Best iPhone Apps for Watching TV

Best iPhone Apps for Watching TV

In this article, we will talk about the Best iPhone Apps for Watching TV. We tried our best to review the Best iPhone Apps for Watching TV. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best iPhone Apps for Watching TV with your social network.

The Best iPhone Apps for Watching TV

Apple iOS is one of the most secure operating systems available for smartphones. The devices, namely iPad and iPhone, have some high level security patches and updated encryptions that help protect user data. The iPad and iPhone are tightly secured to prevent the injection of any malicious or vulnerable code into the device ecosystem.

The Internet is the new TV The saying is becoming true every day. Gone are the days when you loved to sit on the couch and watch television. Modern life is so busy and this has given some really amazing developers a chance to show their skills. This has led to the development of amazing apps that allow you to watch live TV channels from any country for free.

This would not only help you watch TV on the go, it would also reduce your TV expenses every month. Also, many of these live streaming apps are free. Without further ado, let us show you the truly amazing apps that turned down traditional TV and brought something amazing.

Check out the list of the best apps for watching TV on iPhone


Hulu TV App is a genius of movies, TV, news, entertainment and more. It’s the next generation of television that has so much more to offer. It has over 300 TV channels ranging from regional, news, comedy, TV shows, etc. The advantage of using Hulu instead of a traditional TV package is that it doesn’t bother you with those annoying advertisements that appear between you and are your source of entertainment.

It also saves you money, which you pay every month to recharge your crazy TV. It works as a hybrid of Sling TV and Netflix, offering TV shows as well as live TV to its users. The content and presentation of the app will vary by cost, the low price will offer content with ads, while a high package offers live TV without ads. The price of the Hulu TV starts at $7.99. While you might find the cost on a higher side, I think it’s worth buying.


JioTV is an offering from Indian operator Reliance Jio that allows you to watch Indian and international TV channels for free. The service offers instant access to around 600 TV channels in around 15 different languages. One of the best features about this service is that it allows you to get up on previous programs for about 7 days.

This means that even if you missed your favorite show, you can watch it later, for up to 7 days. It’s a unique destination if you want to watch Indian programming on your smartphone. You can access this app from outside India only with a VPN with Indian servers and a Jio ID and password. If you have friends and relatives in India, ask for Jio’s ID and password. Download the app and access almost all Indian TV channels.

MX Player

After the Times network purchased the MX Player, it is no longer a regular player. MXPlayer now hosts thousands of hours of premium, exclusive and original content from top Producers and Publishers. It’s completely free and one of the best apps for watching movies, TV shows, web series, music videos and short videos. MX Player also has around 20 original programs and over 50,000 hours of Premium Content in multiple languages.

MXPlayer now hosts thousands of hours of premium, exclusive and original content from top Producers and Publishers. It’s completely free and one of the best apps for watching movies, TV shows, web series, music videos and short videos. Firstly, this app positions itself as a place that offers exclusive content to its users. This app is free and works in a fake streaming mode that lets you watch everything from reality shows to documentaries and everything in between. Frankly speaking, this app does its utmost to contain all kinds of content you might want to watch.


You’d be out in the stone age if you hadn’t heard of Netflix. Netflix is ​​the best place to watch shows or movies and other highly rated shows. The service hosts most popular TV shows, along with classics, animations, animes, movies, documentaries and your own originals. Netflix can be considered the epitome of online entertainment due to its reach and the quality of content offered. If you are seriously looking for some high quality TV shows, movies, dramas and info-dramas, I recommend you go with Netflix.

If you’re not familiar with NETFLIX, you must be living under a rock or from another planet. NETFLIX is one of the biggest media vehicles in the world. NETFLIX streams TV shows and movies for users to watch over the Internet. This app allows users to connect to their accounts, search for programs, stay on top of new programs that are added, choose up where they stopped watching a program, they can create up up to 5 individual accounts, commercial-free, see recommendations and enjoy quality programming whenever you love TV heart wishes. This app is free to use but requires a NETFLIX subscription.


Sony Liv is Sony’s international platform that hosts all Sony licensed content. The free service works on the ad-based revenue model. It also has a subscription plan if you want to get rid of ads. Besides, you can watch all your favorite sports like La Liga, NBA, FIFA WC, etc., but with a delay of 5 minutes.

Firstly, you need to keep in mind that this app works on different subscription packages. In fact, the free version contains ads and doesn’t offer premium sports channels and more. There are also several offers for one-week subscriptions throughout the year. This app allows you to watch streaming TV in multiple languages ​​and stop at your leisure.


The app has a huge library of top Indian dramas, soap operas, movies and TV shows, making it a premium place for high level Indian content. As Hotstar has several international films, it is released in USA and Canada through content library dissemination to avoid any violation of digital rights. The app is currently available for Android in the US and would soon be released for iOS and Apple TV, but you can access it on the web.

In addition, the app allows you to put some channels on air and go do your business to come back and continue watching later. In addition, the application stores recordings of all channels for a week after they are broadcast so you never miss an episode of the programs you like the most. You can even save some programs in your mobile or on some cloud service.

YouTube TV

YT TV is an over-the-top (OTT) content streaming subscription service available in the United States. Includes ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, NBC and other networks. The service offers Cloud DVR with no limits on DVR storage space. 6 YouTube TV accounts with individual login and DVR. The app offers over 60 US channels that can be streamed directly on a phone or Apple TV without any decoder. You can access the main content provider networks in the TV app.

The central point you need to understand about this app is that it includes the most popular channels from NBC to Fox and National Geographic. Honestly speaking, this app includes over sixty channels that you can watch on your device or stream on TV. You can also download some videos and movies and if you want to store them in your mobile or a cloud service.

Sling TV

Sling TV is a pretty decent live TV streaming app available in the market. Ease of customization, number of channels and fair price make it a favorable app for all iOS based devices. The Sling’s Orange package costs $20 a month for 31 channels. It has a good mix of basic sports, news and entertainment channels. The Blue package costs $25 a month and consists of 45 channels. In addition, this app includes different types of programs, from sports and educational channels for children to those with reality games and movies.

You can also save specific videos to your mobile to watch it again later, even if you are offline. To be precise, the cost of a basic subscription starts at twenty dollars a month and allows you to watch thirty to fifty channels. The number of channels you can watch in this app may seem unimpressive, but all these channels are popular and varied.

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