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The Best E-commerce Books of 2021

The Best E-commerce Books 2017-18

E-commerce Books – Being an online store owner is a very tough job. A typical day for an eCommerce entrepreneur or business owner goes into thinking about a myriad of things — sales, revenues, website, user experience, customer reviews, what should one do to extend sales, how you can improve online store, loyalty, etc.  Some of us move to our mentors for advice. For those people who are alone in the journey, nothing better than to fall upon books for counseling & wisdom.  It’s time to take look at the new e-commerce books. There are titles on digital marketing, platforms strategies, native advertising, public relations, crowd-based commerce, and doing work that lasts. Today we’re here with a list of The Best E-commerce Books. So check out our list of The Best E-commerce Books below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below.

Best E-commerce Books – List

Customer Persuasion

In this book, you will learn how to get your first sale, how not to use unfair persuasion tactics, what to do to increase conversion rates and how to turn customers into loyal fans.

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Throwing Rocks at the Google Bus

This book examines how to mix The Best human nature with The Best of modern technology. Binding together disparate threads; AI the rise of robots and big data, the rising participation of algorithms in the stock market trading, the gig economy, the collapse of the eurozone — this book provides a vocabulary for our economic moment and a nuanced portrait of humans and commerce at a critical crossroads.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Faster Websites

25% visitors abandon a web page it takes longer than 4 seconds to load. A free e-book by, it will give you actionable tips to optimize your site and load faster. Make your site super-fast today!

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The 4 Hour Work Week

I had to add this to the list. It’s what got me into eCommerce years in the past and if you haven’t read it yet, get it now. Tim Ferriss’s classic will open your eyes to a new world of possibilities. Be warned though, many entrepreneurs start with this book and then never more.

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What Great Brands Do

Drawing on her years of consulting work with top brands like Frito-Lay and Sony, Denise Lee Yohn lays out the seven basic principles of great branding in this book. If you want to stand out from your competition and create a brand like Zappos or Apple, read this book and implement the principle in your business.

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SEO 2017: Learn Search Engine Optimization with Smart Internet Marketing Strategies

Get a history of the Google’s algorithm changes, predictions of 2021, and resources and tools that can you can use to improve your SEO. Clarke includes tips for local SEO, PPC campaigns, keyword research, and avoiding penalties. This book helps as a primer for beginners, but also includes advanced strategies for SEO pros.

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Black Ops Advertising

Giving an opposing view on the familiar tactics of sponsored content and native advertising, Einstein discusses how these pervasive advertising strategies may be harmful. She describes how these type marketing and sales tactics work, and how companies aggregate our data into portraits that can be used to market to us even more, and the results that these tactics have on our personality and our wallets.

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The Ultimate Marketing Plan

Theselling author of the No B.S. books, Dan Kennedy lays down the fundamentals of marketing in today’s world with this book. It’s not an ultimate plan, but it does give you all the steps you need to build a basis for your marketing strategy. Start with this if you’re new to the game.

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Small Business, Big Money Online

Over 15 years of experience, Alex Harris brings conversion rate optimization for eCommerce and landing pages. It is a goldmine of actionable information for those owners who want to improve their WooCommerce website and increase profits.

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The Thank You Economy

E-commerce has gone global, but that does not mean you should lose the human feel. E-commerce and Social media guru Gary Vaynerchuk talks about the how any company, no matter the size, can benefit from developing a personal relationship with its customers.

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