Best Apps of Augmented Reality for the iPhone

Best Apps of Augmented Reality for the iPhone

In this article, we will talk about the Best Apps of Augmented Reality for the iPhone. We tried our best to review the Best Apps of Augmented Reality for the iPhone. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Apps of Augmented Reality for the iPhone with your social network.

The Best Apps of Augmented Reality for the iPhone

Augmented reality typically presents a view of the physical environment of the real world with superimposed computer-generated images, changing the perception of reality. The scope of this technology is limitless as the world of technology is constantly evolving. The latest advances in technology have also led people to a whole new environment or, say, a virtual world.

Currently, it is already possible to inspect virtually, from the game to the discovery of new business opportunities, and all this is done through the evolution of Augmented Reality (AR). In recent years, the growth of AR applications allows users or consumers to preview products and experience the service before actually purchasing it.

Augmented reality (AR) hit our handhelds with a dull thud when smartphones were still new. Early AR implementations were interesting, but notoriously buggy. This has led many to dismiss technology as a gimmick rather than a serious tool for work and play.

Check out the list of Best Augmented Reality Apps for iPhone

IKEA Place

IKEA Place allows users to virtually place furniture in their space. From tables, sofas and lamps to rugs and chairs, all IKEA Place products are 3D and full scale, so people can ensure the right size, design and functionality for their room. Swedish furniture retailer IKEA’s app typically offers a broader view, taking customers into account. homes’whole floor plan to see which items fit best where.

Easy drag and drop from IKEA Place feature and the option to view multiple colors create a unique customer experience. IKEA promises an accurate impression of the size, design and functionality of the chosen item. Previewing with a grain of salt is probably worth considering, but it’s an excellent tool for building a virtual room that you can convert into a digital shopping list.


SketchAR turns your iPhone into an augmented reality drawing aid. The app overlays a sketch or line image on a blank sheet of paper that you can trace or use as a basis for your own sketch. This app makes it extremely easy for you to draw and create sketches in the easiest way possible. All you have to do is point your iPhone camera on your sketch pad or surface and trace the virtual lines the application creates for you.

Plus, it lets you convert your images into unique illustrations instantly. You can also play some fun games or opt for various courses that will help you learn how to draw portraits, cartoons, graffiti and more. There are lots of other fun tools you can try out in the app to help your creative side flourish.

There’s a sketch library that comes with SketchAR, but you’ll really get the most out of the app by turning your photos into traceable line art. SketchAR is designed to work on A4-sized paper or any paper with four reference circle markers drawn to provide scale markers for the application.


GIPHY World, developed by Planeta, the studio behind Drops, is an augmented reality app that allows people to communicate in AR. The app combines animated GIFs and AR, transforming photos and videos into canvas for 3D graphics. The GIPHY World app also allows users to record a video of their creation to post on the web or, better yet, share a link of their scene with friends to explore.

Overall, this AR app features a virtual playground where a player can browse GIPHY’s vast library of looped video content and paste them like stickers in one of three environments. The Giphy AR app allows you to take photos and videos of real world scenes using your camera device and edit them by overlaying GIFs and stickers.

If you are obsessed with GIFs, this one is for you. GIPHY is the best place to find lots of GIFs, and now they have an AR app that lets you modify the world around you with GIFs and stickers. Search for your favourites, select them and place them in the space around you with a tap. The GIPHY World app allows users to put moving images into videos and photos and then share them with friends. Many apps have added a similar AR sticker features over the years, but we’re still delighted with how GIPHY does it.

Civilizations AR

Created by the BBC, the Civilizations AR app will allow people to explore historical artifacts in virtual exhibits. Selected from 30 different museums, the artifacts have been digitized in high resolution 3D so people can see every detail. This AR app is a companion to the BBC Two Civilizations series, which aired in the spring of 2018.

This allows users to view and explore artifacts virtually, such as looking at a mummy inside a sarcophagus. Users start with a globe and choose which artifact they want to see, so they can move and scale each artifact as they explore. There are even extensive notes, web links and narrations for each. Stroll and experience an ancient Egyptian mummy, famous works of art by Bellini and Turner, Roman helmets and the Rosetta Stone, among other exhibits.

The artifacts are highly detailed and you can move them, make them bigger and see their full size with the touch of a button. Not only is the subject fascinating, but it’s also a great example of how AR can transport us to places and allow us to experience them in a similar way as if we were in the same room.

Big Bang AR

A collaboration between CERN and Google Arts & Culture, Big Bang AR brings the story of the cosmos to your living room, using augmented reality rendering to help you visualize the universe’s first seconds and the titanic forces unleashed that define our universe today.

CERN scientists and Google Arts and Culture collaborated to gather factual research and create a world around you where you can watch the creation of space, time and the universe unfold in real time.

Note that this app requires a piece of your battery to run, along with access to your location, your camera, and your gallery to allow you to take a selfie with the stars around you and upload it to yours. camera to roll. However, it claims that your private information will always be protected.

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