Best Auto-Tune Apps available for Android Device

Best Auto-Tune Apps available for Android Device

In this article, we will talk about the Best Auto-Tune Apps available for Android Device. We tried our best to review the Best Auto-Tune Apps available for Android Device. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Auto-Tune Apps available for Android Device with your social network.

The Best Auto-Tune Apps available for Android Device

If you want to become a successful singer, download these apps and use them constantly. This will improve your voice and your singing. this voice changer mobile apps will help your voice sound like a pro. With automatic tuning feature you can customize your sales pitch and others.

The demand of singers is increasing day by day for short films, regional songs, etc. You can also create your own YouTube channel and upload your singing videos. Maybe you were born to sing. Most people prefer to leave their talent in the bathroom or bedroom.

Which group you belong to, some auto-tune apps can help you showcase your talent on social media platforms or the trending platform that is YouTube. These apps can automatically change your voice and improve your singing and public speaking skills. In order to support your singing skills, these auto-tuning apps usually feature pitch correction, presets, auto tuning and more.

Check the list of the best auto-tune apps available for Android devices


These are the most interesting auto-tune apps that manage great functionality and features. It’s an excellent harmony and automatic tuning. It is considered an excellent real-time application for processing the user’s voice and modeling it based on a user-defined configuration. This app records your voice in real time and adjusts your intonation to the selected song, and makes it immediately ready for playback.

Voloco is a real-time voice processing app for your Android device. It has the ability to combine autotune, harmony and vocoding. You just have to choose your favorite from your collection and Voloco will help you create your own track. The app will identify the key of the track and tune your voice to that particular key. This app is easy to use and it’s just a download form. After installing this app, you can start tuning your songs right away.

Voloco features a beat library that lets you select a beat to sing. There is also a Top Tracks feature which allows you to check professional quality tracks made by other users. In addition, this auto-tuning app offers dozens of presets such as Starter, Modern Rap, T Pain, 8 Bit Chip and Daft Punk.


Smule is the greatest music app you’ve never heard of! Or maybe you’ve heard of it. In this case, you know that the application allows you to sing with those who are far away and with great artists from all over the world.

Smule is one of the best auto-tuning apps on Android as it allows the user to sing and make music alone or with their friends. Experience Karaoke solo or duet or a group of people from around the world. No need to be physically together, you can connect with your friend who lives far away to sing your favorite song with these best autotune apps.

Smule also has pitch correction for real-time adjustment. This is what we call automatic adjustment in this article. The program automatically adjusts your voice so that it sounds correct and smooth. Use its amazing audio effects and video filters to get the most out of your recording. With Smule, you can also sing LIVE to your fans and friends.

star maker

StarMaker helps you discover your singing talent. This is one of the most popular karaoke apps that come with many features to improve your singing skill. Whether you like pop, rock, folk or other genres, its vast library lets you choose your favorite songs and sing along. Enjoy the impressive backing music quality and select the voice effects you like the most. In this app you will find more than 50 million music lovers around the world.

This app can be an opportunity to become famous by singing songs. Record and edit your music with a wide range of auto-tuning and voice-changing effects. You love to sing and want to join a singing community to pursue your passion for singing, so the Starmaker app can be a way to follow your singing dream. This is one of the best auto tuning apps for singing and is very useful for people who want to make a career as a singer.

In this app you can find several features how to record your karaoke with various effects, edit your video clip with filters and sing the best part of your songs. And you shouldn’t miss pitch correction feature for higher quality sound. Or, if you want to duet with the best singers, StarMaker offers a live show feature that allows you to broadcast your show.


It is a nice application for music lovers to create their own songs. It’s the best option for people to make a hit with different effects. You can enjoy an unforgettable singing experience using this app. Recording your own hip-hop music is more exciting, thanks to a wide selection of beats and automatic vocal melody feature this allows you to sound like a professional rapper.

This auto-tuning app is very suitable for people to turn speech into rap. The app has great functionality to fix bad reputation. You can simply listen to a speech that turns into a lyrical masterpiece and a rap.

The app supports mobile recording studio, providing you with a lot of convenience to record your own music. Not to mention that it offers exclusive contests with attractive prizes. Get discovered and win the prize. This one helps you adjust freestyle automatically with the help of rap mode features. You can easily develop content, share it with others, and record lyrics based on your desire.

tune me

It is the most popular sound recording app today, which supports users to record audio simply. It is built with a different set of tools for tuning and enjoying the desired voice sound. TuneMe is a hip-hop and R&B recording studio app for your phone where you can record tracks with auto pitch and pitch shift features on over 500 free music beats.

High quality tracks withfeatured recording and editing tools can be made with this app. You can share your tracks directly on SoundCloud (one of the biggest) and other social media platforms. It’s easy and simple to use.

This app is an awesome platform for hip-hop and R&B recording studio. Tune Me helps even a novice singer record and create high quality tracks with its highly efficient recording features and editing tools. Use this app to automatically tune in to songs from your favorite artists like T-Pain, Kanye West, etc. It allows you to record any background music and sing along with any mp3 melody.


MicDroid is another popular auto recording and tuning app for Android, with many features like email recording, auto pitch correction, recording set to ringtone, etc, and something special that your ads are free. Increase the number of songs by recording tracks in your voice and be sure to share them on your social media to get fan followings.

The size of this app is so small that you can’t believe it’s only 36KB, which is super lightweight to run on all devices. Hit the notes using MicDroid. Use all the available pitch correction options and play it back with some additional effects you’ve already heard in the song. MicDroid contains a variety of options that will help you make corrections to your voice pitch.

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