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The 10 Best Browsers for iPhone (2023) recommended

Speed, Privacy, and Features in Your Pocket.

by Charles Anders & Edmund Blake
14 minutes read
Best Browsers for iPhone

The majority of readers would undoubtedly nod in agreement with our assertion that browsers are the most utilized app on smartphones. The best browsers for iPhone is iOS ecosystem’s default browser in this case is Safari. Although there are many alternatives, people are usually forced to choose one particular option. The one that matches what you use on your desktop or laptop computer is the simple answer to which browser you should use on your iPhone. It’s excellent to sync your digital life across devices when your mobile and desktop browsers are compatible.

However, not all browsers are created equal. Although they all share the same goal of gaining access to the Internet, modern browsers are capable of much more than simply web browsing. The most crucial elements nowadays are privacy, speed, synchronization, and cross-platform compatibility. Data synchronization, which will sync all of your data across iOS, Mac, and Windows, is the most important feature.

Best Browsers for iPhone Comparison Table

FeatureDuckDuckGoBraveFirefox FocusMozilla FirefoxGoogle Chrome
PrivacyFocuses on privacy and blocks trackers by defaultBlocks trackers and ads by defaultBlocks all trackersBlocks some trackersBlocks some trackers
SecurityHas a built-in security feature that protects you from phishing attacksUses the Tor network to protect your privacyBlocks all trackersHas a built-in security feature that protects you from phishing attacksHas a built-in security feature that protects you from phishing attacks
SpeedFast and efficientFast and efficientFast and efficientFast and efficientFast and efficient
CustomizationCan be customized with add-onsCan be customized with add-onsNot customizableCan be customized with add-onsCan be customized with add-ons
FeaturesBasic featuresBasic featuresBasic featuresAdvanced featuresAdvanced features
AvailabilityAvailable on all major platformsAvailable on all major platformsAvailable on iOS and AndroidAvailable on all major platformsAvailable on all major platforms
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Here is the list of Best Browsers for iPhone

The Apple App Store offers a number of best browsers for iPhone, all of which guarantee first-rate service. Others feature particular security configurations, while others offer user-friendly interfaces. When it comes to a feature-rich overall performance, many of them fall short of delivering a satisfying service. Furthermore, selecting the best browser to satisfy all of your demands is never a simple choice.


Best Browsers for iPhone
Privacy FocusEmphasizes user privacy and does not track or store personal information
Search EngineIntegrates DuckDuckGo’s private search engine
Enhanced PrivacyBlocks trackers, enforces encrypted connections, and provides private browsing
Minimalist InterfaceClean and simple design for distraction-free browsing
BangsQuick search shortcuts for specific websites or topics
CustomizationBasic customization options for themes and appearance
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If maintaining your online privacy is your top priority, DuckDuckGo is one of the finest browsers for iPhone. Initially, the program served as a tracking-free search engine. You may now use anonymity to browse the internet thanks to security software. Overall, this is one of the best Browsers for iPhone that you can buy right now.

Given its straightforward core concept, the app’s simplicity is hardly unexpected. On DuckDuckGo, there aren’t many bells and whistles. Other than the search engine, the flame icon at the bottom of the user interface stands out. You can shut all open tabs and totally erase your internet history with a single touch on the fire.

The Good

  1. Strong privacy focus with built-in tracker blocking.
  2. Doesn’t track your search history or personal information.
  3. Encrypted connections (HTTPS) by default.

The Bad

  1. Limited features compared to more established browsers.


Best Browsers for iPhone
Privacy FocusBlocks ads, trackers, and third-party cookies for enhanced privacy and speed
Built-in Ad BlockerAutomatically blocks unwanted ads and trackers
HTTPS EverywhereForces secure connections (HTTPS) for all websites
Rewards SystemOptional Brave Rewards for users who choose to view privacy-respecting ads
SpeedClaims to be faster than other browsers due to ad and tracker blocking
CustomizationExtensive customization options for appearance and behavior
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The smartphone app Brave is more than simply a private browsing tool. A search engine, bitcoin wallet, media player, personalized news feed, and other special features are provided by this autonomous ecosystem. While enabling users to opt-in to the Brave rewards program by seeing advertisements that are personalized for them, Brave Shields disables third-party trackers from websites and advertisers. Nevertheless, it is among the top iPhone browsers you might look into.

In addition to all of this, the app provides you the opportunity to sign up for a Brave Firewall + VPN subscription, which adds an additional degree of protection to your browsing, purchasing, and scrolling activities. It costs $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. Another feature that only Brave provides in contrast to other browsers is an integrated video call service that is comparable to Skype and Google Meet.

