Best Photo Collage creator for the iPhone

Best Photo Collage creator for the iPhone

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The Best Photo Collage creator for the iPhone

We all take a lot of pictures, whether it’s with our iPhone or the best digital camera. But sometimes you might want to put together a group of photos into a collage, which would make a great addition to a printed photo album or other online printing services. That’s why you’ll want one of the best iPhone photo collage apps for the job.

Collage making is popular with all age groups, whether you’re a 7 year old getting ready for a school assignment, a 17 year old boy expressing his future goals, or a 70 year old boy taking a trip down memory lane . Above all, it’s a fantastic gift and a post on social media.

A photo collage app is the perfect way to showcase a collection of your favorite iPhone photos. Organizing a set of images into a collage helps emphasize a theme or tell an interesting photo story. Photo collage apps provide grid templates and other layouts, making it quick and easy to create beautiful collages from your pictures.

Check the list of best photo collage maker for iPhone


This free collage app for iPhone allows its users to edit their photos any way they want. The app features 180+ filters, amazing photo editing tool and a Pro Camera that lets you capture videos and photos. The MOLDIV app allows you to combine up to 16 photos into a collage, while offering over 300 frames.

The magazine feature allows app users to create collages that resemble the cover of a magazine with 135 layouts. You can select the aspect ratio or combine your iPhone photos in a FreeStyle mode if you want to create a unique collage your friends will love.

You can combine groups of up up to 16 photos with 300+ filter styles or 135 magazine layouts and use multiple editing tools for each photo. It comes with stickers, editable text overlays and patterns for backgrounds. You can adjust the frame style by making it thicker, rounded, shaded, and more.


The plethora of options offered by Diptic will impress you, as each of the features helps you tell a better story with your photos. Collage apps for iPhone let you combine up up to nine different images in a single photo collage and also offers nearly 200 layouts.

Some of the animated grids allow you to present each photo in a group separately, while video tweaks feature lets you add music to video collages. Even though the Diptic app is free to download, some in-app purchases are required if you want to use them all. features this app has to offer.

Diptic has some unique and interesting layout templates that you can use to create collages with up to nine photos. In addition to classic layouts, you can use iconic shapes like hearts, basketballs and even the Seattle Space Needle. You can create slideshow-style thumbnail collages with animated layouts, and Diptic lets you combine photos and videos into a collage.

Picsart photo and video editor

As well as being one of the most powerful photo collage apps for iPhone, PicsArt is also one of the best photo editing apps you can find on the App Store. Hundreds of free grid templates, template collages and freestyle collages that let you organize your photos any way you like are available in Collage Maker and Grids mode.

On the other hand, Best Collage App Mode offers professional photo editing tools that will make every single photo on iPhone look like a masterpiece. The app can be downloaded for free, but with cool effects and some more advanced features must be purchased

Picsart is a trendy photo effects and filters application and brings all the advantages for creating collages. You have access to a variety of pre-built grids, frames, scrapbooks and art templates. What’s great is that you can select and edit individual images or apply multiple tools and effects to the entire collage as one. Change your perspective, stretch, scatter or clone areas, crop people or objects, manage hue and saturation.

Photo grid

The Photo Grid app (free download) is a photo collage app with a wide range of collage layouts, from simple grids to customizable scrapbook pages. If you like to beautify your collages, you can add text, as well as a fun selection of stickers and filters. Choosing one of the basic grids in the Layout section at the bottom of the screen lets you quickly combine multiple photos into a beautiful collage.

You can add up up to 15 photos in a grid. With this app, you can create non-square collages by choosing from a variety of different proportions. PhotoGrid wins the most creative collage layouts award. There are over 300 models to choose from, and most are not available anywhere else. You can even make a collage of photos and videos together.

In addition to the wide variety of collage grids, you can also add custom backgrounds, borders, stickers, and text overlays. PhotoGrid offers a simple interface that is perfect for creating beautiful posts on social media. The in-app download is free, but the huge variety of collage grids requires in-app purchases.

Pic Collage

There is no doubt that PicCollage is one of the best photo collage apps for iPhone because it gives users a fun and easy way to create amazingly beautiful collages from their iPhone photos. There are hundreds of layouts you can use, while the app also provides an instant photo grid for images on your iPhone, Instagram or Facebook. Like most photo collage apps, PicCollage lets you organize your photos into customizable grids, but it also has a great selection of cropped frames, free-form collages and fun border designs.

The Pic Collage app (free download) allows you to make grid-style collages and free-style layouts. You can also choose from a variety of templates to create layouts for holidays and special events. By tapping the Grids option, you will be taken to your photo album to select the images you want to use in the collage. You can choose one of three aspect ratio sizes.

Once you’ve created the perfect design, you can add a variety of unique stickers and text. PicCollage also includes a simple photo editor with filters and special effects. While PicCollage is free to download, it includes in-app purchases and the free version includes a watermark.

Pic Stitch – Collage Editor

The high-resolution app allows the user to make photo and video collages, including adding music to the creation and custom proportions. Filters, text, stickers, scribbles and watermarks can also be added, with the addition of clipping, cropping and adjusting the video playback speed.

A quick look at this list of features Pic Stitch’s offers will leave you wondering if there’s something this iOS app can’t do. With over 300 different layouts, 15 aspect ratios and remarkable photo filters, the app gives you all the tools you need to create an amazing photo collage with your iPhone.

Besides, Pic Stitch lets you work with photos and videos, while offering the option to add music to your photo collages. The app is easy to use, but contains in-app purchases.

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