Best Maps and Navigation Apps

Best Maps and Navigation Apps

In this article, we will talk about the Best Maps and Navigation Apps. We tried our best to review the Best Maps and Navigation Apps. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Maps and Navigation Apps with your social network.

The Best Maps and Navigation Apps

Most of you have heard of Google Maps and Waze and know that they are navigation services that have Android apps. However, there are a few more Android navigation apps out there, and some of them are really, really good. Some of you have probably heard of more than two navigation apps for Android, but in the list below we share our top 10 navigation apps available for Android in case you need something other than the most popular ones. Before you start scrolling, please note that these apps are not listed in any particular order. We’ve just picked our favorites and listed them below, out of order (on purpose).

However, please note that some of these services are not completely free. Google Maps is the best navigation app for Android as it provides you with accurate online and offline maps, real-time traffic information, shows you all nearby places and points of interest, and allows you to easily share your location and directions with others. But if you’re not happy with Google Maps, we’ve found nine other great navigation apps for Android and iOS users. So today we present the best best maps and navigation apps. Some of you have probably heard of more than two navigation apps for Android, but in the list below we share our top 10 navigation apps available for Android in case you need something other than the most popular ones.

Check out the list of the best maps and navigation apps

Google Maps

Google Maps is without a doubt the most popular app on this list. This is Google’s own app and is the best choice for most people when it comes to browsing. The app design is great and the app contains more than 220 countries and territories mapped. Here you can get real-time traffic information and download map parts for offline use. Walking navigation is also available, while public transport information is also part of the offer. This app has so much more to offer.

Here we go

HERE WeGo is an app that was once known as Nokia HERE Maps and it’s as good as it gets. The design of this app is great and the app allows you to download entire countries so you can browse offline and not have to think about internet access.

This app even gives you the option to book a taxi while over 100 countries are mapped here. The app provides public transport information for over 1,300 cities around the world and that’s just part of what this app has to offer.


As most of you know, Waze was acquired by Google some time ago and this is an excellent solution for browsing. Waze keeps you up updated on traffic, construction sites, police, accidents and more in real time.

Waze adjusts your path based on the road ahead, allowing you to avoid traffic, for example. This app also lets you find the cheapest gas deals and has full Android Auto support.


MapFactor is a great navigation app with a feature-rich free version. The free app includes free access to regularly updated offline OpenStreetMaps for accuracy, voice-guided GPS navigation, speed limits, and camera alerts, nearby points of interest and the ability to save your favorite routes for easy reference.

MapFactor Navigator CAR Pro offers a wide range of features, including standard professional TomTom maps, live HD traffic and remote commands. For most people, the free version offers everything you need to get around, although it does come with some non-intrusive ads.

TomTom GPS Navigation

TomTom is also a well-known navigation service that most of you have heard of. This app provides downloadable maps, offline routes, accurate live traffic and speed camera alerts and so on. More than 150 countries are mapped by TomTom and the app also offers Advanced Lane Guidance.

The app design is quite functional and you get 75km of free GPS navigation every month, while you can purchase a 1 month or 1 year unlimited mileage subscription.


MAPS.ME is also a very popular app for browsing, and it’s pretty good. You can use this app offline while the service is completely free. You can use this app while driving, walking or cycling, it’s up for you.

The app will even help you plan your trip, while MAPS.ME maps have a lot of detail. Maps are updated daily by millions of OpenStreetMap contributors, so everything should be fair up Until the present date.

Sygic GPS Navigation

Sygic is a navigation app used by over 200 million drivers worldwide. Offline 3D maps are stored on your phone, so you can also use the app offline. Sygic updates their maps several times a year and everything is free.

Voice guided navigation is available here, while millions of POIs are available in the app. By the way, here there is also a GPS navigation for pedestrians with directions and points of interest.


Karta brings a very attractive navigation system to your Android phone. You can download maps for offline use while traffic information is included here.

The app can also notify you when approaching a controlled speed zone, while in this app you will get suggestions about restaurants, shopping, landmarks and much more. Voice search function is available in Karta, the same applies to lane assistant.


OsmAnd is an offline browsing app that can be a good choice if you know you will have an unstable internet connection or no internet connection at all. However, an online mode is included here and of course the app works best when you use it.

Lane guidance, street names and estimated time of arrival are all included in the interface, while you can select different bike route modes if needed. The app also shows POIs (Points of Interest) etc.

Sygic GPS Navigation

Sygic GPS Navigation is an incredibly feature rich navigation app with lots of useful tools to help you along the way. The app includes many basic navigation features features, including turn-by-turn directions, offline maps, voice-guided GPS navigation, nearby points of interest, and walking routes. What makes the Sygic stand out are its extra features like the dash camera that records the road ahead in the event of an accident.

the cockpit feature shows real-time information about your vehicle’s performance and Dynamic Lane Assist guides you in the right lane as you drive. The app also provides speed alerts, helps you find cheap gas prices, and suggests nearby parking spaces.

BackCountry Navigator

Like Polaris, BackCountry Navigator is a navigation app designed primarily for outdoor enthusiasts. The app is particularly useful for off-road use thanks to its unique ATV route maps. Also includes whitewater maps, horse trail maps and offline topographic hiking maps. You can use GPS waypoints from GPX or KML files or enter your own coordinates.

Mobile Atlas Creator also allows you to create your own maps. The app costs $14.99 to download and several features are also available for purchase, including Accuterra Topo Map Source for $19.99 per year and Thunderforest Map Sources for $7.99 per year.

GPS Scout Navigation

GPS Scout Navigation is a feature-rich navigation and mapping app that offers high quality social networking features not found in other apps. Users can share their location and estimated time of arrival with their contacts with a single tap, and you can see nearby restaurants and attractions recommended by other users.

In addition to these social networking features, Scout GPS offers many of the same basic navigation features features you would expect, including live traffic updates, the ability to save favorite places, walking routes, and the app will help you find the lowest gas prices nearby.

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