The Good

  1. Built-in ad and tracker blocking, enhancing privacy and speed.
  2. Rewards users with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for viewing privacy-respecting ads.
  3. Faster page load times due to aggressive ad and tracker blocking.

The Bad

  1. Some websites might not function correctly due to aggressive blocking.

Firefox Focus

Best Browsers for iPhone
Privacy FocusDesigned for private browsing, automatically erasing browsing history and cookies
Fast Page LoadsBlocks ads and trackers for faster page loading
Minimalist InterfaceSimplified design for distraction-free browsing
Easily Erase BrowsingQuickly clear browsing data with a single tap
Search SuggestionsProvides search suggestions and search engine options
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Firefox is a well-known name on the list of web browsers. For its collection of complex capabilities, Firefox for desktop has received accolades from many computer experts. A browser with privacy as its first priority is Firefox Focus. You don’t have to switch to the browser’s stealth mode in order to stop being followed. Because it automatically eliminates adverts and trackers, your browser experience is squeaky clean and tracking-free.

You should absolutely give Firefox Focus a try if you’re seeking for the best browsers for iPhone. It’s a simple program with cutting-edge privacy protection capabilities. Despite sometimes lacking tabs, it is a superb iPhone browser software if you want to conceal your identity from the online community.

The Good

  1. Privacy-focused browser with automatic ad and tracker blocking.
  2. Auto-clears browsing history, cookies, and passwords after each session.
  3. Fast and lightweight browsing experience.
  4. Available on mobile devices for private browsing on the go.

The Bad

  1. May not be suitable for all types of web browsing.

Mozilla Firefox

Best Browsers for iPhone
ExtensibilityWide range of extensions and add-ons available for customization
Cross-Platform SyncSync bookmarks, history, and tabs across devices with a Firefox Account
Enhanced TrackingProvides options to block trackers and protect user privacy
Reader ViewDistraction-free reading mode for articles and web pages
Multi-Account ContainersIsolate cookies and logins in separate containers for enhanced privacy and security
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Use the most current version of Mozilla Firefox on your iPhone to benefit from enhanced security and privacy. This browser provides easy access to your favorite websites, search engine recommendations, and search results. You may share your tabs between devices and group them into Collections. The Mozilla Firefox browser, which also has its default privacy settings enabled, supports the most popular add-ons.

Another benefit of Firefox is how easily websites and specific items on those pages can be shared. The bookmarked pages and recent history are available. Mozilla Firefox also has the option to limit content and addons. Direct web address entry is possible in the browser’s address bar. Currently, this is one of the best browsers for iPhone that you can check right now.

The Good

  1. Strong emphasis on privacy and security.
  2. Wide range of extensions and add-ons available.
  3. Frequent updates and improvements.
  4. Cross-platform availability and synchronization across devices.

The Bad

  1. Can be resource-intensive, leading to slower performance on older systems.

Google Chrome

Best Browsers for iPhone
Google IntegrationSync bookmarks, history, and settings with a Google Account
Extension EcosystemVast library of extensions and apps for added functionality
Fast and ResponsiveKnown for its speed and responsiveness
Cross-Platform SupportAvailable on multiple platforms, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS
Built-in TranslationAutomatically translates web pages into different languages
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Most of you won’t be surprised to learn that Google Chrome is included on this list. It is the most popular best browsers for iPhone, across all platforms due to its features, reliability, and performance. Additionally, thanks to its simple design, even the individual will find it easy to use. Additionally, it contains every useful feature a regular user may need, including bookmarks, read-later capabilities, incognito mode, and site translation.

The “Handoff” function, which lets you to continue browsing from your iPhone to your iPad to your Mac, is another incredible feature. All of your browsing history will sync across all of the platforms since Google Chrome, unlike Safari, is not a component of the Apple ecosystem. Overall, if you are deeply ingrained in the Google ecosystem, Chrome is the greatest online browser.

The Good

  1. Fast and efficient browsing experience.
  2. Extensive extension library from the Chrome Web Store.
  3. Integrated Google account synchronization for bookmarks, history, and passwords.
  4. Wide compatibility with websites and web applications.

The Bad

  1. Heavier on system resources, potentially leading to slower performance.

Opera Touch

Best Browsers for iPhone
One-Handed BrowsingDesigned for easy navigation and browsing with one hand
FlowSynchronize browsing data (notes, links, files) between Opera Touch and Opera browser
Fast Action ButtonAccess key features like search, tabs, and navigation with a single button
My FlowShare links, images, and notes between Opera Touch and Opera browser
QR Code ScannerScan QR codes to open links and access information quickly
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Opera Touch has made a name for itself as one of the best browsers for iPhone, despite the fact that it may not have a strong reputation in the business. Opera claims that its data compression feature is the best in its category. Opera Turbo, a function, uses compression to shrink web pages by up to 50%, making it the quickest best browsers for iPhone.

