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6 Ways To Stay Safe Online

Ways To Stay Safe Online- The Internet can be a dangerous place for theirresponsible. Just land on the wrong website, and you can infect your computer with the malicious software that will steal your data and scramble it and demand a ransom for its return. The main reason for making you aware of this anti-virus software was to make your online surfing secure. Just downloading the Anti-virus software on your system is not enough for you, you need to secure your network by other threats which can easily hack your details or confidential documents from your system. So check out our list of 6 Ways To Stay Safe Online below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below. 🙂

List Of Ways To Stay Safe Online

1. SSL Certificate

If you feel just by seeing that you will be secured you are wrong! But Still, there are also many chances of you getting into the traps of hackers because nowadays SSL certification is automated and it just by paying the Rs. 200 anyone can buy the SSL certificate. But these kinds of tricks are mainly used in the Banking sectors

2. Use On-Screen Keyboards

Nowadays keyloggers have become the most significant threat. Key Loggers are a kind of the software which can record the keys pressed on the keyboard with the time and sent it to the scammers. So to avoid that use On-Screen Keyboards provided by websites.

3. Never Use Public Computer

You won’t be known whether his/her computer is full of the viruses and malware’s so you beware and newer use any other computer unless you are familiar with that computer.

4. Strong Passwords

Always use a password at least contains 16 characters (mix characters). Include at least one capital letter and Special characters numbers. Never use any password generators tool because most of the software generators are store it as a dictionary.

5. Use VPN

Even most of the office or private networks are under control by the most of hacking group so if you want to do any transactions, Use VPNs they provide the secured system for users. They can be of paid or free.

6. Antivirus Programs

Antivirus can find 99% of the attacks done on the existing system while connected to the internet. It is The Best option for you if you are going to do big money transfers, check your shares and any other necessary data transfer.