hip-hop celeb.
One more look to try with chains is layers. Multiple delicate and not-really platinum chains of different styles will add intriguing texture and volume to your outfit, creating an impression of a bold, stylish rebel.


Once again, the main advice is to pick either massive or multiple. Both combined are also an option. We recommend picking massive structural bracelets to match the earrings of the kind. Those that look like shiny melted parts of T-1000 from the “Terminator” franchise will do. And make them double to beat the 2022 trend for pair bracelets.

Stacked chain bracelets and bangles that go up to the elbow won’t surprise anyone as they’re not a recent invention, and though they remain popular, the demand won’t stop soon.
But if you’re into classics, an elegant and glamorous Tennis bracelet is just for you. Delicate platinum bracelets with floral motifs or butterflies can add sophisticated charm to your image this season.


The reason the platinum was created for. It’s not a fashion trend, and it’s not meant for 2022 only as well, but if you’re thinking of an engagement or a wedding band, it just has to be platinum! Such a ring is a unique item worth every penny or cent. The clear shine, light color, and strength of platinum make it perfect for everyday wear as a symbol of undying love. We’ve already mentioned that platinum makes a great combination with diamonds, and it’s the best time to make an accent on it once more. Platinum enhances the beauty of a colorless diamond, making it brighter and more notable. Pure and clear as the hopes for a “happily ever after” together.

For the other rings with no specific meanings except fashion, it is common this year to wear several jewelry items at once, adorning every finger you possess and even putting a few rings on one finger. While gold is often combined with colorful gems, platinum rings may be completed with large colorless crystals and light natural stones. The more they look as if they were just mined, the better.

Proclaimed by Louis XVI of France as “the only metal fit for royalty,” platinum which was known before as a “little silver” (“Platina,” Spanish), has become one of the most popular and expensive metals in jewelry. It exists beyond fashion and trends as the platinum jewelry bought once becomes a lifetime treasure and an heirloom passing down through generations.

Platinum ensures a good investment, practical and durable jewelry, and chic and glamorous beauty. It’s perfect for expressing your feelings, making vows, and enjoying the sophistication of fine jewelry. You may spend quite a lot of money on a platinum item in fashion trends just for fun, but you should be aware that this item will most likely remain among your favorites for life.

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