Best » Top 7 Best Pens (2023) September: our top picks

Top 7 Best Pens (2023) September: our top picks

by Carmelia Derby
6 minutes read
Best pens

Ballpoint pens remain one of the most widely used options on the market among the various Best Pens varieties, including fountain pens, gel pens, and more. These oil-based ink pens are fairly viscous and work with practically all types of paper, thus they typically last longer. We investigated the top picks, whether you prefer the ease of disposable pens or investing in a high-quality writing tool you can refill.

You understand the value of a good pen if you’ve ever had one inexplicably disappear from your desk and had to write with a subpar replacement. A good pen may help you write with the clearest and most attractive handwriting possible, whether you’re signing a check, taking notes, or penning a love letter.

The good news is that getting a pen deserving of your signature doesn’t need spending a lot of money. We have recommendations for ballpoint, rollerball, and gel pens that are economical and enjoyable to write with after examining pens and writing them so we chose best for you lets start best Pens which we mentioned below.

Here is the list of Best Pens

Uni-ball Jetstream RT

Best Pens

Easily one of the best pens, The Uni-ball Jetstream RT is the ideal pen for the task in the majority of cases. For lefties and anyone worried about smudging, it dries rapidly. The Jetstream RT creates the darkest lines of any ballpoint pen we tested thanks to its “hybrid” or “low-viscosity” ink, and its ink comes out smoothly and evenly without skipping like a gel pen, but with the benefits of a ballpoint’s quick-drying properties.

For further protection and peace of mind, the ink in this pen is also designed to withstand check washing, fading, and water. The Jetstream RT is a Wirecutter pick and is available in several tip widths and colors. Additionally, it felt and looked better to our testers than other, more plasticky ballpoint pens.

Bic Cristal Xtra Bold Pen

Best Pens

Because the extra-bold 1.6-millimeter tip is one of the largest on the market, the traditional Bic Cristal Ballpoint Stick Pens are always a wise choice. Additionally, it is disposable, affordable, and easy enough for many individuals to use. The BIC Cristal Xtra Bold Ballpoint Pens offer a fluid, natural writing experience and an incredibly smooth ink flow.

These pens are a chic and contemporary update on the classic BIC Cristal pen design. The Easy-Glide System ink technology allows for increased vividness and incredibly smooth ink flow. This pen is excellent for sketching, annotating, and other writing jobs that require a bold touch since the bold tip provides clarity to your work.

PILOT The Better Ball Point Pen

Best Pens

Refillable pens are the best option for those who are environmentally conscious because they produce less trash than disposable ones. The Better Ballpoint Pen by Pilot is retractable in addition to being refillable. Because there is no cap, less plastic is used during production. Overall, this is one of the best pens that you can buy right now.

These reasonably cost fine-point pens can be purchased in packs of one, boxes of two, or dozen pieces. Choose between red, black, or blue ink. You can easily hold the pen steadily in your hand thanks to the non-slip, ribbed finger grip. And while it can be challenging to monitor ink levels with refillable pens, the clear barrel of the Pilot ballpoint pen makes it simple to do so.

Uni Jetstream Slim Multi-Color

Best Pens

The Uni Jetstream Slim Multi-Color is a slim, practical alternative to cluttering your desk or purse with multiple pens if you wish to color-code your notes or journal entries. This pen is substantially smaller than most multicolor pens, which often have chunkier barrels and are the same size and shape as the Jetstream RT. The knocks from the pen are easy to use and have a nice click.

The rubber grip on the Jetstream Slim Multi-Color is comfortable to hold. Additionally, the smooth refillable ink used in previous Jetstream pens is included with this pen. However, because the ink refills are smaller than those in a standard Jetstream, they are a little less economical. However, if you write in several colors frequently, we believe the convenience is worthwhile.

Parker Jotter

Best Pens

Easily one of the best pens, The Parker Jotter is incredibly smooth, but because of its darker-than-average ink, it strikes me as more of a work pen than a pen for writing letters. When taking notes or doodling normally, this pen doesn’t smear. After making a lot of effort to create smudge conditions, I was able to get it to smudge just a little amount. No bleed-through occurs.

This pen has a very pleasing weight. I enjoy how the metal casing makes it chilly to the touch yet gradually warms in your hand. nk. It has a lot of spring. Thanks to its incredibly gorgeous brushed metal body and arrow-shaped clip, this pen has a traditional appearance.

Aurora Ipsilon

Best Pens

Easily one of the best pens, The Aurora Ipsilon is as traditional as they come. It writes really fluidly, never skipping even when it first touches the page. All of our tests showed a constant and steady ink-flow from it. The size is ideal—not too big or too small—and it is extremely lightweight and maneuverable. Although smearing was generally not a problem, our strict “smudge test” did reveal some very mild smudging.

No bleeding through. Overall, it’s a very user-friendly and comfortable fountain pen. With a vibrant resin body and gold accents, it has a classy and understated appearance. You will frequently reach for this kind of sturdy pen.

TWSBI ECO White Rose Gold Fountain Pen

Best Pens

When you examine the TWSBI (pronounced twizz-bee) ECO pen’s design, it becomes clear why it is so well-liked. “Economy” and “ecology” are both abbreviated as “ECO.” The fountain pen is incredibly inexpensive, but it also employs a lot fewer parts during manufacture, lowering overall construction waste.

Despite having a simple design, the ECO is a very sturdy and well-built fountain pen. In comparison to other TWSBI fountain pens, such the TWSBI 580, which has a polycarbonate barrel, this pen’s acrylic barrel is far more stress-resistant. Additionally, the pen is a “demonstrator” pen, allowing you to view the ink inside. Thus, this product is one of the best pens available right now.

Final Words

Remember to cap or retract the tip of your best pens after you’re finished writing, regardless of what you’re using. This prevents your pen from leaving smudges on pockets and pen cases. Prevent the ink from flowing to the bottom of the pen, which could lead to hard beginnings or the tip drying up, by keeping your pens pointed up. Ballpoint pens should always have the tip pointing downward to stop ink from evaporating. Of contrast, the inks in gel and rollerball pens are more fluid than those in ballpoint pens. To prevent ink from the tip spilling, they should be maintained on their sides.

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