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The 5 Best BMX Games (2023) check them out

Mastering Kris Kyle-style Bike Skills Top BMX Games to Try.

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Best BMX Games

If you’ve ever been captivated by the awe-inspiring BMX videos showcasing riders pushing the boundaries of possibility, fear not! Even though it can be dangerous to try dangerous moves in real life, there’s no reason not to embrace your inner daredevil with BMX games on your iPhone or iPad. Join us as we look at the best BMX games for iOS devices, whether you look up to BMX stars like Brian Foster and Sean Burns or not. Real-life BMX is an unbeatable experience, but video games haven’t always been able to capture its spirit well.

Given that BMX games are for a niche market, there haven’t been that many of them, especially on platforms and computers. Still, if you can find a good game in the genre, you can have a lot of fun with it. In comparison, mobile BMX games might seem a little bit average. Only a few games in this type are worth playing on a mobile device that are worth playing. If you have an Android device and are looking for a place to start, we can help you find the best BMX games.

Best BMX Games Comparison Table

GameFeaturesPlatformsDownload Link
BMX SimulatorRealistic BMX gameplay, challenging coursesPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64Download Now
California GamesMultiple sports including skateboarding and surfingNES, Commodore 64, Atari STDownload Now
Shred! 2Freestyle mountain bikingPC, iOS, AndroidDownload Now
The Endless Summer Surfing ChallengeEndless surfing gameplay, various wavesiOS, AndroidDownload Now
Mad Skills BMX 2Fast-paced BMX racing, customizable bikesiOS, AndroidDownload Now

1. BMX Simulator

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 Best BMX Games
Realistic BMX PhysicsExperience authentic BMX physics for a true-to-life gameplay
Challenging TracksTest your skills on a variety of challenging BMX tracks
Trick SystemPerform impressive tricks and stunts with intuitive controls
Multiplayer SupportCompete against friends or other players in thrilling multiplayer

Most of the time, when we talk about our favorite sports games, we don’t go back as far as 1986, but this one from Codemasters is pretty important and worth mentioning. It was the first BMX game and one of the first wild sports games. This is one of the Best BMX Games.

It was also fun: players had to race around seven different BMX tracks against either another person or a computer opponent while also trying to beat a time limit. It may look very simple, but it had some features that were ahead of their time, like being able to watch replays in slow motion after each run.

The Good

  1. Realistic BMX physics make the game more fun to play.
  2. A lot of difficult tracks make the game interesting.
  3. The easy-to-use trick method lets you do amazing things.
  4. The game is more fun and intense when it can be played with more than one person.

The Bad

  1. There aren’t many ways to change bikes and personalities.
  2. Racing and trick tasks are the only game modes.

2. California Games

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 Best BMX Games
Diverse SportsEnjoy a variety of sports including surfing, skateboarding, and BMX
Multiple Game ModesEngage in different game modes such as competitions and freestyle events
Retro GraphicsExperience the nostalgic charm of retro-style graphics
Catchy SoundtrackGroove to an upbeat and catchy soundtrack that sets the mood

We talked about California Games when we talked about the best surfing games, and now we’re talking about it again when we talk about the best BMX games. It’s almost like it’s the perfect Red Bull game! In the BMX part of the California Games, people tried to get through a tricky path as fast as possible.

Players would get points not only for finishing the race quickly, but also for every trick they did while racing. There were easy grab tricks and front and back flips among these. If you crashed, you could get back up and keep going, but if you hit your head, it was the end of the game. This is one of the Best BMX Games.

The Good

  1. There are many different ways to play because there are many different games.
  2. There are both structured and open-ended ways to play in the different game types.
  3. The game feels nostalgic and cute because of the retro images.
  4. The general mood is made better by the catchy music.

The Bad

  1. The game rules don’t have much depth or complexity.
  2. Players who want current graphics might not like old ones.

3. Shred! 2

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 Best BMX Games
Thrilling Mountain BikingEmbark on adrenaline-pumping mountain biking adventures
Beautiful EnvironmentsExplore stunning environments with detailed graphics
Trick SystemExecute impressive tricks and combos with precise controls
Career ModeProgress through a career mode, unlocking new challenges and locations

Ride as the Mountain Bike legend Sam Pilgrim and use the complex trick system to pull off amazing combos across more than 40 levels that have been carefully hand designed. This is one of the Best BMX Games.

Shred! 2 is the most realistic mountain bike (MTB) game experience that can be had because it was developed by a single person who is passionate about the sport.

The Good

  1. Mountain bike games that are intense and exciting keep people interested.
  2. Realistic and immersive experiences are made possible by settings that look great.
  3. The trick method gives a good amount of control and freedom.
  4. The career mode gives the game depth and a way to move forward.

The Bad

  1. Not many different kinds of tasks and goals.
  2. Beginners might not play a game with a steep learning curve.

4. The Endless Summer Surfing Challenge

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 Best BMX Games
Endless SurfingEnjoy endless surfing sessions with dynamically generated waves
Surfer CustomizationCustomize your surfer with various gear and appearance options
Global LeaderboardsCompete against surfers from around the world and climb the leaderboards
Realistic Surf PhysicsExperience realistic wave physics for an authentic surfing experience

A hyper-realistic and physically accurate recreation of the sport of surfing. You have the option of selecting a body boarder or one of five different surfers to accompany you through the task. There are a total of 12 rounds.

Take part in events for two players where the surfing of both competitors is timed and scored, and where the competitors must surf at the same time. This is one of the Best BMX Games.

The Good

  1. Endless surfing sessions are a relaxed and engaging way to play.
  2. There are choices for personalizing and expressing yourself with surfers.
  3. The game is more intense because of the global leaderboards.
  4. Realistic surf physics help make the surfing experience feel more real.

The Bad

  1. Lack of different ways to play or goals
  2. Few types of environments and places to surf

5. Mad Skills BMX 2

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 Best BMX Games
Fast-paced BMX RacingEngage in high-speed BMX racing action on challenging tracks
Skill-based GameplayMaster the game through skill-based challenges and progression
Online MultiplayerCompete against friends or other players in thrilling online races
Bike CustomizationCustomize your BMX bike with various parts and aesthetics

With over 40 million downloads, the Mad Skills series has always had great physics-based skill games. With Mad Skills BMX 2, you can try out your best BMX tricks without worrying about hurting yourself. You can play this game against people from all over the world.

You can unlock, improve, and change seven different bikes. You can choose your best BMX bike and customize it to your heart’s content to make sure you stand out from the crowd online. The game also has a good physics-based system that makes it more realistic and difficult.

The Good

  1. The game’s fast-paced driving keeps the adrenaline going.
  2. Challenges based on skills give a rewarding feeling of progress.
  3. Online gameplay adds a social and competitive element to the game. You can customize your bike and tune its performance.

The Bad

  1. If there aren’t enough tracks, the game might get boring.
  2. In-app payments and ads can stop the game from going smoothly.


What is a BMX game?

A BMX game is a computer game about BMX (Bicycle Motocross), which is a sport. Most of the time, players can handle a virtual BMX rider and make him or her do tricks, stunts, and races in different places.

What platforms are BMX games available on?

BMX games can be played on the PC, consoles like PlayStation and Xbox, and mobile devices like iOS and Android. Depending on the platform, you may or may not be able to play certain BMX games.

Can I play BMX games with a controller?

Yes, controls can be used with many BMX games, especially on consoles and PCs. Compared to touch controls on mobile devices, it can make the game more fun and give you more accurate control.

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