Best Earbuds Under $20

It is reasonable to say that the Best Earbuds Under $20 belongs to the category ‘entry-level.’ This is a term that is often loaded with somewhat negative connotations about things like poor build quality, poor function lists, and a bad overall experience. But this is no longer the case, and many manufacturers have correctly identified the need for high-quality, low-end introduction activities (and then addressed with targeted releases) to convince people of their brand.

List of the best earbuds under $20

That does not mean that you do not have to make any considerations: you will do that. But if you are looking for a cheap and cheerful, reasonably disposable pair of earbuds, that you do not have to worry about transporting in a bulletproof, diamond-covered casing, then this is absolutely the best place to search for best earbuds under $20.

1MORE Piston Fit

best earbuds under $20

Each earbud contains a dynamic titanium driver and the nozzles extend at a 45° angle for a comfortable fit. The four colorways are coordinated with the iPhone to match your iOS device, but they also look just as chic with Android devices. At the bottom of the right earbud is an in-line microphone and remote control, making it easy to play and control calls. The aluminum housing helps reduce internal vibration and sound distortion.

In addition, the Piston Fit features a pull-resistant cable wrapped with Kevlar fibers. If you’re familiar with the 1More Triple-Driver In-Ear, you know that this Kevlar fiber design is durable. For about $15, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better all-around pair of earbuds. Overall, this is one of the best earbuds under $20.

Philips Pro Wired Earbuds

Philips Pro earphones are the most expensive earbuds on the list, and these drivers have the most extended frequency response on record (7Hz-40kHz). The 3.5mm cable is punctuated by an integrated microphone, so you can answer work calls remotely. Philips supplies a carrying case and three pairs of earbuds, so you can decide which one suits you best. This only takes a few minutes and will greatly improve both comfort and sound quality, which is important to hear accurate bass response. The housings feature a metallic finish, making these best earbuds under $20 a stylish, functional choice.

JBL Endurance RUN

The JBL Endurance RUN is a great option for sports enthusiasts on a budget. These are IPX5 certified, which means they can withstand all the sweat your glands can spill on them. You can wear the earbuds in the standard way, where the cables run directly down from the ear, or you can hook them over and around the ear. The latter may be preferable if you usually suffer from cable noise; this way it is mitigated. Wearing them around your ear also provides a better fit, so you don’t have to worry about them falling out while you do your circuit training. Need more? These include an in-line microphone and remote control and extra earbuds. Overall, this is one of the best earbuds under $20.

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Panasonic Ergofit RP-TCM125-K

It is no secret that the modern design of the earbuds needs to be improved a lot. Especially when you look at comfort. Panasonic has tried to solve several problems by introducing its Ergofit RP-TCM125-K earbuds. The moment you look at it, you will know that they are reasonably promising. With its unique design, Panasonic has combined excellent comfort with exceptional performance at a reasonable price.

Looking at the performance of Panasonic Ergofit RP-TCM125-K, we see a familiar picture. Panasonic has retained the proven formula of amplified lows with much accuracy at the higher end of the frequency range. In our limited experience, they were right to do that because Ergofit earbuds sound pretty good in all respects. With a quality microphone, these belong to the best earbuds under $20 list.

Monoprice Noise Isolating Earbuds

best earbuds under $20

It is not often that you find earbuds that are not more or less copy-pasted version of the most standardized design. But if you do that, chances are you’ll get a treat. That certainly applies to Monoprice Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earbuds for several reasons. To begin with, we have a completely unusual chassis design that is streamlined for performance.

Although these are a bit bulky, there is a good reason for this. In each of the earphones hides a considerable driver that offers an equally great sound. You watch great performances over the entire frequency range while the bass is slightly accentuated. We also have the noise cancellation technology that works. Overall, these are one of the best earbuds under 20 dollars.

