Best White Noise Apps for Android device for free

Best White Noise Apps for Android device for free

In this article, we will talk about the Best White Noise Apps for Android device for free. We tried our best to review the Best White Noise Apps for Android device for free. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best White Noise Apps for Android device for free with your social network.

The Best White Noise Apps for Android device for free

White noise is a random signal of equal strength at various frequencies. This sounds complex, but it really isn’t. In fact, noise helps people to sleep, concentrate, or block out other noises. Some developers also market white noise apps to mean various mixed noises, such as nature sounds, etc.

White noise is a type of sound masking that uses a fixed frequency and tone evenly distributed throughout the entire hearing range. White noise apps work by covering up annoying noises with a constant sound of peace. A good night’s sleep is very important. But there are many things that can keep you away from the best white noise app for Android. White noise doesn’t solve all of these problems, but stress, street noise, or tinnitus are just some of the problems that can help.

Worldwide, insomnia symptoms affect about 35% of the population. Research suggests that using filtered white noise can improve a person’s sleep quality by increasing the hearing threshold. This means that a person is less likely to hear background sounds than white noise.

Check the list of best white noise apps for android devices for free

white noise

TMSoft’s White Noise is a popular white noise generator. This features 40 sounds in total. They include various nature sounds, things like oscillating fans and even the traditional brown/pink/white noise. The app does a particularly good job of looping audio and even includes support for Chromecast in case you want those noises on your TV.

It also has basic items like alarms, timers and advanced settings, in case you need them. This app can work easily with Chromecast. You can mix the sounds you like and mix the volume, balance and tone of the sounds according to your personal taste. The app’s screen is a full-screen digital clock with multiple color options and brightness control. There are also advanced alarm and timer options that fade in and out, allowing natural sleep cycles to continue.


myNoise is our pick for the best white noise app because of its emphasis on personalization. The app features natural white noises, calibrated noises and a color noise generator that allows users to customize the sounds to their liking. While similar apps are often limited to white noise, myNoise allows users to create pink, brown, white and gray noise.

myNoise’s calibrated noise generators cover the entire audible frequency range and compensate for deficiencies in your audio equipment and listening environment. The myNoise app offers natural white noise and calibrated noises. Its unique calibration process measures and adapts a sound to a person’s hearing levels. This allows for greater sound masking efficiency at quieter levels.

noise generator

The White Noise Generator is a great choice for users interested in using white noise to sleep and concentrate. The app includes many features you would expect in a white noise app including a large HD sound library. Sounds range from rain, cars and thunder to white noise, brown noise and trains. One of the highlights of the app features is the ability to create and save custom combinations for different circumstances. Users can mix and match sounds and save them under different names (eg ā€œconcentrationā€, ā€œsleepā€ or ā€œdirectionā€.

You can mix and match sounds and save them to your favorites. Sounds included are rain, rain on window, car, thunder, wind, forest, stream, leaves, fire, ocean, train, night, coffee, white noise, brown noise, and fan. Sounds are high definition and are sure to sound wonderful on the device of your choice. Another great thing about this app is that there are no ads to break up the white noise. Great if you’re worried about a sleeping child.

sleep sounds

As the app name suggests, Sleep Sounds is a beneficial white noise Android app to ensure a sound sleep. It has versatile white noise trails to deal with stress and insomnia. It also features classical music and lullabies to make your baby fall asleep in peace. Sleep Sounds also lets you mix and match audio themes for a custom white noise of your choice.

Dream_Studio’s Sleep Sounds is another decent white noise app. This features 30 sounds in a variety of categories, including rain, fire, snow, waterfall, wind, and more. It still has traditional white noise, pink noise and brown noise as well. some other features include auto pause, a timer and tagging of your favorite sounds. The app is useful for a variety of situations, but mostly for things like meditation, sleep or study.

relaxing melodies

This is a highly rated white noise app. You can take sounds and combine them into a custom soundscape. There are 50 great sounds to choose from in the free app and if you’re premium you’ll have over 100 to choose from. You have your traditional white noise sounds like vacuum, fan, dryer. There are also water sounds like storm, ocean, lapping water. There are meditation sounds like voices, instruments and ambient melodies. The sounds of nature are represented with the wind, the rustling of leaves, birds, fire.

relaxing melodies features a large selection of guided meditations and sleep stories to help users relax and settle down to sleep. From others features include bedtime reminders, play timers, custom playlists, smart sound mixes, and integration with health apps to record meditation sessions. By upgrading to Premium for $59.99 per year, you can unlock unlimited access to all Premium content, including additional sounds, stories and meditations.

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