Best Weather App for Android

Best Weather App for Android

In this article, we will talk about the Best Weather App for Android. We tried our best to review the Best Weather App for Android. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Weather App for Android with your social network.

The Best Weather App for Android

The best weather apps can tell you if stormy days are ahead or if it’s nothing but sunshine from now on. But that only scratches the surface of what our favorite Android weather apps can do. Some of the offerings in our best weather apps for Android list provide fantastic forecasts on a hyperlocal level; others arrive laden with radar photos, weather warnings, and even air quality details. You can even track moon stage or travel-related weather with some strong apps.

That’s why you can be careful when checking another weather app and not just choose the default options on your Android gadget. With more of us getting vaccines, it will soon be time to go back outside and research safely and enjoy the world again. But when Mother Nature is in a bad mood (which is more likely than ever, thanks to climate change), she helps keep an eye on what’s happening in the sky. One of the most important tools for this is a mobile weather app for android.

Check out the list of the best weather apps for Android


Carrot may be known less for his weather forecasts than for his personality, which offers tongue-in-cheek audio and/or text commentary on the day’s events. (One day, for example, he scoffed, “I’m sending bad weather to all the people who refuse to wear masks to hide horrible faces.”)

In fact, you can define your personality (friendly, sarcastic, homicidal, or over-the-top) and your politics (liberal, conservative, centrist, libertarian, communist, or apolitical) according to your own tastes. All that being said, Carrot is a solid and beautiful app that offers a decent amount of data on current and future weather. The Android app uses the Dark Sky API for its data;


If you’re trying to find the best weather apps for Android, it’s hard to ignore Accuweather with its simplistic design and great information. The app offers a clean layout, giving you all the information about what to expect for the day. After downloading Accuweather, the app features a breakdown of the time that is expected to occur, along with an overview of the next day.

At the bottom, you have shortcuts to a Today View, along with Time, Daily, and a radar view for your area. But instead of just viewing the radar for the next few hours, Accuweather gives you several different mapping layers to choose from. This includes a satellite view, any clocks or warnings in your area, and even a five-day precipitation forecast.

Emergency: Alerts

It’s an app you hope you never need to use, but when disaster strikes, you’ll be glad you have Emergency: American Red Cross Alerts on your iPhone or Android device. Because it keeps tabs on everything from hurricanes and floods to extreme heat and winter storms,

Emergency: It’s good to keep alerts installed on your phone at all times, not just during hurricane season. Not only will Emergency monitor where you live, you can also enter cities and people that are important to you. The app features customizable alerts and provides a map with shelter information in case of an emergency.


Want something more from your weather app? Windy (formerly known as Windyty) provides coverage. The app, like other apps, shows the weather but takes it a step further. Windy shows the variations of wind in the oceans. If a cyclone approaches your city, the app tries to show your current location and alerts its users.

In addition, users can also switch between radar and satellite view according to their preferences. It is one of the best apps when it comes to weather alerts. A wide variety of people use Windy, from pilots and paragliders to kiters, surfers, sailors, fishermen, hurricane chasers and even government officials and rescue workers.

time bug

If there is a developing weather condition in your location and you need reliable actionable information, WeatherBug can help you a great deal. It’s completely free and provides a wealth of weather information, from pollen counts to hurricane forecasts and air quality.

Pulling data from various sources such as satellites, tracking stations and weather services, along with 18 different maps, make sure you can provide the most accurate weather conditions. Its UI and UX are also perfect as it doesn’t feel too cramped. up. Overall, WeatherBug is undoubtedly among the best weather apps available!

Google weather

Google has its own weather “app”, with a simple (and cute) interface that should please most people. It contains everything you would expect from a basic weather app, including a “Looks like” rating, wind speeds, humidity and UV levels, and weather forecasts for the next ten days.

As this is a web service, the Google Weather app is not available on the Google Play Store. Instead, you should open your Google app (or the search bar widget on Pixel devices) and type “weather”. This will take you to the applet, which will ask you to add the applet to your home screen.


The Weawow app has managed to become extremely popular since it was released, and there’s a good reason for that. This is an excellent app, and users quickly noticed it. It currently has a 4.9 star rating on the Play Store after over 260,000 reviews, which means something. Some people see it as a great alternative to Dark Sky, while others just love the combination of this app’s simplistic and useful design. features.

The Weawow UI is in place. It looks simplistic and is just a joy to use. This app actually uses photos shared by its users and matches them with the weather conditions. You’ll get a lot of useful information here, including highest and lowest temperature, apparent temperature, rain probability, UV index, wind direction, air quality, pollen, cloud cover, atmospheric pressure and more. Useful widgets are also included and much more features.

amazing time

This is yet another beautifully designed weather app that can brighten up up your day, regardless of the weather outside. It comes with the ability to select preset backgrounds for each location and it just looks beautiful. The data is culled from and NWS, so you’re in good hands when it comes to weather accuracy.

Live animations are one more feature from AwesomeWeather that can really improve your app experience. For example, if it’s snowing in your location, the app’s homepage will show an animation of snow on top of your city. Not really groundbreaking technology, but a nice touch nonetheless. It also has a “similar” temperature reading, which is vital as the weather we feel sometimes differs significantly from the actual weather around us.

1 time

While 1Weather bills itself as the most aesthetically pleasing weather app, that doesn’t mean it isn’t informative and data-packed. In fact, he managed to cram more information into his main page than the geeky Editors’ Choice Weather Underground.

On the main map screen, you will find visibility, barometric pressure, humidity, wind speed/direction, UV index, dew point, temperature and chance of precipitation. Each has an accompanying glyph and there’s a helpful explanation for each measurement when you tap on it. Very cool.

Yahoo weather

Instead of relying on a bunch of extras features to show your weather information, Yahoo Weather does things a little differently. The app uses various images from Flickr to provide a backdrop for the day’s weather conditions. Scrolling down provides the forecast and other minor details, while the large (+) button in the top right corner makes it easy to add other cities to browse through.

In fact, when you start up Yahoo Weather for the first time, the app asks if you want to add other “destination” locations. These are just big cities so you can daydream about hot weather in San Francisco while a snowstorm hits the East Coast.

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