Best Tools App for Android

Best Tools App for Android

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The Best Tools App for Android

android Phones they are, in essence, tools. Because of this, many manufacturers have fully created some tools for them that work very well. put directly, there are many Android tools and utility apps out there. You can do a lot of stuff with an Android phone. Well Android is now the most famous phones work system out there. compared to everyone else mobile working system, Android offers users much more qualities and personalized options. Another plus point of Android is its great app ecosystem. Sure, your Android phone comes with useful tools like calculator, flashlight, timer, alarm clock, etc.

Measuring tools and construction calculators for DIYers, apps to add flashlight functionality to your Android, first aid manuals, barcode scanners and much more. ranging from easy to hard this should help you get more empirical tools out of your android phone or tablet. So don’t worry about looking for that lost flashlight or your roll of tape measure. So today we present the best Android tool app.

Check out the list of the best Android tool apps

Find my device by Google

track your phone with Google Find My Device, an application that lets you find your Android phones, smartwatches and Android tablets in case they are lost somewhere or stolen by someone. The app keeps you completely up to date on your device’s battery life and location, last seen, allowing you to play and stop the sound on your device.

User can even secure their device by adding a password or erasing device data. You can see when your device is on the map, and if the current location is not available, your last known location can be seen. You can see when your device is on the map, and if the current location is not available, your last known location can be seen.


GasBuddy is a popular app built on the simple premise that drivers should never pay more at the pump than necessary. GasBuddy delivers on that promise in two different ways. For starters, the GasBuddy app has an easy to use survey feature covering tens of thousands of gas stations across North America.

Simply enter your city or zip code and your preferred gas mix to find the best gas deals near you in real time. GasBuddy has a set of free tools for drivers who want to save money and stay safe, such as a trip cost calculator, stop finder, interactive gas price map, and vehicle recall summary.

glass wire

Downloading and installing GlassWire is a simple process. The installer advises, but does not require, that you restart after installation. The main window is attractive and well designed, with icons at the top to select the five main pages, Alerts, Firewall, Graph, Things and Usage. A drop-down menu on the left provides access to help and settings.

Especially in these long-term views, you’ll find markers on the graph that represent events such as the first time GlassWire saw a specific program connect to the network. You can click on a marker to see details, temporarily stopping the graph in motion. You can also click on a peak in the graph to see which programs were currently active.

IFTTT and Tasker

IFTTT is another excellent Android tool. This app allows you to make connections between other apps. For example, you can have the app upload a photo to your Dropbox after you share it on Instagram. That’s just scratching the surface of all the things he can do. There are several apps with IFTTT integration built in and you can even use them to do things like control your smart lights.

There are thousands of recipes out there and you can find them by searching Google if you want to see them. Also, don’t forget about the upcoming Microsoft Flow and other similar utility apps. Tasker is another great option in this space. It’s a little harder to use, but it’s also more powerful.

Proton VPN

ProtonVPN does just about everything and does it well. It offers great speeds, has class-leading privacy and security features, it’s great for unblocking streaming sites, and it even offers an excellent free plan to boot. While the apps aren’t as crisp and clean as the big rivals and the prices are a little high, ProtonVPN should definitely be on your list – if not in your basket.

Privacy and security are priorities when looking for the best VPN, and keeping you safe online is ProtonVPN’s core mission. However, unlike many security-focused services, the Swiss provider doesn’t sacrifice anything in terms of day-to-day usability, and this rare combination with the best free VPN available today makes it a seriously attractive product.


This app allows you to do a few different tasks, but the most important is the ability to see which devices are currently connected to your WiFi network. As mentioned, you can view unlimited networks and devices for free, which is rare in apps like these. You can also perform more tasks: you will be able to see available network connections, launch applications for specific ports, and track a device when it is offline and online.

The app has a recent update where fixes have been made to offer better GPS location and some other minor issues. Customers rate the app four and a half out of five stars and comment on how important apps like this are today to let you know your network is secure.

last pass

LastPass offers three different plans for consumers: Free, Premium and Family. The free edition includes all the standard password manager features plus a few features other services are restricted to paid accounts. With the free version of LastPass, you get autofill features.

A password generator, one-to-one sharing capabilities, secure notes, a password strength report, and support for multi-factor authentication. Unfortunately, LastPass has changed the device sync rules for free users. Previously, free users could sync passwords on any platform supported by LastPass, including desktop and mobile devices.

solid explorer

Make your life easier with dual-pane file management. Browse multiple locations at the same time and transfer your files smoothly. Copy motion files with drag and drop gestures seasoned with eye-catching animations. Tired of ugly root explorers? Solid Explorer will also help you with system-level operations like changing permissions, editing configuration files and much more.

Solid Explorer can create encrypted Zip and 7Zip files and extract encrypted Zip, 7Zip, RAR, TAR.GZ and TAR.BZ2 files. Split files are also supported. Solid Explorer will categorize all files on your device for easy access in one place. Your photos, videos, music and apps will be automatically grouped into four categories.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant. When it launched, Google Assistant was an extension of Google Now, designed to be personal while expanding on Google’s existing “OK Google” voice controls. Originally, Google Now intelligently extracted information relevant to you. He knew where you worked, your meetings and travel plans, the sports teams you liked and what interested you so he could present you with important information for you.

Google long ago killed off Google Now, but the Assistant lives in the same space, merging these custom elements with a wide range of voice control. Google Assistant supports text or voice input and will follow the conversation no matter which input method you are using.

any.of Premium lets you assign as many tasks as you need to other people. Premium members can build integrations using Zapier, select a different background image for the app, organize tasks with colorful labels, and enable location-based reminders. Teams gives you the same features such as Premium, as well as administrative control for the team and kanban boards.

When starting, the app suggests tips for learning your features. You can consult the tips anytime by tapping or clicking the notifications icon (a square with rounded corners and a red indicator). After opening notifications, you see two taps: Tips and Notifications.

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