Best Dropbox Alternatives

Best Dropbox Alternatives

One of the most widely used cloud storage services is Dropbox, which has 500 million registered users and 11.9 million paying customers. Since almost everyone can identify it off the top of their head, it’s one of the most well-known providers, but it’s not the finest cloud storage servies option available. These 10 Dropbox alternatives might work for you if Dropbox isn’t for you. Dropbox is the pioneer of cloud storage services, but in case you’ve never heard of it, once you emerge from your cave of ignorance, you may read our What is Dropbox guide.

Although Dropbox is a decent cloud storage option, particularly for file synchronization, safe file sharing, and document collaboration, its lack of sophisticated capabilities and constrained amount of free storage space are somewhat disappointing. Due to its lack of end-to-end encryption, Dropbox performs poorly when it comes to user privacy, just like the other major cloud storage services, particularly Google Drive and OneDrive (also known as zero-knowledge). Below we have mentioned some of the best Dropbox Alternatives.

Here is the list of Best Dropbox Alternatives


Internxt is an open-source cloud storage platform built on blockchain and is the greatest Dropbox alternative in terms of privacy and security. End-to-end encryption is used for all files exchanged or uploaded through the service to guarantee that user data is secure and unreadable by both first and third parties. In terms of safety and ethics, Internxt more than makes up for Dropbox’s age disadvantage. The service prioritizes users’ right to privacy by supporting zero-knowledge technology and adhering to a rigid user service model. Overall, this is one of the best Dropbox Alternatives that you can download.

Limits on file downloads, an easy backup setup, and complete user control over data access are all special features. Internxt outperforms Dropbox in terms of cost, providing a similar 2TB plan for $10.20 and a free 10GB plan. There are also other additional monthly and yearly subscriptions available. All devices may access the service, and it works nicely with other cloud providers like Dropbox to make moving simple and painless. you can also read more information on its official website


It is now one of the top Dropbox alternatives and is also known as “SYNC.Com.” SYNC has more functionality and is more affordable than Dropbox. For new customers, the company now has this software available at a low cost. Prices for the Premium Plan are also less expensive in that order. Users of’s storage solution might be from any variety of enterprises. If you run out of online storage at Google or Samsung Clouds, you can still utilize it as a private or individual level user.

With the ability to make these assets accessible offline for later preview, Sync can store important data, files, videos, and images. It provides 5GB of free storage space. Users of Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android can get the apps without charge. The remote lockout device services offered by this program are also security-related. The best way to guarantee that your data stays secured on a specific device to help prevent unauthorized access is to do it this way. This is the best Dropbox Alternatives.


In its capacity as a Swiss company, pCloud offers Swiss data protection with client-side encryption and zero-knowledge privacy. The client-side encryption function protects your files from illegal access since it encrypts your data before it is uploaded from your device to pCloud’s servers. The zero-knowledge privacy feature, on the other hand, prevents the service provider from viewing your encryption keys because it only makes them available to you, the creator. Android and iphone apps and computer apps are both available on pCloud (Windows, Linux, and Mac). Additionally, any of the most widely used web browsers can access the pCloud web platform. For now, this is one of the best Dropbox Alternatives you can consider.

 Google Drive

Google Drive is well known to everyone. If you keep a Gmail account or use your Android smartphone to save data, I’m confident you’ve already used it by default. The entire desktop and mobile community can access Drive online as one of the G-Suite apps. Currently, this is the best Dropbox Alternatives you can check now.

Google Drive offers 15 GB more storage than PCloud does. If you merely want to preserve small-sized photographs and documents in a remote, encrypted cloud, that is more than enough. You may upgrade your free Google Drive account to a premium one for for $1.99 if you need extra storage capacity. You will receive 100 Gigs of possibilities for data storage in return.


There is no shortage of features in Microsoft’s OneDrive that are likely to entice consumers, including collaboration, data backup, and protection, all in a 1TB cloud storage space. Another useful feature of the service allows you to scan a document using your phone and store it securely in your OneDrive account.

Additionally, the Personal Vault effectively adds another layer of security and allows you to specify an expiration date for shared files so that all collaborators can view them for a specific period of time. Additionally, you may keep folders that you can access offline with OneDrive’s free edition, and you can rapidly search your database for files by using keywords. Overall, this is the best Dropbox Alternatives you can consider.


Box offers many of the same practical functions as Dropbox, but goes one step beyond. It is made to be as simple to use as uploading your files to a secure server and having access to it from any device that can log in. Your files are kept secure with a Box account, and a backup is always available. Many Fortune 500 organizations continue to use Box as a means of file security because of its enterprise-level protection. One of Box’s more sophisticated features that provides the comfort you require is real-time collaboration. Still, it is one of the best Dropbox Alternatives you can consider.

Other features include permission control and access restriction. Large files can also be stored and shared using Box. Additionally, you may access your work through its integrated apps and utilize additional platforms like Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, and Okta. Similar to working on Google Docs, Box allows you to “Autosave” your work so that you can always go back and make changes if necessary.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a well-liked Dropbox substitute. If you have been using the company’s operating system, there is a strong possibility that you are already familiar with how to use it. The availability of online versions of Office programs makes the case for Microsoft OneDrive if you do not use Google. Its excellent Windows integration, which makes it simple for most users to operate, is a plus.

In addition, it works well for photograph storage and the storage of private papers. Every new user of OneDrive has a 5GB storage space allowance. You can get 1TB of space for an additional $69.99 each year. That has a lot more storage space than the standard paid Dropbox storage space. This is one of the best Dropbox Alternatives you can download.

iCloud Drive

Another cloud-based storage option is iCloud Drive, which enables owners of Apple IDs to safely store photos, documents, notes, passwords, and other information. This Dropbox substitute may be used to sync data between all of your Apple devices. It also makes it simple for you to backup your iPhone and iPad and exchange data.

You are free to save any file you like. Additionally, Apple customers get 5GB of free storage before having to sign up for a plan. Thankfully, you have a lot of control over the apps you use with the service and the features you enable or disable. You can rename, color-code, and arrange your files using folders as well.

Final Word

A significant portion of our work is completed online. Dropbox and other cloud storage services make it simple to share and collaborate on files as well as backup our business and personal assets. Without a question, one of the most well-liked options is Dropbox, but it’s proprietary, has less capabilities if you use the free plan, and is only cloud-based. That means you cannot, for example, self-host your own instance because your data are kept on Dropbox’s servers.

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