The only problem we encountered was a broken page structure, which is nonetheless useful for those who live in rural areas with spotty Internet connectivity. You can sync your passwords and bookmarks and receive personalized themes if you sign in with the same account on a computer and Opera Touch. Opera Touch also has a QR Scanner and a Night mode for those who use the browser regularly.

The Good

  1. User-friendly interface optimized for touch devices.
  2. Built-in ad blocker for faster and more private browsing.
  3. Feature-rich with a “Flow” feature for sharing content between devices.
  4. Fast and smooth browsing experience.

The Bad

  1. Limited extension support compared to other browsers.

Microsoft Edge

Best Browsers for iPhone
Integration with WindowsDeep integration with Windows 10 and Microsoft services
CollectionsOrganize and save web content, links, and notes in collections
Privacy SettingsProvides various levels of privacy control and tracking prevention
Reading ViewDistraction-free reading mode for articles and web pages
Immersive ReaderFocus on reading with tools like text spacing and read-aloud
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For those who live in both the Microsoft and Apple worlds, Edge is the best browsers for iPhone. Now that Edge is the standard web browser on all Windows computers, pairing it with your iPhone makes sense. The Edge mobile app syncs information like passwords, browsing and search history, and other tidbits to your Windows desktop browser when you login in with your Microsoft account.

Edge also offers a useful function called “Collections.” These resemble bookmarks but are more contextually specific. You might compile a list of possible Christmas gifts, news articles to read later, menu suggestions, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Once a collection is downloaded on your phone, you may access it offline in addition to using your desktop browser to view it.

The Good

  1. Built on Chromium engine, providing improved compatibility and performance.
  2. Tight integration with Windows 10 and Microsoft services.
  3. Supports a wide range of extensions from the Microsoft Store.

The Bad

  1. Concerns over privacy due to Microsoft’s data collection practices.

Aloha Browser

Best Browsers for iPhone
VPN IntegrationBuilt-in VPN for secure and private browsing
Ad BlockerBlocks ads, pop-ups, and banners for improved browsing experience
VR PlayerSupports virtual reality videos
Private TabsBrowse privately without saving history or cookies
Downloads ManagerOrganize and manage downloaded files
Media PlayerPlay music and video files directly in the browser
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One of the best browsers for iPhone on our list with the most features is Aloha Browser. It is quick, free, and loaded with privacy and security-related features. The disabling of all advertisements, pop-ups, and trackers is one of them. The browser also comes with a free built-in VPN that can let you access banned websites and conceal your true IP address, further enhancing your privacy.

To unlock the Aloha browser, you may also configure a password, TouchID, or FaceID. Additionally, you have the option to set the Aloha browser to automatically delete your history, regular tabs, private tabs, and cookies after closing it. The app’s user interface is simple to use and has a beautiful design. You may also choose from a huge selection of both free and paid themes to enhance the appearance of the browser. In addition, it offers a designated area for a news feed that may be tailored to your interests.

The Good

  1. Built-in VPN for enhanced privacy and security.
  2. Supports ad and tracker blocking, reducing data usage.
  3. Download manager and media player built into the browser.
  4. Cross-platform availability on mobile devices.

The Bad

  1. Less well-known and used compared to major browsers.

How to Choose a Best Browsers for iPhone?

There are a lot of great apps for iPhone, and each has its own pros and cons. Your wants and preferences will determine which browser is best for you.

Here are some things to think about when picking an iPhone browser:

  • How quickly does the computer work? Do you want a browser that lets you load pages fast and without problems?
  • What are the most important features to you? Do you need a browser that can block ads, let you read in private, or do other things?
  • How easy is it for a person to use the browser? Do you want an easy-to-use browser or one with more features?
  • Security: Is the software safe to use? Do you want a browser that keeps your private information and keeps you safe?

Questions and Answers

Does Firefox for iPhone have tools that protect privacy?

Yes, privacy is important to Mozilla Firefox. It has things like Enhanced Tracking Protection, which stops trackers you don’t want, and a Private Browsing mode. It also syncs across devices with the Firefox account.

Can Microsoft Edge be used on my iPhone?

Yes, Microsoft Edge is available for the iPhone and can be synced with the PC version. It has a Reading View, a QR code reader built in, and works with Microsoft Search.

What makes Opera Touch for iPhone different?

Opera Touch is made to be used with one hand, so it’s easy to move around with your thumb. It also has a Fast Action Button that lets you get to functions you use often quickly.

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