The Famous Programming Languages Used On GitHub

Update - 2020.04.03

Famous Programming Languages Used On GitHub – The famous coding website GitHub shared a chart that gives a closer look at the popularity of different programming languages used on its code partition website that lets anyone edit, store, and collaborate on software code.

Launch in 2008, GitHub saw various programming languages picking up momentum, as proven in the graph below. GitHub is a web-based container that operates on the functionality of a ‘Git’ which is strictly a command-line tool. Millions of users as of today, the terrace has become the primary source of housing open source software that is free of cost available to the world at large.

So now check out the list and chart of The famous programming language used on Github. Check out lists below and leave comments if you like it!

Famous Programming Languages Used On GitHub – List

1. JavaScript
2. Java
3. Ruby
4. PHP
5. Python
6. CSS
7. C++
8. C#
9. C
10. HTML
Github The language chart
Java’s rise is also due to growing Android popularity, as Google made Java the primary language for developing applications on Android smart devices. Java is followed by PHP, RubyPython, and C#.

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