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5 Best Cross Platform Text Editor For Web Developers

Update - 2020.04.02

Best Cross-Platform Text Editor For Web Developers – We love Linux, however sometimes we need to use Windows or OS X, and a cross-platform editor could be a home away from home. Each operating system comes with the default text editor, like notepad in windows. However whether or not you’re a programmer or web developer, an advanced text editor or code editor is a must. 

The advanced text editor helps to write down code sooner and improve the productiveness. On this article, we’ll provide the listing of top 5 best text editor for web development which you’ll be able to the download and use. These advanced free text editors have advanced features like syntax reference, syntax highlighting & folding, find & replace feature, and far more than making writing code a lot simpler.

The main benefits of the following text editors are open-source and free. And last, in the event you’re curious in regards to the world outside your favorite editor, we’ve put collectively a list of 5 apps that could be simply the productivity boost you’ve been looking for.

Best Cross-Platform Text Editor – List



Brackets is a free, open-source, light-weight, powerful, and modern text editor that make simple to design in the web browser. Adobe founded brackets, and it helps to push web development editor to the next stage. This web development editor is out there for cross-platform download on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Some features of Brackets are given below.

  • Open source
  • Quick Edit
  • Focused Visual Tools
  • Preprocessor Support
  • Inline Editors
  • Live Preview



This editor looks very promising with its light-weight interface and helps for multiple programming languages, similar to brackets and atom.

Light Table started as an entirely different strategy to working with Lisp programming languages. Since its successful Kickstarter campaign, it’s advanced into a more common goal “interactive IDE” with initial help for Clojure, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and – because of reaching its $300,000 stretch purpose – Python.

The place this editor differentiates itself is its use of search perform. This editor has a minimal quantity of icons and drops down a menu. As a substitute, it has a search pane on the right-hand facet of the screen. So if you wish to add a plug-in, all you need to do is enter the phrase “plugin” in the search field in the right-hand pane and immediately you may be introduced to options regarding plug-ins. The identical goes for some other operations that you can imagine for the code editor.



Dart Editor is the unique open source code editor with the excellent features like code completion, refactoring, outline view, and debugging code. DART LANG EDITOR is a nice method to be taught Dart syntax and to experiment with Dart language features and core libraries



Sublime is the proper text editor for code with its nice user interface, superior features, and excessive efficiency. This instrument is available for OS X, Windows and Linux Its features will entice you: –
1) GotoAnything
2) Multiple choices
3) Command Palette
4) Split Editing
5) Plugin API
6) Cross Platform



A veritable behemoth amongst editors mentioned above, the Java-based Eclipse IDE has the packages for Java EE, C/C++, and a slew of scripting languages that can nearly actually cover most use cases. Although an IDE is an overkill for a lot of, others will discover the built-in refactoring and autosuggestions a boon for complicated tasks.

Amongst Eclipse’s hottest users is tech author and developer Gina Trapani, who makes use of it for each Java and PHP tasks. Eclipse’s massive neighborhood means the re’s a plugin for nearly every part as effectively, be it your favorite difficulty management software or testing suite.

Final Words

Do we get requested about what’s one for the Best CROSS-PLATFORM TEXT EDITORS FOR WEB DEVELOPERS? Nicely, you should use any plain text editor similar to NotePad. However, there are better editors on the market with features like syntax highlighting, advanced find and replace FTP integration and many others. So above, we focus on many for the Best code editors available for Mac and Windows users.

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