The Best iPhone Apps For Hackers of 2021

As we all know by use of hacking apps for iPhone, you can customize your iOS device and have full control of it. There are several apps which let you get under the hood of the iDevice and start creating your own and favorite tweaks. Today we are here with the list of The Best iPhone apps for hackers of 2021. So check out our list of The Best iPhone apps for hackers of 2021 below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below.

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List Of The Best iPhone Apps for Hackers of 2021

iRET – iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit

The Best iPhone Apps For Hackers 2017

A pentester has to repeat some particular tasks very often to achieve the success and increase efficiency. These functions cover typing the same commands to run various iPhone hacking commands and whatnot. To solve this problem, iRET, also called iOS (Reverse Engineering Toolkit), Veracode has created it. It’s a static analysis app and needs python on your device.

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iWep Pro

The Best iPhone Apps For Hackers 2017

iWep Pro is a practical WiFi application for iOS device users that can be used for a kind of purposes. Using this app one can check if their routers are revealed to any vulnerabilities, along with the generating WEP key for your WiFi router. Usually, this hacking app is also used for hacking WiFi passwords. Depending upon the encryption, it cracks the password for some time.


The Best iPhone Apps For Hackers 2017

The another best app for hacking of wifi on iPhone is “SpeedTouch” which is designed and launched by the professional developers. For hacking WiFi, you also need to download a rainbow file off on your iOS device using which you can hack any of wifi connection. The ‘rainbow’ file contains tables which contain all default WiFi passwords to Thompson routers which can be known by this app for WiFi hack. After downloading the data all you have to do this to hit the scan button, and the application will search for and show you which networks can be hacked.


The Best iPhone Apps For Hackers 2017

While working with the security of a device or application, analyzing the network traffic is the most important part of the process. To take action, you need an HTTP sniffer program. This need is answered by port swigger’s Burp Suite. To check the web applications the use of this iOS hacking and security application, you need to configure your Burp Proxy listener to receive connections on all network devices.

Myriam iOS Security App

The Best iPhone Apps For Hackers 2017

The last but not the least tool in our list of iPhone hacking apps for a hacker is Myriam iOS Security App, which is developed via security researcher and GitHub user GeoSnow. He explains it as his dream app that is useful for a newbie iOS hacker. It contains various vulnerabilities for discovering, exploiting and experimenting. One can take up some challenges offered in the app, which include the likes of In-App Data modification, Jailbreak Detection, and App Activation Bypass. The re’s also UIKit Manipulation that allows you to hack the application, and then it loads your preferred website.

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