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Betron DC950 Earbuds

best earbuds under $20

Compared to most other brands and models on the market, Betron DC950 may be normal. However, this is the definition of a balanced implementer. Their aesthetic is aimed at those who want a subtle look, while the sound they offer will suit any music genre that you can think of. That’s why Betron DC950 is pretty good. In terms of functionality and hardware, the Betron DC950 delivers its enormous sound thanks to a set of 11.5 mm neodymium drivers.

You get a bit of an accentuated bass response, but not nearly as many as some other earbuds have. Besides, you have a built-in microphone with an inline operation. Betron supplies the DC950 with all the accessories you would expect.

MuveAcoustics Drive Wired in-Ear

best earbuds under $20

If music is important to you, then these under $20 in-ear headphones may be ideal. It features dynamic drivers that give listeners incredibly powerful bass, as well as sparkling clear highs. The ergonomic design also means that the earbuds fit snugly in the ear, and provide passive noise isolation, so no distracting sounds can intrude on your enjoyment of the music. A microphone is part of the tangle-free cable, which also has a volume control. They are the complete package. Overall, this is one of the best earbuds under $20.

Betron BS10

With the 12mm drivers found in these small, inexpensive earbuds under $20, the listener gets very powerful bass, as well as crisp, clear mids and highs. They also get incredibly loud as a result of the drivers. They are wired, but they are also light as a feather. The connector is gold plated, which means corrosion is very unlikely, and this reduces the chance of audio loss. The perfect fit in your ears also helps to reduce any external noise, isolating the music so that’s all you’ll be able to hear. Overall, this is one of the best earbuds under $20.

Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0

Skullcandy is a great brand known for offering excellent audio equipment at affordable prices. These cheap earbuds under $20 are no exception. They contain Skullcandy’s famous Supreme Sound technology, which means that every element of sound quality – bass, vocals, treble – is fully realized and incredibly clear. The rubberized cable is 4.3ft long, which is more than you need. It doesn’t get tangled easily and has a remote control for volume control and a built-in microphone. They come in a wide range of colors and with different sizes of silicone earbuds so you can find the perfect fit.

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best earbuds under $20

For a brand that is synonymous with the world of high-tech devices, these earbuds continue this tradition by being one of the best earbuds you can buy under $20. The use of silicone in the design of the earbuds not only makes them lightweight, but also helps them stay put even under the most active conditions.

The neodymium driver (a fancy word for the speaker system in the earbuds) provides a full sound that many users say is strong at blocking out outside sounds. In addition, the 3.9-meter cord provides plenty of room for users who don’t want to be glued to their devices all the time. With nine different color options to choose from, the Sony MDREX15AP is a high-quality option for those looking to purchase at a reasonable price. Overall, this is one of the best earbuds under $20.

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What To Look For?

For the best earbuds under $20, the most important thing you will prioritize is probably the best possible audio quality for your money. While this is broadly the case when you are looking for the best in-ear headphones for any price level, you will need to ensure that the manufacturer does not try to pass on a minimally developed listening experience by clogging them with such an affordable product behind feature bloat or a surprisingly beautiful design for the price.

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If this is going to be your primary listening device, you should do yourself a favor and look carefully at performance ratings. Of course, because you will not drop hundreds of dollars, it’s probably not the end of the world if they do not work in the long run, but it’s still good to make sure you’ve covered all bases before you buy.

Build Quality

Although most earbuds under $20 are still made of plastic and other composite materials, we see more and more metal in the game, as well as some alternative options. For example, you sometimes see real wood in combination with metal. All this ensures a long life and durability. It is our recommendation to go with a pair of earbuds that feel good in your hands and inspire confidence. If you can find that, it should be fine.


So there you have it, our list of Best Earbuds Under $20. Your ideal purchase should, if you cross your fingers, perform well enough to replace your standard in-ear headphones, but you will not get much further than that without making more money. However, this is by no means a doom and gloomy affair. If, after careful consideration and research, you have decided to opt for a few entry-level headphones, you probably already have a good understanding of how they fit into your specific use case. The sound quality can be terrible, but you can also find some choices that are better than expected. Know your priorities, shop accordingly, and you can not go wrong too much.

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