The Best Automated Software Testing Tools of 2021

Automated Software Testing Tools – The meaning of Automation testing is running the software programs that execute test cases automatically and show the test results without any human interruption. It is one step forward of the manual testing. Automation testing saves the human energy and time up to a great extent, and it also leaves no or very less scope for errors in testing. However, there are quite a lot of automation testing tools available in the market, which makes it difficult to understand which tool will best suit your testing requirements. With the increased need & demand for automation in the field of IT, there are several best automation testing tools available these days. Today we are here with the list of Top 10 Best Automated Software Testing Tools of 2021.

Here’s a list of Best Automated Software Testing Tools. So check out our list and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below. 🙂

Automated Software Testing Tools – List


Selenium is The Best testing tools out there and is proudly supporting some of the most significant well-known browser vendors including Firefox and Chrome. The testing framework can also be applied to major platforms like Windows, Mac, and Linux. Selenium proudly promotes some of the biggest, yet well-known browser vendors who make sure they have Selenium as an essential part of their browser. Selenium is undoubtedly the base for most of the other software testing tools in general. Selenium is free to download, but it depends on the tests you conduct, the brand will charge them.


TestingWhiz is another test automation tool with the code-less scripting by Cygnet Infotech, a CMMI Level 3 IT solutions provider. Its Enterprise edition gives a complete package of various automated testing solutions like software testing, database testing, web testing, mobile app testing, API testing, regression test suite maintenance, automation, and optimization, and cross-browser testing.


Unified Functional Testing (UFT) tool given by ‘HP Enterprise’ is one for the Best automation testing software for functional testing. It brings testers and developers coming together under one umbrella and provides high-quality automation testing solutions. It makes technical testing less complex and cost-friendly. Its top features include Cross browser & multi-platform compatibility, Optimized distributed testing, multiple testing solutions, image-based object recognition and canvas – visual test flows. It is a licensed tool.


It is a functional testing platform that gives various solutions to automate testing for desktop, web, and mobile applications by SmartBear Software.


Sahi is another best testing automation tool to automate web applications testing. The open source Sahi is written in Java & JavaScript programming languages.


Ranorex Studio gives various testing automation tools that cover testing all desktop, web, and mobile applications.

Katalon Studio

Katalon Studio is a robust test automation solution for mobile, Web, and API testing. And it is entirely FREE! It gives a complete set of features for test automation, creating test cases, generating test scripts, reporting results, including recording actions, executing tests, and integrating with many other tools in the software development lifecycle.


It is an open source testing tool made up of Ruby libraries to automate web application testing. It is pronounced as ‘water.’ Watir allows the developer team to write tests that are easy to manage and set a time according to their flexibility. It can read files, export XML, and structure your code for reuse later. 


WatiN is an open-source, C#-developed web application testing tool that was inspired by Watir. WatiN supports web application testing for.Net programming languages. It is licensed under Apache 2.0.