Best Songs Finder Apps for Android and iPhone

Best Songs Finder Apps for Android and iPhone

In this article, we will talk about the Best Songs Finder Apps for Android and iPhone. We tried our best to review the Best Songs Finder Apps for Android and iPhone. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Songs Finder Apps for Android and iPhone with your social network.

The Best Songs Finder Apps for Android and iPhone

Have you ever been in a situation where you happen to hear a song you like, but you can’t find out what it is? I’m sure yes. It happens to all of us, and that critical feeling of “what song is this?” just doesn’t seem to give up, does it? Well, if you’ve ever been in such a situation, or if you find yourself in that situation often, we’re supporting you.

In short, music finder apps answer one of the most common questions we ask while listening to some new playlist: “What song is this?” or “What’s playing in the background?”

Fortunately, there are music finder apps available for Android devices that can help you identify songs simply by humming into your smartphone’s built-in microphone. Music recognition apps, also known as music identification apps, mainly collect samples of the music heard and compare the audio fingerprint against a huge online database of music.

Check out the list of the best ‘What’s This Song’ apps for Android and iPhone


You must have heard people saying, “Shazam this song”. Without a doubt, the Shazam app is `the most popular among music finder apps. With an attractive three-panel interface, the app is ridiculously fast at recognizing songs. Although the ads in the free version are kind of annoying. After identifying the song, the Android app offers different options.

For example, you can play a snippet of the song, watch the video on YouTube, sing along to the lyrics, and much more. The Shazam app can also identify posters, magazines and films using the camera, not to mention the built-in QR code reader.

You can also discover music stops to see which tracks are popular in your area, and tap music app icons like Spotify and Google Play Music to listen to entire songs. The app too features a bang-up tool that identifies music while using other apps. So you have Shazam offline, automatically identifying the song as soon as the user is back online.


Musixmatch Lyrics is an app you can use to quickly identify the music playing around you with inline lyrics. The app is not only a music recognition app, but also a music player with support for lyrics. If you want to use the app for music recognition, you can tap on the “Tag” menu in the bottom bar and then tap on Musixmatch button.

Musixmatch then tries to recognize the song that is playing and find one that matches the audio fingerprint. Music recognition in Musixmatch is powered by ACRCloud and works very well. What’s unique here is that Musixmatch tries to synchronize music and lyrics in real time, which works quite often.

Musixmatch is totally focused on providing lyrics and recognizing songs. However, he does an excellent job of it. Musixmatch floating letters feature can show lyrics for almost every song in the world and even bold words in real time while the music track plays in the background. This music finder app too features a translated version of the lyrics. Unfortunately, not all songs have been translated into different languages.


SoundHound is another great music finder app that works perfectly. One area where SoundHound is so much better than Shazam is that you can even hum to find a song. You can just use the command “Hey Soundhound, what song is this?” The app works great and you can tell what song it is, even if you are humming a part of it.

Sound Hound is very similar to existing music streaming apps. In addition to identifying music, the Android app offers different music categories to choose from. Unlike Shazam, it plays music videos instead of just music.

Another feature What sets Soundhound apart from other song identifiers is the web-based version, which uses the PC’s microphone to recognize songs. Sound Hound app too features your own music assistant. Saying “Ok Hound” allows you to search for an artist and play songs. Surprisingly, it’s the single best music finder app for 2020 that can identify the hum of a song.


genius is ours final app to identify the song in this list. It’s very similar to Musixmatch with a focus on song lyrics. Just open the app and tap on music recognition button located in the lower right corner. The app features realtime lyrics that don’t work as well as MusiXmatch.

Also, you can search any song and see its lyrics. You can even play the music video. The app allows you to download the lyrics of the identified song so that you can read the lyrics while offline. Also, the app features an entire video library.

In addition, the application shows a list of songs that are the most identified on Genius. You can tap any of these songs to see their lyrics and play them back if you like. The app also gives you the option to download lyrics or share the song with another person.

song id

Music ID does not provide a single features that aren’t listed above, it’s great for people who just need a minimalist looking app, providing one of the best music recognition features and soundtrack tags.

an interesting feature of the Music ID app for Android is that it displays a detailed profile of each artist, such as movies and TV shows, biographical information, etc.

The music finder app features the Explore tab, where you can see information about the best songs and different artists. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t display the lyrics of a song. But on the bright side, you can add comments to the identified songs.

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