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Best Gaming Console

by Charles Anders
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Best Gaming Console

Welcome to our list of the best game console available. In the present year, there are a large and robust number of possibilities, particularly if you’re looking for a handheld. We’ve picked together the best of the lot from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo switch, and beyond for your consideration. The days of mobilising your pals to acquire the same gaming console are long gone. With the advent of cross-platform play in today’s gaming world, the system you choose can be totally personal.

In this guide to the greatest gaming consoles of 2022, we will explain why we believe each deserves your attention, as well as why some older and less expensive video game consoles are worth considering. We’ve spent 20 years writing about video games and editing Official PlayStation Magazine and Xbox magazines, and there’s never been a better time to make a decision than now. There are many additional variables to consider before purchasing one of the top game consoles.

Best Gaming Console

PlayStation 5

The PS5, currently in its second year on the market, is easily the best Sony console you can buy right now due to its portfolio of incredible exclusive titles and tremendous performance. We’ve been continuously astonished by how powerful this machine is, and the prowess of exceptional software has been backed up by some outstanding hardware as well. The DualSense controller, in particular, is easily in a class of its own and genuinely gives that authentic, immersive cutting-edge experience.

Some of the top PS5 games are those that push the boundaries of what is expected of modern products. This is accomplished not only through the use of ray tracing, but also by eliminating the excessive loading times of yesteryear. Despite the fact that the system comes with a rather restricted 667. With 2GB of usable capacity out of the box, an internal SSD for PS5 can help alleviate this issue and enable you playing top-tier titles in native and dynamic 4K magnificence.

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Xbox Series X

Easily one of the best Gaming Console available on the market, The Xbox Series X is the most powerful gaming system currently available, and it is boosted by the superb implementation of both Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision, making Xbox Series X games look and sound spectacular. Over two years after the release of Microsoft’s tower of power, getting a sense of what the machine is truly capable of; pounding out beautiful images and providing outstanding performance across the board.

The Xbox Series X, priced at $499 / £449, easily competes with what the gaming computer sector has to offer. This is due to its HDMI 2.1 compatibility, which supports up to 4K120 or 8K60 resolutions and ensures you don’t miss out on features like ray tracing. You just won’t find the performance on exhibit at this price range, making Microsoft’s newest a true juggernaut that will endure the test of time. Overall, it is one of the best Gaming Console that you can buy.

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Nintendo Switch OLED Model

In a world where most gamers prioritise high-performance displays or the largest smart TVs, the Nintendo Switch takes a different approach. While this system allows you to play on your television, the handheld 7-inch OLED screen provides gamers with a portable gaming experience. You can race against your pals in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, watch YouTube on your TV, or explore the globe in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. The places you can play the Switch vary just as much as the things you can do with it. With a built-in stand on the back and the TV dock, you may play the Switch while flying, sitting at the kitchen table, watching TV in the living room.

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Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is the less sophisticated sibling to the Xbox Series X. The lack of an optical drive means that this console is substantially smaller than the Series X. The Xbox Series S, in addition to lacking a disc drive, shows games at 1440p, whereas the Series X displays games at 4k. However, at only 60% of the price of a Series X, if you’re ready to sacrifice picture quality in order to save money, this Series S is an excellent choice.

This system has an all-digital gaming library, so you can access all of your games without leaving your seat. When this system makes it easy to access your entire game library, it also provides up to 120fps while playing such games, thanks in part to a bespoke SSD. Similar to the Series X console, 3D Spatial Audio generated by the console allows you to immerse yourself in the gaming action. Thus, this Game Console is one of the best Gaming Console available right now.

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PlayStation 4 Pro

The PlayStation 4 Pro is a beefed-up PS4 model that debuted in the middle of the console’s lifecycle, offering 4K capability as well as increased GPU and CPU clockspeeds to enable better and smoother frame rates at greater resolution. The PS4 Pro also included Pro Mode, which allowed you to play previous PS4 titles at greater frame rates and quality. Sony made it necessary for any games launched after the PS4 Pro’s debut to have Pro Mode, as well as patches for older titles to improve graphics, loading times, and frame rates.

Even now, after the release of the PS5, the PlayStation 4 Pro remains an excellent console that is still supported by Sony and all major publishers. When compared to the current PS5 and Xbox Series X models, its games still look great. Horizon Forbidden West, God of War Ragnarök, and Gran Turismo 7 were all released on PS4 Pro this year and amazed us. The negative of the PS4 Pro is its fan – this game machine produces a lot of noise when it starts up, and the new games mentioned above, which push it to its maximum, really make it whir.

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Valve Steamdeck

Valve’s Steam Deck is the Holy Grail of handheld consoles, allowing you to play the most recent PC games while on the road. It’s larger than a Nintendo Switch but packed with high-end capabilities including a top-tier bespoke AMD GPU and CPU for power, touch pads, gyro controllers, and more. The concept is that you can carry your PC collection with you wherever you go, and with a stylish 800p display and support for 30 and 60 frames per second, the Valve Steam Deck plays admirably, though devoted PC gamers may be disappointed.

Nonetheless, the handheld device supports over 3,000 games, and with some effort, more may be made to work. And here’s the catch: while Steam Deck is fantastic and can run the latest and best PC games, including 2022’s biggest hits like Elden Ring, games aren’t designed for Steam Deck; they simply run on it. It’s a slight distinction, because Nintendo Switch games are intended for its controls, but Steam Deck requires you to spend time working out control settings that work.

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Nvidia Shield TV

The Nvidia Shield TV may appear to be an expensive media streamer, but the games available on Google Play for the system are reasonably priced and there’s plenty more to choose from. While the Shield includes all of the same capabilities as a conventional media streamer, it also includes a number of Shield-exclusive games that are somewhat power-intensive, as well as support for a variety of Bluetooth controllers.

It also has an unique subscription service that gives you access to a large library of games to play, and you can buy the latest PC games to play straight on the Shield via GeForce Now. blazingly fast and adaptable enough to act as a streamer, game console, video server, and smart home hub. SHIELD, which is fully customisable, continues to improve and become smarter with new features. Currently, this is one of the best Gaming Console that you can buy right now.

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Nintendo Switch Lite

If the standard Nintendo Switch isn’t portable enough for you, the Switch Lite may be the answer. It provides the same core Nintendo Switch experience, including the most recent Switch titles, but with a smaller 5.5in display and a lighter form factor. However, unlike the conventional console, it is not a hybrid; instead, it is a portable console with no ability to connect to a TVs.

The Joy-Cons are also not removable, which could present issues with gesture-based games. Still, it’s less expensive than the standard Nintendo Switch, and for those who only play handheld consoles, the Lite’s lack of a television isn’t a deal breaker. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a compact and light Nintendo Switch system designed for personal, handheld gaming. The design is sleek and unibody, with fully integrated controls and a built-in plus.

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Final Words

This is determined by the types of games you prefer and how you play them. If you enjoy mainstream gaming and online games, these best Gaming Console are a wonderful choice. Many of us consider game consoles to be necessities, but they are pricey and each delivers something slightly different, whether in terms of graphics capability, design, or game availability.

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