Best Auto Vehicles Apps

Best Auto Vehicles Apps

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The Best Auto Vehicles Apps

Caring for the car is not easy for any of us. It is very common, especially for beginners, to find silly problems with no clues to the solution, causing us to immediately seek a mechanic. Also, some of us often have no idea how much gasoline we are wasting for no reason and we end up up spending a lot of money on it. Also, there are other issues like the lack of an OBD scanner and therefore there is no way to diagnose the condition of the car. However, the most common problem is how to handle the necessary apps that we have to use while driving. Vehicle maintenance can be daunting. It’s hard to remember to schedule things like oil changes and brake work when so many other things are going on in your life.

Car maintenance apps help you keep track of your vehicle with regular maintenance reminders, service logs, fuel tracking and more. Car apps can help you find your next car, rent a car, find cheap gas prices or the most efficient route, phone in the safest car, and even find your car for you if you forgot where you parked. Timely maintenance is of paramount importance for car owners. They spend hours looking for the best garage and fixing the car. Car maintenance apps help you cut down on that search time and find the best repair shops near you.

Here is the list of the best auto vehicle apps


These include the ability to choose a city and an area within that city that has parking sensors, a map showing a numerical count of the number of open spaces in a specific area, color-coded icons on that map to indicate the blocks with the highest numbers of free spaces and a special display showing the fee charged for parking meters or commercial parking lots at the place where you want to park. In some cases, you can even pay for parking directly from the app.

The user simply needs to enter a destination in the app and follow the step-by-step instructions for available parking. The app also provides access to pricing, payment options and parking hours.


It’s one of the most versatile car apps for Android you’ll find on the PlayStore. It is used by a huge community of car owners and offers reliable car management tools such as refueling, servicing, maintenance and overall cost savings. If you have multiple vehicles, it will make your life easier with professional-grade services and real-time data management.

Drivvo is the app you need if you want to track expenses associated with your car and stay on top of maintenance. Basic functionality requires you to enter your mileage whenever you fill up up, and creates a record over time of how much your car costs to operate. This makes budgeting for car-related expenses in the future much easier.

fair car

The habit of buying things online is in full swing with no signs of slowing down. So why buying a new car should stray from the trend? Fair Car allows users to buy and subscribe to a new car using their smartphone. Even more, the app allows you to set up payment in cash, without additional documents.

If you want to speak to customer service about any of these issues, questions or concerns, they don’t even respond right away. A call made to them during business hours said they would call back in 30 minutes which was requested but they never called back. A look at their online reviews suggests that customer service is a major weakness, including when dealing with post-purchase issues. Notably, car problems and assistance with issues like roadside assistance got dishonorable mentions. In the face of all this, what’s fair about it?


Needless to say, our time spent in city traffic would be a lot more stressful without Waze. In addition to the built-in navigation function, you get alerts about traffic, police or any other hazards (such as a pothole or road works, for example) and you can even return something to the community by marking them in the app, so others will be noticed too. your presence.

Waze is straightforward and simple, featuring just a few on-screen buttons. One button re-centers the app at its current location, becoming a speedometer when it crashes on you. Next to it is a button which takes you to the “Car Info” menu, a place where you define the type of vehicle you are driving. This changes the routes the app offers. Your options are Private, Electric, Taxi and Motorcycle, and each category is well suited to the needs of the type of vehicle.


With GasBuddy you can save money and time thanks to a community of 70 million users. How? Simply letting you know when and where to buy cheap gas. You can also locate the lowest priced gas stations near you, filter results (by price, brand and other criteria – car wash, restaurant and restrooms) and even improve your driving habits to save gas money. The GasBuddy app also uses the motion detection phonesensor of the GasBuddy to detect habits or events that normally get in the way. up your car’s fuel efficiency.

GasBuddy is one of the best apps that helps users to find the cheapest gas nearby. All you have to do is click on a certain station and the app will open a map with directions. It was created solely for the purpose of connecting drivers to their appropriate stops. GasBuddy itself claims they are the world’s leading fuel pricing app that wants to help you keep your money in the bank and not in the tank.


Do you own an electric car or a plug-in hybrid? So PlugShare is a must. Essentially, the app provides access to the world’s largest community of electric vehicle owners and the most comprehensive map of 140,000 public charging stations in Europe and North America, including Tesla’s Supercharger network, ChargePoint, Blink, Clever, Endesa and Enel). This too features User reviews and photos from various charging stations, so in short you are looking at a trip planner for green car owners.

Filters only show stations compatible with the driver’s vehicle. Filters can be adjusted according to the driver’s preferences for the type of charging station and network. Photos and station details help drivers with last-mile navigation. PlugScores show the top rated stations based on user ratings. Paying with PlugShare allows users to pay for charging conveniently via a mobile phone at participating locations. Notifications can alert users when a new charging station is installed nearby.

speed tracker

Speed ​​Tracker is not just limited to what its name says it does. It actually doubles as an on-board computer which is useful if you have an older model. In this way, you can get information about average speed, distance traveled, route time and stop time. Best thing about it? It’s not even strictly dedicated to car use. You can try it even when riding a bike or traveling by plane or train.

Speed ​​Tracker is the most elegant and unique combination of GPS speedometer and trip computer in just one app. speed tracker features Unique scalable speedometer display. Select the maximum possible speed for your vehicle and observe your speed more accurately, whether in a plane, train, car, bicycle, boat or bicycle. The built-in GPS tracker will help you not to get lost. You can always switch to navigation mode and check your current position on the map along with the route you have already traveled in satellite or hybrid view.


Torque is one of the original apps designed to interact with ELM 327 OBD2 code readers via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. There are many competing apps that do the same basic thing, but Torque still gets the job done. If you are willing to buy an ELM 327 Bluetooth or Wi-Fi code reader, you can plug it into this app to read the trouble codes if the check engine light is on and extract all sorts of other useful information from the your car’s onboard computer. You can even use it while driving to display your speed and various other interesting datasets.

When it comes to diagnostic codes, Torque Pro allows you to extract and erase current and pending ECU codes. These are normally codes that trigger the Check Engine Light (CEL). When you clear the code, the light goes out. Conveniently, Torque Pro provides code definitions to help you understand what each code means. So the next time you turn on that annoying light, just grab your Android device, fire it up. up Torque Pro and clear the codes.

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