Best Apps for Bullet Journal

Best Apps for Bullet Journal

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The Best Apps for Bullet Journal

Bookmark diaries are known to people who have a pen-and-diary affair where they can write about the day in bookmarks, make a to-do list for the next day, or find out how they are in their mood. These bulleted diaries also act as mood, sleep or period trackers and, most importantly, are able to keep your life organized. It’s also not easy for everyone to keep a hardcover diary.

To keep track of all events, people used bulleted diaries. They used to write down all the significant tasks, events, or work they wanted to complete with priority. Using the journal helped people to become more goal-oriented and productive. Even successful people advise young people to keep writing about their work and goals to stay motivated.

BuJo or Bullet Journals certainly kept people’s lives in line for a long time, but the technology took too long for many. It makes a wise decision to keep bullet journaling applications in your phone if the weather does not allow you to open your schedule every night. You can choose to unlock your phone, observe tracking habits using bullet journal apps, and finally keep your life tidy.

Check out Bullet Journal’s list of best apps


Asana is more of a project management app than a simple diary as it can connect employees on a platform of work tasks, their progress, notifications and task reports. However, it still consists of all notebook functions, but on a global scale – for all your colleagues.

Asana is not only a free diary app, but also a one-stop solution for project management. Using the app, you can easily control all your tasks, projects and notifications. The app’s interface is very easy, you can easily adapt to it, even if you are new to using these apps. Above all, it offers features that can be used on a global scale by anyone.

BuJos aren’t just for you, especially when the entire team wants to keep up with project management. Asana is one such diary app that is able to connect all team members or employees where they can share tasks, progress, notifications and reports.


Trello is one of the most popular apps among professionals and business people. This app makes it very easy to maintain. up work even without using the notebook. THE features and offers made this app the Editor’s Choice on the Play Market. The best part of this bookmarked digital diary app is that it is available for free.

Trello is considered the most popular application among business owners, project managers and other job representatives as it is very convenient and is well qualified to replace a notebook. It is marked as an Editor’s Choice in Play Market. The download is also free with the suggested premium package.

Trello is known for its flexibility in customization. There are so many built-in options that will definitely simplify your work processes. Organize your work and personal life while maintaining a balance between the two using Trello. It is a customizable and flexible visual tool as and when needed. You can put your imagination here and get the most fruitful results in final of the month, year or long term plans.


Next up on our list of the best bullet journaling apps is Momento. This is a traditional note-taking app. You can use it if you want the diary look and feel. Although this app is not designed for professional use, you can use it if you wish. Relive your part of the story all over again just when moments are captured using an app bookmark diary, Moment. You can add notes, photos, videos, audio, people, place and tags to finally gather your memories.

Undoubtedly, you can add files and photos as well as PDF files like the most used ones nowadays. Reminders can also be set through this app. Without this function, the app would lose in front of other apps on our list what can be more important than arriving on time for your appointment or interview.

It helps you create a huge database by collecting data from your calendar, social media and emails. Other than that, you can even add files, including images and PDFs. You can even set a reminder for all your important tasks so you don’t miss them.

grid diary

Grid Diary is an IOS-compatible application only. This app helps you keep all your memories, images and videos. This app provides a confidential place for you to easily remember your moments, experiences, activities, significant events of your life. Now you can back up everything to iCloud Drive, WebDAV and Dropbox.

From planning goals to achieving your goals, Gris Diary is the right and right diary app for today. There is a unique grid format where you can keep things simple and uniform guide you if you have no idea what to do with a diary. It also acts as a powerful sleep tracker, period monitor and diary with mood markers.


Wunderlist is another one of the best bulleted diary apps that you should definitely try. This app is mainly used by internet marketers and networkers and, according to their review, is an app you should try. Using the app, you can easily organize and track all your work. You can add as many programs as you like and then work on them according to your deadlines.

While you are looking for a smart daily planner, Wunderlist is where you want to end your search. You can have any purpose for this day, make a to-do list and assign yourself some tasks. Also, this diary app can switch between multiple platforms like phone, computer or tablet.


The next digital diary app is Evernote. It’s been a long time since this app came on the market. The Evernote community has grown to become one of the best bulleted journaling apps to use. The app is available for free for Android and iOS platforms. You can simply download and work without paying any subscription in the app.

Want to focus on specific tasks in life? Give this digital diary app a try where you can enter your typed notes as well as scan handwritten notes, images, web pages, audio and they can be searched ​​instantly anytime needed. Set reminders, memos and plan events like parties, weddings or holidays.

Although you have limited access to features with the free version. If you want to use this app for a longer period, we recommend you to use the premium version. In the free version, you can upload 60 MB of files monthly. For all your needs, Evernote is the ideal app.

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